Extra-Diabolical: A Bomb Packed With Nails


We know something about the injuries likely sustained by a nail bomb, since Israeli civilians have endured these diabolical devices for decades.

Although the news nitworks rarely cover this aspect, the task facing Israeli medics, and now doctors in Manchester, has become a routine. Surgeons must slice open the surviving victims of these fiendish devices, picking from the flesh and burrowing in the bone for embedded shards of shrapnel, ball bearings, and nails. Palestinian MOPEs (Most Oppressed People Ever) pack their fare with rat poison, a diabolic touch intended to intensify internal bleeding. If they survive, victims are left maimed and wracked with life-long disfigurement and pain.

X-rays taken from victims of suicide bombings reveal pieces of metallic fragments embedded in their skin, muscles, organs and bones, says Dr. Michael Messing, who visited the victims of suicide bombings while at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Suicide bombers pack their bombs with nails and other objects so even survivors of suicide bombings will suffer from the bomb’s effects.