A Corrective On Canada


Fellow Canadian Kathy Shaidle gave one of her American readers a reality check about Canada, one you’ve also received from me more than once:

I’m afraid I can’t agree. Our corporate tax rate is lower than yours, we have a simpler tax code and fewer weird regulations — I hear it can take even wealthy movie stars years to get “permission” to put a swimming pool in their own L.A. backyard.
Our Mexican migrant workers live in all male, booze free barracks and are shipped back home at season’s end. We ingeniously decided to pick our own cotton — that is, we have none of the fallout from slavery that hobble the U.S.
We also cleverly declined to hand mortgages to welfare bums. Our personal debt levels are lower and [we] have more disposable income.
Last year we deported more criminal aliens than we had in the previous twenty years combined.
The “Canuckistan” stereotype really doesn’t hold true anymore. We’re just hoping Justin won’t get elected and undo it all.