Oy Vey, Owens: Candace’ Nationalism Arguments Are Confused

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As appealing as she is as an activist, Candace Owens is no clear thinker. She certainly manages to confuse with her default definition of nationalism vis-a-vis the Trump Revolution.

The setting: Some moronic, white-nationalism Congressional hearings.
There, Owens roughly asserted that “Hitler killed his own people hence he was not a nationalist,” which is a non sequitur.

Ms. Owens here is proceeding from the asserted premise—for she doesn’t argue it—that nationalists do not “kill their own people.” This may be true (but would further depend on definitions; what is meant by “own people”), although I very much doubt it. Nevertheless, it appears that Owens’ thought process is something like,

“I like nationalism [check], and, therefore, Hitler, whom I most certainly don’t like, and who was a monster, could not have been a nationalist.”

Consider: Like all Republicans, Owens, no doubt, adores Lincoln. But would she call Honest Abe a nationalist? Why not? I mean, nationalism is a good thing and Abe, say Republicans like Owens, was a good guy.

Well, there is the pesky fact of Lincoln having killed “his own people” … hmmm. By Owens’ seemingly dogmatic definition of nationalism (not killing your own people), Lincoln, at least, does not qualify as a nationalist.

Just so we’re clear.

What preceded Owens’ odd assertion above was an even stranger comment, again, about Hitler. (This was at the same moronic, white-nationalism Congressional hearings.)

“If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well — OK, fine,” she says. “The problem is … he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German.”

The problem with Hitler? Heavens! Where does one start? It was not that he was a “globalist.” (Is that the kind of “globalist” George Soros Citizen of The World is, Candace?)

How about that Hitler is synonymous with conquest, subjugation, slavery and industrialized mass murder in the service of world hegemony, which, he truly believed, would make Germany  indisputably the greatest power?

the presumed successor of the medieval and early modern Holy Roman Empire of 800 to 1806 (the First Reich) and the German Empire of 1871 to 1918 (the Second Reich)


UPDATED (4/8/019): Nielsen Tried To Stop The Invasion By Separating ‘Families.’ Then Ivanka Cried & Trump Crumbled.

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I’ve followed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen closely. I disagree with those badmouthing her. They have historical Alzheimer’s. Nielsen is best known for separating “families” (a commendable thing when this is the only legal tool with which to stop an invasion of the country). She eloquently defended the separation of families. Nielsen, in fact, was fully committed to a zero-tolerance policy and the resultant family separations.

The policy called for all suspected border crossers — including parents and asylum seekers — to be prosecuted for illegal entry. As a result, thousands of children were separated from their parents, with children classified as “unaccompanied.“ …

Then, Ivanka and The Familia intervened.  Trump, whose  loyalties are with his daughter’s ambitions, crumbled.  And subsequently, the president solicited Nielsen’s help in “drafting an executive order barring family separations.” Again, Nielsen had been down with separating “families” to stop the invasion.

Now, Kirstjen Nielsen is being blamed for legislative inaction in the first 2 years of the presidency, when the Republicans controlled both houses and The Executive .

UPDATE (4/8/019):

Trump signed an executive order to END HIS OWN family-separation policy. Now he’s angry with Secretary Nielsen for being unable to reverse his OWN decision.

UPDATED (4/7/019): How To Lose To The Left On Immigration

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If Tucker Carlson’s producers were serious about immigration—they would not continue to give such a formidable platform to Enrique Acevedo. Enough with the Left’s facile case for eradicating America. By definition, that position lacks seriousness.

Patience with puerile nonsense is not a serious meta-perspective.

To answer the contention that TV hosts “have to show the opposing view”—Yes and no. There comes a time when you have to quit congratulating yourself sanctimoniously on your perfect impartiality. “Jolly good old chap. Don’t forget, when your ship is sinking, the band must play on. And the conductor must conduct.”

There comes a time to fight evil with the best of minds. Acevedo is nothing but a pretty face.

Puhleeze. Give me a break.

UPDATE (4/7/019): Blue Texas

Going, going, gone! Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is a 28-year-old immigrant; a progressive, whose victory in November put her in charge of governing Texas’ most populous county.

Tucker Apologizes For Joining The Demopublican Mob Beating Up On Biden

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“There is somethings sad about watching a 76-year-old man apologizing for not understanding the selfie culture. You hope your own golden years will be more dignified than that”:

Indeed. Tucker Carlson rises above the intellectually impoverished fray and apologizes for having initially joined the Demopublican mob to beat up on Joe Biden.

Yes, Biden is reaping what he has sowed politically over the years—but the larger context, the backdrop, is that of feminazis and deranged, robotic millennials intent on stoking “anti-human hysteria,” criminalizing human contact, confining all of us to “a joyless PC hell.”

This, all decent, clear-thinking people must oppose.