European “Men” Put On Skirts To Protest (Manly) Muslim Rapists


Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson adore the humdrum, simple-minded Brit Katie Hopkins, who speaks in a broad English dialect (as in coarse) and writes even worse prose. Here’s an interesting Danish reporter who doesn’t demagogue, but distills a matter to its bare-bones essence. In this case, an issue addressed last in “Emasculated West Primed For A Muscular, Muslim Takeover.”

European Men have been made over in the image of woman. Thus, they are no match for Muslim men because they’ve been neutered, culturally, politically, etc. These so-called men can’t protect women, because they don’t know how to be men. Iben should have pointed out that after systematically beating men down, women have a nerve demanding the protection of men qua men. Women have molded men to act and feel like women. What do they expect?

Iben Thranholm: European men act like women:

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