‘Silence; We’re Studying For Our Pregnancy Test’


The following is an excerpt from “Silence; We’re Studying For Our Pregnancy Test,” my new WND column:

“Had an alien from Deep Space dropped in on Planet America during the pregnancy-pact apoplexy, he’d have concluded this and this alone: Kids having kids is not a bad thing. Kids conspiring to have kids: now that’s wicked. It doesn’t get much worse than a principal accusing kids of conspiring to have kids. …

So why would the Zeitgeist have its metaphoric pitchforks hoisted to skewer Principal Sullivan, but shower the girls with sympathy? Do the girls not attend a school where pregnancy tests have been incorporated into the curriculum? Is it unusual to see underage girls parading their bumps or pushing prams along the hallways of Gloucester High? Does the school not provide these valedictorians with an onsite daycare center? …

At the heart of this homage to the Girls Gone Bad is the confusion that comes with a dialogue devoid of values. For decades, America’s progressive schools have been conducting a sick experiment in parallel parenting. Hatchery High is the payback:

It’s Rosemary’s pedagogic Baby.” …

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2 thoughts on “‘Silence; We’re Studying For Our Pregnancy Test’

  1. Steve Stip

    Just another reason why I will enjoy going to the polls and voting against EVERY incumbent.

  2. Stephen Hayes

    I read this column and immediately before had read the story of the 14 yr old who had a baby boy at school and drowned him in the toilet. I agree we should re-institute a sense of public shame. But, I am reminded of something I read years ago in Gibbon’s Decline and Fall. The Emperor decided too late that the office of Censor should be re-instated because of the decline in public morals. Gibbon wrote: “A Censor may maintain, he can never restore, the morals of a State.” In other words, like, the toothpaste is, like, out of the tube. There are pockets of morality here and there, where families have well defined principles and faith, and bring their children up with a sense of right and wrong. Alas, such homes are shrinking, as has the market for scarlet letters. You see who the villain is in this story — that pesky principal who dared to point his finger and make a judgment. The obvious answer here is for the Dept. of Education to promote a free condom distribution program for the congenitally stupid.

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