State-Controlled Airport Security In The West Hires For Terrorism

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Donald Trump has a point when he emphasizes that the doomed EgyptAir flight MS804 had taken off (on Thursday May 19) from the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. All roads these days lead to the Dar al-Islam of France or Belgium and to government controlled airports where hiring is in accordance with a preferential spoils system based on race and gender. (And if you’re a black Muslim woman, wearing a nose bag, you’re perfect for the job.)

The Center for Security Policy seems focused on Paris, too:

While Egyptair Flight MS804 made six stops prior to the disaster, authorities in France are questioning workers at its last stop, Charles De Gaulle Airport, a reflection of growing concerns about the safety of air travel thanks to suspected penetration of sensitive airport sites by employees sympathetic to jihad.

Last December, following the Paris attacks Augustin de Romanet, head of the Paris Aeroport Authority, noted that 4,000 employees had their lockers searched, and 70 of them lost their red cards and were terminated over terrorism concerns. Red cards granted airport employees access to restricted parts of the airport including access to the plane. Last October, six IS sympathizers working as baggage handlers at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport in Cairo, allegedly developed the explosives used to destroy Russian Metrojet 9268.

On March 22, 2016, IS members attacked the Brussels-Zaventem Airport in Brussels killing 32 people. Two of the suicide bombers Ibrahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Lachraoui had worked at the airport as a custodians. The Daily Mail reported that Brussels-Zaventem airport had 50 jihadist sympathizers among their employees.

U.S. airports have also seen breaches. In 2015, multiple reports displayed security concerns at U.S. airports including hundreds of employee security badges from Hartfield and Dallas-Fort Worth airports went missing. In addition, reports found 73 TSA workers in U.S. airports were found to have already been placed on the terror watch list, yet did not have their access to sensitive areas terminated.

As for our Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security, not for nothing have the news nitworks stopped interviewing Israeli experts. This from “TSA: Home Grown Terrorism (& Cretinism)”:

In the words of a horrified Israeli aviation security expert, speaking to a Fox News crew: “You cannot allow the security personnel to see, and show the entire world, images of naked bodies of women and men!” Amid ongoing American insanity, this laconic Israeli, Isaac Yeffet, has been making the rounds on CNN, PBS, Fox News—has been doing so for a decade, at least. Yeffet is a former member of the Israeli Secret Service, and was once in charge of security for El Al. Almost a year has past since Fox News probed him for his opinion about the “full body scanners.” Nearly ten years have gone by since the man testified before an equally idiotic Congress.

No other western country is a bigger target for terrorists than Israel. Yet no other nation runs a better (largely privatized), less invasive, smarter, security system, whose able agents simply talk to travelers. These profilers understand that 99.9 percent of fliers are “bona fide” (Yeffet’s favored bon mot). “Shoes aren’t removed, passengers aren’t body scanned, and there are no pat downs,” confirms the New York Times. A “hand search” is seldom conducted, and only with probable cause.

Fox News wanted tough answers; Yeffet gave them smart ones. In countless news interviews over the years, Yeffet has implied that there is no substitute for intelligence—intelligence as in smarts; as in that dreaded G Factor. (No, Cosmo Magazine readers, that’s not the same as the G Spot.)

In a few, well-chosen words, Yeffet has suggested that the thousands hired by the TSA are riffraff. “What we should do is to stop using a low level of people.” And, “Unqualified and untrained people, undedicated people are running the security in our country.” “We need to hire people that, at minimum, have graduated from high school; speak English, are U.S. citizens.” (PBS’s NewsHour, 2002.) “Technology can help the qualified, well-trained human-being but cannot replace him. … We must look at the qualifications of the candidate for security jobs. He must be educated. He must speak two languages.” (CNN.)

Does Pidgin English qualify as a second language?

Yeffet’s are valiant but vain efforts to warn America that homegrown retardation is by far its most pressing problem. Alas, in addition to the perverse incentives that power all state bureaucracies, in general, government departments are staffed in accordance with a spoils system based on race and gender, and not on intelligence.

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UPDATED (5/23): Left-Liberalism’s Homo-Eroticism

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“Left-liberalism’s Homo-Eroticism” is this week’s column. It’s now on The Unz Review, where you’ll find my weekly column. (After 15 years, I am no longer with WND.) An excerpt:

A Norwegian male was raped by a Somali asylum seeker. The last term—Somali asylum seeker—is something of a contradiction like the first (Norwegian man). The asylum-seeker honorific is given to practically anyone from the Dark Continent or the Middle-East who washes up on Continental Europe’s shores.

The politician, Karsten Nordal Hauken, who says he’s heterosexual, went public with details of his awful ordeal. “I was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,” he wrote in a Norwegian newspaper. “My life fell into ruin.”

But it was Nordal Hauken, not his assailant, who proceeded to assault sensibilities with a confession that rivals the crime for reprehensibility. Hyperbole? I don’t think so.

As Hauken, a self-described left-wing feminist, tells it, he has been wracked by guilt because one night of passion has caused his Somali assailant to be returned to sender. After resting up in a Norwegian prison, the rapist is to be deported to Somalia. Hauken laments being overcome by “a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore … .”

And: “I see [the Somali] mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair.” (This liberal peppers his writing with lots of “likes,” “millennial teen-talk,” as Patrick Buchanan termed these linguistic deformations.) …

READ THE REST. The complete column, “Left-liberalism’s Homo-Eroticism,” is now on The Unz Review.

UPDATE (5/23): Another neutered man of the cloth and of the Left. “Archbishop Outside Whose Cathedral Cologne Women Were Raped, Defends Islam.”

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‘When Is Fox Going To Deep-Six Megyn Kelly?’

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My good friend, retired flight test engineer WILLIAM B. SCOTT, author of “The Permit,” spared me the agony of watching Megyn Kelly’s journo porn. I could not possibly tolerate the bedroom voice, the affectatious ringed-hand gestures and the dumb bimbo questions. How disappointing that Donald Trump found this tack tolerable. The Washington Post echoes comments I had already made about Kelly. Briefly, and before we clear Bill to fire, here’s WaPo’s take:

Kelly is going to have to learn about listening, and, wherever possible, resist the urge to bring attention to herself. But I don’t think that’s really her thing. … Kelly’s last words to her viewers were spent crassly plugging her forthcoming memoir.

My version’s more colorful:

… A serious journalist with a grasp of the enormity of the Trump Revolution; a journalist who didn’t wish to give up on ever again interviewing the candidate, or forever forfeit access to a possible future president, a journalist with gravitas would have labored less at promoting herself and more on mending a professional relationship. … Not Kelly. And Kelly’s colleagues and bosses are enablers; they’ve taught her everything about ratings, make-up and hair. …
… Yes, your new hair is magnificent, Megyn Kelly. Glad you got rid of the old, matted shag that likely needed extensive reviving before each show. You’re a pretty girl. But boy, are you vain and a tad vacuous. The way you always bring the Kelly File show back to … yourself. Does that take skill or just all-consuming narcissism?

Bill’s the best:

When is Fox going to deep-six this woman? America has had it with the Blond Ego of the Fox News Channel!!!
This interview was moronic. What dumb questions Witch Megyn asked! Where are the questions about policy, ISIS, the economy, etc.?
Megyn was determined to get an apology from Trump, but it didn’t happen (good!). Then Kelly asked the dumbest d*** questions, again focusing on personal trivia and trying to portray The Donald as something he isn’t.

My gut-feel sense: Kelly’s popularity among Fox viewers has plummeted, since that first Republican debate and her moronic, aggressive “women question.” Since then, her unremitting campaign to undermine and discredit Trump has further infuriated the Fox audience, even though she’s merely carrying the water for Rupert Murdoch. She’s the most-ambitious Fox-babe—one willing to do anything to please Murdoch, a paragon of the global elites threatened by Trump presidency.

Roger Ailes (sp?), the FNC news chief, would probably “deep-six” Ms. Megyn, but Murdoch is trying to save her pretty little face by giving her a separate, new personality-based show that’s distributed to Fox affiliates. (Kelly as a new-generation Barbara Walters?) I suspect her FNC show will vanish shortly. Kelly’s star is in free fall, and giving her a new show smells of desperation.

Merely an old reporter’s sensors and news radar at work. I may be wrong.

The last straw for me last night was Kelly’s not-so-subtle “suggestions” that Trump change his ways to become more of what the mindless elites and media (pardon the redundancy) think he should be. Fortunately, Trump is far more attuned to today’s American psyche than are the elitists paralyzed by fear of the distinct possibility that Trump will upend their cozy little exclusive club and money machine—the political-corporate-media-globalist complex that empowers and enriches everybody but working citizens.

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The Left’s Creed: Live In A Herd Or Die, Baby Bison (Or Anyone Else)

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The Left’s creed carries over into its “management” of wildlife: Live in a herd or we’ll kill you.

The details are sketchy because written by left-liberal, state-adulating outlets, like The Washington Post. The same short-on-details storyline is echoed by ALL other news outlets and by the droning clones on social media.

Translated: The official say-so is the only say-so.

A baby bison is found at Yellowstone National Park by two good samaritans. The official account fails to provide inconvenient details because it has a distinct angle. However, logic tells me tourists would not remove a baby bison from its mom and herd. This likely was a solitary newborn. And, indeed, buried at the end of the malicious depiction of the do-goobers is this:

… the tourists found the bison in the middle of a road and tried, unsuccessfully, to make it move.
“Out of desperation,” said a Yellowstone spokeswoman, they took it to rangers. “They were just concerned about the well-being of the animal.”

Before that clarification, the “reporter” at WaPo had asserted the tourists simply “saw a baby bison, … decided it looked cold and needed to be rescued. So they loaded it in the trunk of their car and drove it to a ranger station.”

(Media deserve to die-out if they hire reporters who can’t write sans a personal angle. As an editor, I’m running a red marker through phrases such as “decided it looked cold,” to be replaced with neutral descriptions: “The tourists report/claim the baby was … in the middle of the road, unable to … “)

These “stupid tourists,” whom none of the still stupider journalists and followers of officialdom seemed to have interviewed, are alleged to have absconded with the baby bison because he looked cold.

Naturally, the fanatic rangers who’ll not tolerate deviation from nature euthanized the baby.

“We don’t manage for individuals; we manage for ecosystems.”

Resorting to symbolism, namely “attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships,” is not a practice I like. So do forgive me, but I can’t help seeing some symbolism here; some glaring parallels to how the Left treats humankind:

Conform or we’ll make you wish you were dead.

(Not to stray even further, but the convergence of Left and Right is almost complete on most issues, likely on this one too.)

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