UPDATE III: Rehabilitating Bush 43 (Remember W’s BLU-82Bs? Iraqis Do.)


Barack Obama’s cringe-factor is sufficiently high for conservatives to feel comfortable about dusting off an equally awful man, and presenting him and his dynastic clan to the public for another round: George Bush.

From the Fox-News crypt:

* Bush Says Some U.S. Forces Should Have Stayed in Iraq, Hasn’t Heard From Obama.

* Bush 43: Dad ‘Offered Me Love & Humor’ in My Presidency.

There was lots to laugh about during the Bush years.

UPDATED I: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. GOPers gravitate towards the Bush badness; Democrats toward the BHO evil. However, “George W. Bush was Bad To The Bone.”

UPDATE II: Remember Bush’s BLU-82s? Iraqis Do. On July 16, 2003, I wrote that “Bush [I]s the poster boy for ‘the degeneracy of manner and morals’ which James Madison warned war would bring—the same ‘bring ‘em on’ grin one can also observe on the face of a demented patient with end-stage syphilis. …” Bush is evil. Ask the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians cut down by W’s daisy cutters.

UPDATE III (11/18): Via Facebook:

Stephen James Bernier:

How is it when you point out the obvious faults of George W. Bush you are a “Bush hater”. When you point out the faults of Barack Hussein Obama you are a “patriot”?


Stephen James Bernier, You said it all. It’s the story of my “career.” My column’s syndication came to an end b/c I spent years heaping on that freak of morality and intelligence that is Bush. Yeah, a good guy who destroyed a country and a people including an ancient christian community. Yeah, he meant well. I prosecuted every aspect of his degeneracy, based in fact and analysis. And I do the same for BHO. But impartiality about evil has never worked in the US. You gotta be a partisan to succeed. As Craig Paul Roberts once wrote, after his own syndication was terminated for same reasons, the people want their perspective confirmed. The op-ed editors give them want they want; not want they need to be a moral, smart people. That’s all. But as Myron Pauli, who has been along with me for some of my bumpy ride, said, this debate is beneath warriors who’ve done all they can.

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UPDATED: J-Grub Keeps Going (Republicans Reject 0-Care … For Themselves)

Healthcare, Racism, Republicans

Jonathan Gruber implies that critics of ObamaCare are misinformed and racist:

UPDATE: 0-Care: It’s good for thee, but not for me. Via National Review:

House Republicans last week voted down an amendment that would have required all of their staff members to purchase insurance from the federal health exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act.
The voice vote took place behind closed doors and has received little public attention. The dispute is one more rift between right-leaning members of the caucus and some members of leadership, albeit not a hugely consequential one.
In the Senate, a similar vote was kicked to next month or, potentially, next year …

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Third World Jobs Created & Declining Labor Force Participation Rate

Economy, Labor

Paul Craig Roberts explains the parallel reality created by government so that, “Unemployment is measured according to methodologies designed to prevent its discovery. Inflation is measured according to methodologies designed to deny its existence. Jobs are reported that don’t exist, and GDP growth rates are announced that declines in real median family incomes and consumer credit make impossible. The poverty level income is set artificially low in order to minimize welfare spending.”

The lies conceal a declining labor force participation rate. The jobs created are third-world jobs. “Good jobs are replaced by low-paying jobs.”

The uncounted unemployed can be measured in the sharp 21st century decline in the labor force participation rate. The labor force participation rate has declined because there are no jobs to participate in. But Washington, the financial media, and the bought and paid for economists lie. They say the participation rate is down because the baby boomers are retiring. However, as John Titus, Dave Kranzler, and I documented with the government’s own data in a recent column, the participation rate of baby boomers is the highest of all and the only one that is rising.

The reason is that with the Federal Reserves sole concern with the welfare of a small handful of mega-banks–the ones that sit on the board of the New York Federal Reserve Bank–real interest rates are negative. Therefore, retirees have no income from their retirement savings. (Generally speaking, retirees avoid stock investments, because they can lose a great deal from a major correction, and it can take more years than they have left for stocks to recover.) To supplement their Social Security pensions (a rigged CPI prevents or minimizes cost-of-living increases), retirees take the temporary, lowly paid jobs that are all that the US economy can produce. These jobs do not provide sufficient income with which to form a household.

As I have pointed out for a decade, or longer, the US economy no longer creates First World jobs. The US economy creates jobs for waitresses and bartenders, hospital orderlies, and retail clerks. The fact that the complexion of the US work force is becoming Third World is not considered a notable problem by the media or financial press, and economists seem immune to the facts.


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Disgusting Dames

Feminism, Gender, Sex, Uncategorized

No, this is not one of the scenes expunged from The Exorcist, it’s the way of women; European feminists resort to removing their clothes and simulating lewd acts with crucifixes to protest nothing much more than the existence of entities other than themselves.

To protest the Pope speaking out of turn, or something like that, these whores “in nothing but black ankle boots, leather miniskirts, and flower garlands in their hair, dropped to all fours and began simulating a lewd act with the crucifixes.” (Via RT)

Women complain about sexism, yet it is they who’ve sexualized every aspect of life. You never see men exposing themselves in the workplace with inappropriate garb, or resolving to “break the Internet” by showing off a deformed figure and ass elephantiasis, as Kim Kardashian has done.

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The Good In J-Gruber

Environmentalism & Animal Rights, Morality

What a blow; Jonathan Gruber is not all bad. In one sense, he’s actually very good and quite unusual. As the New York Times reported, he has eight parrots which he obviously adores. “And his wife, Andrea, volunteers at a bird rescue center.”


Just like your host, who is owned by one little green gremlin and recognizes the need to look after others like him.

37ILANA Mercer, Puckering With Precious Poi

Gruber takes his kid to Van Halen concerts, which shows he is quite discerning on the musical front too.

Complexity …

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Don’t Get ‘Grubered’ By Immigration ILLOGIC


As far as I understand it, the underlying reasons Barack Obama has given for his Brownian legislative motion around immigration is that: 1. Congress has failed to do anything, ergo, He, BHO, must do something. 2. That we can’t leave matters as they are.

The premiss for each is wrong:

On #1: From the fact that Congress has not passed an immigration bill—it doesn’t follow that one has to be passed.

On #2: Why precisely can’t matters be left as is? The New York Times has some ideas about the politics of immigration “reform,” which it is—surprise, surprise—voicing in “The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul.”

I hope you see that from the fact that some sectional interests in the US have bought special favors—it doesn’t follow that the country needs an immigration bill.

Don’t get “Grubered” by immigration illogic.

Here’s the president’s Plan, as reported by Fox New in “Obama’s immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president.”

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