FRED REED: Fairies, Poltergeists, Incubi & Libertad de la Prensa: The Delusion of Free Speech

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How much does [Big Tech censorship] differ from censorship in, say, China? Answer: In China people know they are watched. There is nothing subtle about it. How many Americans are really aware of the foregoing?


When a government does not itself impose censorship people may think they have freedom of speech, or can be made to think they do, even though they don’t. In America, the government does not need to, uh, “redact.“ Private entities—credit card companies, social media, search engines and so on—do for government what it cannot do openly for itself: Prevent expression of inappropriate thought.

Many believe that the First Amendment guarantees this freedom, if they have heard of the First Amendment. But the Amendment does not apply to private companies. It doesn’t have to. The huge corporations, not just the social media but financial services and mainstream outlets, can censor, directly or indirectly, as they like. “As they like” invariably means “as the formal government,” of which they are in effect branches, like.

Herewith some examples. For quite a while this column was homeported at the Unz Review. The site has now been heavily censored. Recently I asked Ron Unz, the owner, what happened. His response:

Sure, Fred.  Basically, we were banned from Facebook (i.e. nothing
containing can appear there or even be sent in private
messages).  More importantly, all our pages were “deranked” from every
Google search, meaning they’re now absolutely at the bottom of all
search results…Not only was our rudimentary Facebook page eliminated, but all subsequent attempts to  post our articles to the world’s largest social network produced an error message describing the content as “abusive.” Our entire website had been banned.

The Review is not calculated to make friends with everybody, among other things being obsessively and, I would say imaginatively, hostile to Jews, but this is hardly uncommon, and the site has never advocated violence, implicitly or otherwise,  against anyone. The whole idea of freedom of the press was to protect expression of ideas regardless of who liked them.

Then there is American Renaissance, a white advocacy site that urges no crime, (again) explicitly or implicitly. Follow the link and see for yourself if so inclined. It talks about such things as black crime, unrestricted immigration, and argues that affirmative action lowers standards. You may not agree with all of its ideas—I don’t—or any of them. But they are mainstream ideas held by tens of millions and deal with political questions of large importance.

I asked Jared Taylor, the webmaster and a graduate of Yale in philosophy with additionally a diplôme in international relations from l’institut d’études politiques de Paris about censorship of the site and of himself. His response:

Dear Fred,

The list is long. This is what I recall:

Facebook: my personal account and the AmRen account were canceled.

Twitter: my personal account and AmRen account.

PayPal:  my personal account and AmRen account.

YouTube: Our video and podcast channels.

Amazon: Almost all of our books, both print and Kindle are banned. Also, we were unable to use special programs for non-profits because Amazon consults and abides by an SPLS list of “bad” non-profits.

Google: Almost always fails to include our pages in search results. Contrast with Duck Duck Go is striking.

Credit card processors: I don’t know how many — maybe eight or ten? — have refused to do business with us.

Email servers: Four or five but all the big ones, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Advertising: Google ads, and every mainstream internet ad service.

Printshop: Our local printer of 20 years, Instyprints, decided what we were printing was intolerable…If you try to include an AmRen link in a tweet or Facebook post the recipient will get a nasty warning that AmRen could be a fraudulent or phishing site.”

This sort of thing is done to many. Question: How much does it differ from censorship in, say, China? Answer: In China people know they are watched. There is nothing subtle about it. How many Americans are really aware of the foregoing?

An argument of sorts could be made that with divisions as sharp as currently exist in America, nothing that might increase antagonism should be published. But this standard is not applied to, say, BLM. American censorship is purely partisan. Exactly as it is in China.

You may not like Donald Trump. I don’t. But when a few men at the top of the social media can censor a major politician with a huge following of almost half of the electorate and a former president, it is what the First Amendment intended to prevent. It is legal, though, because the companies are private. If Biden tried to do this by executive order, all hell would break loose.  In the past newspapers were as biased, but there might be five papers in a city, so you had contending biases. Now we have five national newspapers—Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Wikipedia—all thinking the same thing and all, I suspect, with CEOs socializing among themselves.

The major media also are tightly controlled, but rely on the principle that when people get used to something, they don’t notice it. Note that the media  allow nothing in favor of the Second Amendment or Trump, against abortion, Israel, sexual aberrations, or immigration, about black crime or racial intelligence. Coverage of the wars is so slight as to constitute censorship, especially of coverage that would make the carnage evident. Military industry and its gigantic cost are strikingly unpresent. The police are never allowed to present their side of events. You can be fired for using the wrong word or phonemes, even if it was fifteen years ago in a private email—and email is forever: You can never tell when it will surface to bite you. Think Synopticon.

Violeta likes to watch television series on Netflix from around the world from an interest in the general tenor of life overseas: South America, China, Japan, South Korea. (All have Spanish subtitles.) All the Chinese series, she reports, have disappeared. With Washington whumping up war fever against Beijing, presumably it thought undesirable that Americans see the Chinese as attractive people greatly more moral than Americans. Mommy knows best.

The granularity of censorship becomes ever finer. I am a minor hobbyist columnist of no importance with several thousand subscribers. For maybe twenty years I had an entry on the Wikipedia. (Fred Reed ) It is now gone. I had I’ll guess between twenty and thirty photos of me that appeared if you Googled on “Fred Reed” and clicked on images. Most are gone. I don’t suggest that the world yearns to look at me, but to point out that a largely unknown and unimportant columnist is thought worth censoring. My disappearance may have been accomplished algorithmically or by some woke 22-year-old twerp editing at the Wikipedia—I doubt that I rank high in the consciousness of Mark Zuckerberg–but it happened.

The Wikipedia, a major source for much of the population, is heavily censored regarding taboo topics. Search on “race and intelligence” or something similar. It is of great important to society, answering such questions as whether lower outcomes for a particular race are the result of discrimination or of lower ability. A great deal of careful scientific research has been done on this, including IQ, neurological, and so on.

When I made the suggested search, the first entry began with something like, “claims of different levels of intelligence have been used to promote hate, etc.,” and the second with the assertion that race has no biological meaning.”

Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a major historical document crucial to understanding the events of the last century. While fascinating to the educated, it would be intensely boring to the ignorant and those under thirty in America, given the dimming of the schools. It certainly isn’t inflammatory. I listened to all of it in an excellent translation from without instigating a single pogrom.

The Audible version is now gone, and Amazon does not have it in any format.

Mein Kampf Audible Amazon has only a book of Hitler’s speeches: Amazon. You can bet it has been appropriately edited.

But, as Bush I said, the world hates us for our freedoms. Uh-huh. Sho’ nuff.

Read Fred’s Books! Or else. We know where you sleep.


FRED REED describes himself as [previously] a “Washington police reporter, former Washington editor for Harper’s and staff writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Marine combat vet from Viet Nam, and former long-haul hitchhiker, part-time sociopath, who once lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the Yankee Capital.”
His essays “on the collapse of America” Mr. Reed calls “wildly funny, sometimes wacky, always provocative.”
“Fred is the Hunter Thompson of the right,” seconds Thomas E. Ricks in Foreign Policy magazine. His  commentary is “well-written, pungent political incorrectness mixed with smart military commentary and libertarian impulses, topped off with a splash of Third World sunshine and tequila.”



Killer Kink

Hardboiled is back! (The exclamation point is to arouse wild enthusiasm int the reader, a boiling literary lust.) Gritty crime fiction by longtime police reporter for the Washington Times, who knows the police from nine years of riding with them. Guaranteed free of white wine and cheese, sensitivity, or social justice.



16 thoughts on “FRED REED: Fairies, Poltergeists, Incubi & Libertad de la Prensa: The Delusion of Free Speech

  1. bob sykes

    Are you still on Unz? I haven’t seen links to you for a while.

  2. Matt Bracken

    Russian joke I read recently in an article posted at Zerohedge:

    Back during the Cold War, a Russian and an American board a jet at the Moscow Airport, heading for New York, and are seated next to one another.
    The American asks, “So, what are you going to be doing in America?”
    The Russian replies, “I’m going to study American propaganda techniques.”
    The American says, “What American propaganda techniques?”
    The Russian says, “Exactly.”

  3. Jim w.

    Neìgè” in Chinese
    Reminds me of a rather socially liberal friend who asked me about Dante’s Negroni cocktail, in a very low voice indicating she feared racist overtones. Internet search revealed that it was devised by Italian Count Negroni’s bartender, circa 1919, when the Count wanted something stronger than an Americano, comprising Campari, Vermouth, and soda water. He substituted gin for soda, considerably increasing the octane. The Dante’s Negroni has even more gin than the Count got.

  4. NorthGunner

    Glad to see that you’re still with us and still in the fight
    to spread and share truth, no matter how hard the parasite
    class wants to deceive, deflect, disappear it from folks eyes
    and ears.

    Especially appreciated is any effort to demonstrate the truths
    contained in ‘Mein Kampf’ as you courageously did below:

    “Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a major historical document crucial to understanding the events of the last century. While fascinating to the educated, it would be intensely boring to the ignorant and those under thirty in America, given the dimming of the schools. It certainly isn’t inflammatory. I listened to all of it in an excellent translation from without instigating a single pogrom.

    The Audible version is now gone, and Amazon does not have it in any format.

    Mein Kampf Audible Amazon has only a book of Hitler’s speeches: Amazon. You can bet it has been appropriately edited.”

    Investigative journalist and author Mike King certainly has noticed that and
    bravely speaks about it.

    French Quackademics Bastardize Mein Kampf With “Annotations” – The Real History Channel

    “Heaven forbid that some curious researcher or careless normie should stumble across Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” online and come away gobsmacked — thinking to himself (as he nervously looks over his shoulder while wetting his underwear): — “Ya know. A lot of what Hitler says actually seems to make sense.” So, to counter the possibility of such an inconvenient “red pilling” — (swallowed my pill in 1999) — the recently-released French version of the 1924 classic comes heavily “annotated” with “expert” guidance from “more than a dozen” Fake Historians whose diversionary cheap shots exceed Hitler’s word-count by twice as much!

    The project was led by Florent Brayard, a French Fake Historian specializing in the Holohoax; and Andreas Wirsching, the director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, which crapped-out an earlier, “annotated” German version a few years ago.”
    – Mike King, The REAL History Channel

    For those that are interested in learning more about Mike’s books, here’s the link:

    I highly recommend getting physical copies of “The BAD War”, “The British Mad Dog” and
    his two volume set “Planet Rothschild” as a foundation to read and build upon.

    I personally recommend the Stalag Edition (which I have and am reading)
    for the below reasons:
    “This official translation is not to be confused with the “James Murphy” or “Ralph Mannheim” translations, both of which were edited, abridged and ultimately unauthorised. The Murphy and Mannheim editions both left out major sections of text, and contained long, clunky, badly-translated and almost unintelligibly long sentences.

    In sharp contrast, the only authorised “Stalag” edition contains none of these complicated and unnecessarily confused constructions, and is extremely easy to read, as anyone familiar with the other versions will immediately notice. Most importantly, this only authorised edition contains the full text of the original German—and none of the deliberately-inserted racial pejoratives used in the Murphy and Mannheim versions (words which Hitler never actually used in the original).”
    – Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition) Ostara Publications

    Here’s the link to the Stalag Edition:

    Again, thank you Fred for your continuing efforts at truth telling,
    it is absolutely appreciated!

    Ilana, thank you for your steadfast courage in having this forum
    available for Fred and others to have a place to speak truth to others. Bravo!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. imbroglio


    Good to see you. Been missing you on LRC.

    Meanwhile, overheard at a recent bar mitzvah. “With Jews like Ron Unz, who needs anti-semites.”

    Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce, frequent Unz contributors, may not preach out and out violence against Jews, but the difference is razor thin and more dangerous than the nitwits who hold forth on Stormfront. William Pierce didn’t literally preach violence against Jews either, and, ironically, it was the folks at the Federal building in Oklahoma City, few of whom were Jewish, who paid the price of Price’s fantacized Jewish bloodbathing.

    Jared Taylor and the folks at Amren are pussies when it comes to Jew bashing.

    No matter how sancrosanct the value of Free Speech may be to those of us raised on the Constitution, people will seek to defend themselves against speech no less than actions that make them feel threatened for their lives and well being. That’s always a subjective evaluation. And if they have the power to prevent such speech and the actions that may flow from it, they likely will do so, justification or not.

    Would I censor Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce? You bet your half-chewed stogie I would. And I don’t justify that on any grounds but group self-interest or call it my own cowardice or ignobility. Apart from the Jewish context, I spent much of the nineties working in refugee resettlement during the ethnic cleansing when Yugoslavia fell apart. No one there was explicitly saying or writing, “Kill the Bosnian Muslims,” but Srebeniça, second only to Babi Yar, in outdoor, 20th century European mass murder, took place just the same.

  6. David Parry

    The problem is that columns like yours, Fred, are essentially another form of social media, and they have both an ungodly amount of soft power and potential ti be misused and abused while also performing a valuable service. Trump’s use of twitter to reach his target audience was one thing, banning him is another – and there I am in two minds. Frankly,Trumps rants ranged from nonsense to hate speech, and the latter deserves to be censored, but on the other hand, any censorship is a highly debatable matter, even for deserving cases. But I am very surprised by the quiet suppression of unwelcome voices that you detail.

    Only in the USA? It has echoes of the PRC and their digital scrutiny of their citizens.

  7. D. March

    Thank you , Mr. Reed for the notification of the whereabouts of your postings. Over time, when I thought myself in disagreement – er, “not-fully-reconciled coincidence…” – with one or another of your assertions, quite frequently I found that the mis-alignment evaporated as I troubled self to grit my teeth and review the depictions of significant contemporary issues through the eyes of the depraved demons employed as “journalists” in this time.
    There are many like your honorable self who witnessed and experienced the abandonment of polite society in places and times of conflict, who understand far better than the know-nothing incumbents, just how vehemently impolite things can become in times of civil disorder.
    The leftward-hurtling crowd mistake the restraint for craven capitulation.
    General Louis-Marie Turreau de Garambouville, appointed by the rulers of the revolutionary government in Paris in the early 1790s, thought it proper exercise of his authority to slaughter close to 10,000 prisoners after defeating the rebellious Catholic peasant army of the Vendée – the mostly Catholic northern provinces – who did not much care for the banning and imprisonment of their Catholic priests by the Jacobin leaders in Paris.
    To expedite executions, the revolutionaries herded condemned men, women and children onto barges, dragged them to the middle of the River Loire, and sank the barges, drowning thousands of people they regarded as politically unreliable.
    Another General – Waterman – famously proclaimed to the leaders of the Paris revolution: “…there is no Vendée. It has perished, with its women and children, under our sword of freedom. Following your orders, I have crushed the children under our horses’ hooves, and massacred the women – they will bear no more children for those brigands. I have not taken a single prisoner.”
    I strongly suspect the child molesters, swindlers, tax cheats, pickpockets, pornographers and perverts running things lately aren’t big History Buffs.
    Doomed to Repeat?

  8. D. March

    Replying to a previous commenter, who maybe fixed on Fred’s mentioning of the recent memory-holing of Hitler’s famous book, the current censorship is being applied across the board to any and all questioning of approved GOVERNMENT messaging and narrative.
    You will be banned for dis-respecting the Leading members of the Majority party, and for pointing out the times they violate the Covidemic restrictions they impose on the rest of the country.
    You will be banned, cut, deplatformed for Mentioning and explaining the CDC and NIH documents from earlier decades describing the potency and efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine against Coronavirus variants, the near miraculous efficacy of the chloroquine component in stopping Coronaviral replication inside human cells, because of its ionophoric action with ZINC, or the 7-decade history of safety in hundreds of millions of RXs around the world under the trade name Pacquenil™, given to entire families preparing to relocate to, and living in zones where Malaria is endemic; its standard use against Lupus Erythamatosus, for Rheumatoid Arthritis, For Lyme Disease, Sarcoidosis and variations of those.


  9. Cakeeater

    How long till Substack is also shut down? Cannot forward barelyablog on Facebook today.

  10. Ilana Mercer

    Yes, all hyperlinks originating on IlanaMercer.con, including Barely a Blog, are banned by Facefuck. So is The Unz Review banned there. You can share our links on Gettr. Twatter throttles us, but we are not yet banned.

    Connect with us on these venues, where I share Fred’s work:

    Blog :

  11. Frank Purcell

    FB would not permit me to share a link to this column on this site.

  12. Don Wright

    Fred – Thank You for your postings! Good thing you are in Mexico considering all the madness taking place in the USA. My Dad would have had a conniption fit over everything going on now. if he was still alive.
    Hunny Bunny has been bugging me to consider moving to either Mexico or Costa Rica as she envisions a socialist state coming over us.
    Time will tell. Your views are very enlightening and appreciated!
    Take Care!

  13. ruralguy

    America’s constitution never intended for democratic rule, nor even representative rule. Rather, a vote was granted to voters to ensure they believed they had a voice in the government, with the understanding that their elected representatives were assumed sufficiently educated, rational, and cooperative, to resolve different views and find the best approach. Obviously, this is broken.

    The average voter has a 7th-grade reading comprehension. They are incapable of understanding proper rule.
    Women voters, highly effeminate male voters, and our rapidly growing non-white underclasses vote with their emotions, electing the people who think emotionally and can’t see the distinctions between people. There is nothing we can do, except watch the nation implode.

  14. Steven Pechukas

    I think the last 3 emails I got from you (I use google) wound up in spam. Even after I whitelisted you. At least they haven’t started just failing to deliver them. Yet.

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