The Worst has Become the ‘Best’

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I watched Wonkette (or is it “Wonkette Emerita”) on Joe Scarborough. Unlike Tucker and Olbermann (good for them), he seems intent on parading airheads on his show (the segment “Hollyweird” comes to mind). Chris Matthews also invited this woman on his show to roll the words off her tongue, as she does with such affectation. In any case, she called Jim Webb a pumpkin head. The dictionary says that’s “a slow or dim-witted person.” Webb is nothing of the sort. When I first began writing about Iraq on, Webb e-mailed me in approval a few times, sending his editorials along. You have to be a complete wombat (“Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time”) like Wonkette to call Webb slow. A thought I recently shared with an interlocutor popped into my mind:

When I was young, the world was more merit based. It made more sense then. I could still be the best in the class. Now, the worst has become the best. Standards have been inverted. Nothing makes sense (except that one has to stick to one’s principles and be true to the truth). The awakening came when I first got to Canada and attended some course. A woman opened up her mouth to speak, and I thought, “Shame, she’s retarded.” Later it transpired she had degrees from McGill and other Ivy-league schools. I was in for an education. The woman wasn’t Wonkette, but came close…

2 thoughts on “The Worst has Become the ‘Best’

  1. Sue Bob

    Jim Webb is a hero to me. I have read every single one of his books and every book I could find about him. (I don’t remember the sex scenes–I probably skipped over them) A Country Such As This is my absolute favorite novel. His book Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America caught my attention and imagination like no other non-fiction I have ever read. I felt compelled to read it while listening to The Chieftains. 🙂

    I don’t agree with him about abortion or his apparent new position on women in the military or on the issues that I think Democrats call “kitchen table issues” or something like that. Regardless, I believe that he is a man of great integrity and intelligence–so I gave him money.

    I even got to interview him on Talk Radio when I filled in for a friend. I found him to be extremely intelligent and articulate.

    If he hadn’t recently re-married, I would have attempted to marry him myself!

    I love the fact that he has won. I firmly believe that he will cause the Democrats endless grief as I do not believe that they will be able to contain him.

  2. graham strouse


    How dare you disparage wombats so!

    They are an upgrade on the human Beta units you describe, even if they are primitive marsupials.

    What’s next? Attacks on ‘roos? Tasmanian tiger resistence cells?

    Alack & alas!

    Viva la marsupials!

    Leave ’em alone. Lotta Just Cause to lay some smackdown on homo sapiens sapiens.

    What we really need are some Utahraptors to keep people honest. A long ton of highly intelligent Jurassic judiciary…yeah, that’s the ticket.

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