UPDATED: Former Airman Seconds That Trump’s Got Shoddy Security

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UPDATED (4/30): Bill Scott, former airman, seconds the sentiments in my post below (04.29.16) about Donald Trump’s shoddy, gov.com security:

Bill Scott:

That ABC video clip was shot from an overhead helicopter. How hard would it be for an assassin to fire three quick rounds from a helo purporting to be an electronic news-gathering aircraft? ** The elites and the entitled both are petrified by the mere possibility that Donald Trump might win the White House. All those decades-long plans and careful manipulations of elections would be for naught. The Donald couldn’t be bought by the globalist elites, and the freebie train of “entitlements” would be derailed. He’s dangerous to the One-Worlders and “Free-for-All-ers.” You’re right, Ilana; Trump should never leave his fate in the hands of “gummet” SS agents.

Donald Trump’s security detail had allowed him, on live TV, to walk exposed into the Hyatt Regency, at San Francisco Airport, in Burlingameis.

Upon completing his address at the California Republican Party convention, Trump was trotted back to his motorcade, the same way he came. Twice he took that same route. There was ample time and sufficient notice—live on TV for any criminal with a handheld device and a sniper’s rifle—for mischief-making and worse …

Now, media are incurious morons. Ask MSNBC “reporter” Katy Tur, who vaporized and editorialized about what a divisive figure Trump was—implying he had forced such shenanigans; was at fault for the protests—but never asked questions I’d have asked as a journalist.

I don’t expect the Tur media to ask the following: Had the buildings surrounding Trump’s trail, to the venue and back, been swept for snipers, at least on the way back? Were there guards posted at each building as he strolled about head exposed?

Inexcusable, if not.

The Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Quicken Loans Arena, July 18-21, will probably necessitate such walk-abouts. Donald Trump had better show better judgment than he did today.

Or, quit praising the state’s secret service security detail, Donald J. Trump. Get yourself some privately paid, well-incentivized security experts, who CAN THINK.

My “Uncle Sam Turns Tricks (& Stiffs Sex Workers)” is a reminder of the secret service’s recent track record.

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Trump’s America First Policy: Remarkably Sophisticated

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“Trump’s America First Policy: Remarkably Sophisticated” is the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

Unsophisticated rambling,” “simplistic,” “reckless.”

The verdict about Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy, unveiled after his five-for-five victory in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut, was handed down by vested interests: Members of the military-media-think tank complex.

People like Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. People Dwight Eisenhower counseled against, in his farewell address to the nation:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”

Naturally, Albright wants U.S. foreign policy to remain complex, convoluted; based not on bedrock American principles, but on bureaucratically friendly talking points, imbibed in the “best” schools of government, put to practice by the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Like so many D.C. insiders who move seamlessly between government and the flush-with-funds think-tank industry, Albright has worked for CFR. (Yearly revenue: $61.0 million. Mission: Not America First.)

Neo-Wilsonian foreign policy is big business.

Wait for the Brookings Institution, RAND Corporation and the Center for American Progress to pile on Trump’s “unsophisticated,” America-centric foreign policy.

Like an invasive, foreign Kudzu, these anti-American forces are everywhere. What Trump’s advocating translates into a reduced profile for them: less demand for their neo-Wilsonian schemes, promulgated in focused blindness by think tank types and by most tele-tarts.

Reduced demand for American agitation abroad will mean fewer “media references per year,” less “monthly traffic” to monetize on websites, less influence in the halls of power and, ultimately, reduced revenues.

We might even see fewer color-coded revolutions around the world.

Trump’s promised change to American foreign policy can’t sit well with the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Freedom House. These have been described by the press as “Washington-based group[s] that promote democracy and open elections.”

More like Alinskyite agitators. …

…Read the rest. “Trump’s America First Policy: Remarkably Sophisticated” is the current column, now on WND.

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Dayko Dog Didn’t Need To Die (Sean Hannity 100% Correct On Pet Food)

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Handlers clearly neglected a wonderful working dog, Dayko, who died of exhaustion (“massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure”), rooting for survivors of the Ecuador earthquake. Now the Ibara fire service is glorifying Dayko somewhat self-servingly, in my opinion, when a couple of big bowls of water infused with electrolytes would have kept Dayko alive.

I never understand it when people are unresponsive to my many educational posts about parrots. “I’m a dog person,” they shrug. Despite being a parrot person—indeed, nothing compares to a parrot for sheer intelligent, sociability, use of language (a thing no other animal musters) and cuteness—the plight of all abused and neglected animals pains.

37ILANA Mercer, Puckering With Precious Poi

Guiltily, Sean Hannity commented today on the radio about dog food. He thinks he’s wrong to feed his dogs chunks of what he himself eats. Mr. Hannity has clearly been told by pushers of fake food that dogs need extruded pellets.

WTF? And why? That people can be led to think extruded foodstuff, out of packets, is better for an animal than fresh food—a little meat, fish, chicken (BONES!), fruit, vegetables, nuts (for birdies)—is idiotic. (Birds do not thrive on seed or lettuce. They will become malnourished and exhibit deformities.)

Where in nature do animals eat processed food? I’m sure you can save money by going back to the old-fashioned practice of feeding your pets scraps or, still better, apportioning them a little of your food, before eating. As Mr. Hannity does.

The Hebrew Bible tells us to feed our (servants) and animals first. (Politically correct pukes should practice some historical contextualizing before giving vent about Hebe privilege.)

In any event, this sweet soul didn’t need to die. Rest in peace, Dayko.

P.S.: Oscar-Wood, the parrot of the house is currently evicting all the “bad toys” from his toy box. (They always have a plan; always working on something.) He keeps only the toys he likes. The room is strewn with “bad toys,” tossed high and low emphatically and as he gives me dirty looks: “don’t you know I won’t tolerate these toys? He roots around, actively separating out the toys, until in the toy box remain only the favored wooden toys. Adorable hook-bill.

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The One Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory The Left Will Accept

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Banana Republicans are so corrupt, so used to having their way; have been swimming in polluted waters for so long—that they imagine their Republican Rules are true and good and that any upheaval in their insider’s game is a source of corruption, rather than a source of cleansing.

John Ziegler, a fast-talking radio mouth, has accused some conservative media, notably Sean Hannity, of “selling [their] soul to build up Donald Trump.”

Ziegler, apparently, blames Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and other “’conservative’ media for willingly enabling this hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

Where in Ziegler’s equation is the Republican Party base? The voters? To me it looks as though the base is trying to purge the corrupt establishment, and has chosen Donald Trump to do so on their behalf. When you’re mired in the muck as Ziegler has been for so long, it’s hard to see clearly.

If the likes of Ziegler are upset, it’s because Trump is breaking stuff that needs breaking.


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