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UPDATED (12/2): Will TRUMP’s Appointments Disappointment?

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UPDATE (12/2):

UPDATE (11/29):

Elaine Chao, not good:

Drain the swamp, don’t hire it or pardon it:

Petraeus and his posse are poison:

One good appointment:

Sanctuary Cities:

Lefty’s moment of lucidity:

My book recommended Democrat Tulsi Gabbard be tapped by Trump:

My book recommended Democrat Jim Webb be tapped by Trump:

Kris Kobach is a must in a Trump Admin:

First you’re against the Iraq War, then you think of hiring its architects?

The right refugees:

The right anti-Islam people:

No to Nikki Haley:

No to Mitt Romney:

Neocons orbiting:

Will America come first?

‘Donald Trump Will Be The Next President Of The US’ I Predicted, June 23

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“Donald Trump will be the next president of the US” was my presidential prediction, on June 23. Six days before the publication of my analysis of how this had been achieved—the “The Trump Revolution: The Donald Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June 29)—I blogged:

Brexit is a harbinger of things to come. Donald Trump will be the next president of the US. Go Britons! Once again, Britain leads the way: In “Brexit, Britain Votes with Trump, against Hillary, Obama.” AND, let it be said, against ISLAM and the absence of borders.

More: “Brexit Leads The Way, Trump Will Be The Next US President.”

And Jack Kerwick floated the idea before any of us, in 2011.

Dem Tulsi Gabbard’s Appointment Was Suggested in ‘The Trump Revolution’

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On March 18, 2016, I wrote this in a column featured in “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June 29, 2016):

“Luring the only decent Democrat currently in public life to a Trump administration may prove strategic, in scooping up Bernie Sanders’ voters. Being a Democrat generally comes with the presumption of asininity, which is why Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is unusual. She’s an Iraq War veteran, who serves on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. She’s poised, articulate, beautiful—and she never whinges like Michelle Fields. Tulsi stands firm against gratuitous wars, opposes the deposing of Bashar al-Assad, and despises Debbie Wasserman Schultz, despicable DNC Chair and handmaiden to Hillary.”

Jim Webb, whom I hope will have a place in the new administration, is also touted in “The Trump Revolution” (June 29, 2016).

UPDATED (11/17): Media Gets Madder Since Election

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BBC postmortem:

No. Not Nikki Haley, John Bolton & Mitt Romney:

Yes to Kris Kobach, who’s being smeared by media (so he’s probably a shoo-in). It’s Jeff Sessions’ turn:

Yes to Jim Webb:

Listen to Ron Paul:

Riots are so Third World:

Steve Bannon defenders should say to his detractors,’Screw you’
especially to Harry Reed:

Blacklash is fine, but not ‘Whitelash’:

Media has an about-face about bias… scarp that.

Ted Cruz was recommended in my book, back in June 29:

Will the neocon rats be allowed to jump back on the ship?

Since we no longer have a federal scheme, let’s just WIN (my book’s argument).

Matthews with a moment of lucidity:

Purging the AltRight begins: