The Multiple Obamagasim Award (Given By GOP Groupies)

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Among the mindless monolith that is our media some are more mindless than others.

At, Doug Powers reports on the Media Research Center’s Obamagasm Awards.

The winner is no other than MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, for, as Doug put it, achieving “simultaneous Obamagasms with his guests.”

In my 2010 take, I credited Matthews’ for his prolonged state of heightened arousal over BHO (multiple Obamagasims):

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has more street cred than most. The host of “Hardball” spent the first two years of the Obama presidency in a state of delirium bordering on the sexual. Famous for experiencing something akin to a (daytime) nocturnal emission during Obama’s coronation — “thrill up the leg” Matthews called the incident — Chris later begged Barack to be his “Enforcer,” in the matter of sacking Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Understand: when a liberal like the president shows a bit of that manly magic, “girlie boys” like Chris get giddy.
Given Chris’s well-known carnal affections for Barack Obama, it is unfortunate that the op-ed segment with which he ends the “Hardball” program daily is called “Let Me Finish.”

Chris certainly attained climactic levels of devotion to the Dear Leader.

“Tingles” deserves a life-time award in Obama adulation.

There’s a caveat. Easily as odious is the bunch dishing out the Obamagasim Awards. Where were these establishment Republicans—these “LETHAL WEAPONS and NEOCON GROUPIES”—during The Decider’s dictatorship (aka Genghis Bush)?

These Republican knaves were on their knees, “TUNED-OUT, TURNED-ON, AND HOT FOR WAR.”