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Ann Coulter Buries Marco Rubio

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Donald Trumps is all sweetness and light about Marco Rubio (The Donald will lose if he doesn’t trample the little worm good and proper). Sean Hannity has become Rubio’s main media cheerleader. And the anchor’s network, Fox News, Rubio’s SUPER PAC, is keeping the candidate’s most formidable enemy off the air, lest she hamper the presidential hopeful’s rise in popularity. And for good reason. Ann Coulter buries Rubio in “Why Will No Debate Moderator Ask Rubio About The Senate Amnesty Bill He Passed?”:

“We have now had the fourth straight Republican debate in which Marco Rubio was not asked one question about his single legislative accomplishment: Passing amnesty in the U.S. Senate. …
… Rubio was Sen. Chuck Schumer’s patsy on the job-killing amnesty bill. He voted for the job-killing—and widely hated—Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. In a debate on economics, he did not get a question on either one. …
… Rubio gave a brave little speech announcing his opposition to jihadists—setting him apart from everyone else on that stage, who LOVES Islamic jihadists!—and claimed that radical terrorist groups ‘recruit Americans using social media.’ …
… No, Marco, ISIS doesn’t recruit ‘Americans’ on social media. It recruits immigrants and their children—whom you want to import more of, by the way. …”

More Ann Coulter.

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Decentralizing and Deregulating Republican Politics

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Even a hint of the dreaded GOP establishment creeping back into their midst has some in the Republican campaigns screaming for an exorcist.

Via Breitbart:

Several 2016 GOP presidential campaigns are now revolting, not just against the Republican National Committee (RNC) controlling the debate process, but against controversial GOP establishment lawyer Ben Ginsberg’s efforts to insert himself into the process.
Aides to four top campaigns—those of billionaire Donald Trump, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich—have all confirmed they will not sign onto a letter organized by Ginsberg after the GOP presidential campaigns all broke from the RNC on Sunday night.

For some candidates it’s all for show: Kasich is establishment. Ditto Christie. Others are for real. But it’s all good. Any challenge to the existing political order is good. The Republican campaigns have begun divesting the Republican National Committee (RNC) of its overweening powers. Why should a central command apparatus control the political process? When it comes to libertarian candidates, we know how the RNC has behaved. The campaigns are also firing a media organ that, together with party apparatchiks, has generally been a bad-faith broker between the public, on the one hand, and any Republican, libertarian or constitutionally minded political candidate.

At this point, in this magnificent upheaval in American party politics, Fox News fans should take a moment to consider why it is that most of the network’s anchors were almost as livid as the liberal media over the ongoing revolt among the ranks of the candidates. The reason is that Fox News is mainstream media. Fox even set the tone of the debates, with a performance almost as odious as that of CNBC. Come to think of it, only little Andy Cooper of CNN did his journalistic due diligence as debate moderator, this year.

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The Race That Began & Ended In Media’s Mind

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The race that never was: Joe Biden for president.

The Biden presidential bid began in the collective mind of Mainstream-Media, and ended in said swamp. Or has it ended? CNN’s Mad Michael Smerconish postulated, today, that by dropping out of a race he never joined, Biden was brilliantly signaling he’s actually joining it.

Why are these mad men, with zero astuteness or predictive powers, on TV? (“PUNDITS, HEAL THYSELVES!” addressed that quagmire in 2004.)

Meantime, CNN keeps their flame for Biden burning.

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Time For A Canadian Community Organizer

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Canadians (not this ex-pat) want their own Barack Obama, so they elected Justin Trudeau: a community organizer with a better political pedigree, a prettier face, more privilege and less brain power than even the ass with ears, Obama.

By profession, young Justin Trudeau is “A substitute drama teacher” to quote Kathy Shaidle. His resume is emptier than a banker’s heart.

Canada has enjoyed solid economic fundamentals, having averted the economic meltdown of 2008 due to more conservative fiscal policies, including no affirmative action in money lending.

The Central Bank of Canada is not nearly as inflationary as our Fed. Its banks, in fact, were the healthiest in the world as ours collapsed in 2008. The Canadian immigration system is generally geared to serve the country’s shifting needs. The country’s corporate tax rate is lower than ours.

The voters, however, thought it was time for less austerity and more government spending.

“Sunny ways my friends. Sunny ways,” Trudeau told his enthusiastic supporters in Montreal. “This is what positive politics can do.”

Very weird. Is “Sunny ways” some sort of a chant?

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UPDATED: Lowlights In Bite-Size Tweets From First Democratic Debate

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Democratic Debate lowlights from the latest bite-size tweet to the first:

UPDATE (10/4): These tweets got left out of my laborious, URL cut-and-paste from Twitter to Barely a Blog (we’re working on a plugin between the two cyber-places, for auto-propagation):

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Can’t Wait For The 1st, 2016 Democratic Primary Debate (Just Kidding)

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If he’s smart, and he is, Jim Webb, former senator from Virginia, and Democratic candidate for 2016, will ignore his revolting rivals during the first, upcoming, 2016 Democratic Primary Debate, and make eyes (by which I mean aim to please) at Donald Trump and his broad base. The last includes Southern Democrats, believe me.

By the way, when is this much-anticipated snore-cum-puke fest? (Found the date: October 13, 2015.)

How many viewers do you think the first, Democratic Primary Debate will draw? I’ll throw out a guess: 4 million? (As opposed to …)

Who are the other participants, aside Webb, Bernie-For-Socialism-But-Some-2nd-Amendment-Rights Sanders, and Hillary Rodham Clinton? Do you know? Jim Webb will probably be the only candidate worth watching.

In “Trump Should Triangulate,” Webb was recommended to Trump as a candidate for the Trump ticket:

James Webb, the decorated Marine who served as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of the navy, is no GOP loyalist, either. Webb, indisputably the last salt-of-the-earth Democrat, is considering a bid for president as a … Democrat.

Trump would do well to triangulate, à la Bill Clinton, and place the talented Mr. Webb on the Trump ticket. Then, make immigration a central theme in the campaign, advance a principled, major, pro-black policy by speaking to the legalization or decriminalizing of drug use and sale—and Trump will have secured the vote of blacks, white southern Democrats and other Reagan Democrats. Like no other, drug legalization is a proxy black issue, worthy of the endorsement of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

A ticket sporting two Alpha Males, moreover, is likely to infuriate the Alpha females of media (including those with the Y chromosome).

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