Gender Junk, Again


It is impossible to distinguish the conservative from the liberal perspective on the gender issue. This was the theme of “The Tarts and ‘Tards’ of Hollywood.” Duly, Fox Business hammers away today at the glass ceiling fallacy, this time “the ceiling keeping women out of the C-Suite” is said to still “hover over the sharp-elbowed world of Wall Street.”

As with alleged racism, this is the post hoc, backward reasoning error in thinking, whereby discrimination or disadvantage is inferred from the absence of women—or any other group with grievances—from a certain sector.

Recall that, “Another of Obama’s economic prescriptions for a deepening depression was to sign a pay equity act, during which he carped that women still earn just ’78 cents for every dollar men earn?women of color even less.’ Such false assertions rely on comparisons of ‘the average wage of all women working fulltime with the average wage of all men working full time.'”

From “Barack Against The Boys”: “Scholarly reams have been written disputing this phony calculus, as it omits vital variables: How long the woman has been in the work force, her age, experience and education; or whether her career has been put on hold to marry and mother. Just as women are more likely than men to have had an interrupted career trajectory, so too are they more inclined to enter lower-paying professions: education instead of engineering, for example.”

“Nonetheless, allow me to dispel distaff America’s claims of disadvantage with a decisive argument:

If women with the same skills as men were getting only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns, men would have long-since priced themselves out of the market. The fact that the wily entrepreneur doesn’t ditch men in favor of women suggests that different abilities and experience are at work, rather than a conspiracy to suppress women.”

8 thoughts on “Gender Junk, Again

  1. james huggins

    Women can be just as smart, just as hard working, just as agressive as men. The problem with today’s Western women and too many feminized men running the show. It’s not natural and the mess we’re in socially, politically and economically is a result of this unnatural imbalance. Women are too important to waste on men’s jobs.

  2. Redman

    In many, if not most, respects, Fox Business and Fox News are the poster children for the dumbing down of Americans. But then so are ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, et al.

  3. Michael Marks

    In the branch of engineering that I have chosen there just aren’t that many women. I’ve known two here in the states and two in Isreal. The ones here in the states were less theoretical and more process and mechanics oriented. The two in Israel had deisign responsibilities and seemed to have a better theoretical basis for what they were doing, i.e., more like thier US male counterparts. I can’t really conclude much as my sample size is small. In the end I guess that is the point

  4. Steve Hogan

    You’re applying logic to an “argument” based on emotion. Unfortunately, the people who need to be converted feel rather than think.

  5. JP

    I’m sorry to say, but it has been quite a few decades since a convincing and fact based argument has swayed the house.

  6. michel cloutier

    Maybe Obama and co. just realized, as others have in the Western world, that the largest bloc of voters is, quite simply, women.

  7. David Smith

    On our way to creating our Brave New World, we forgot a little ol’ thing I like to call Reality. When the bottom falls out of our Utopian Dream (aka Jacobin Nightmare), there simply won’t be time for all of this feminist baloney, nor much else of the rest of the Leftist agenda.

  8. Nell Bowen

    I’m about ready to regurgitate any seeped in messaging from the subliminal calls to equality of the Femi-Nazi’s and their supporters. What they want is the destruction of manhood and the reign of the social engineered, Femi-Nazi approved Tinker Bells.

    Give me a Gladiator and I’ll make his bed, wash his clothes, clean his house, make his three meals a day and be a confidant. Yes, I’m a counter-revolutionary and I’m shooting myself straight back to Victorian times.

    I’m going to ask ahead of time no one start listing facts about the “conditions” of Victorian women. I’m well aware of Victorian history. Thanks very much.

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