Abortion, Colonoscopy, A Facelift? US Constitution Guarantees It … To The World


The US doesn’t even bother to pose as a constitutional republic. It doesn’t have to. Few Americans know what a constitutional republic even means.

And so, an illegal alien crosses over into the US, demands and gets an abortion. The only aspect the clodhopper media debates is for or against the interloper’s so-called reproductive rights. These, it would appear, are to be universally upheld (although abortion is illegal in the illegal alien’s homeland).

In the old constitutional republic, the government had a constitutionally limited lien on the property of citizens. In the American global democracy, the world may arrive in America and demand any taxpayer-covered medical procedure.

So make haste. Bring us your huddled masses. We, the tired masses of America, will work to fulfill any of their dreams. Abortion, colonoscopy, a facelift? It is now within the American Dream to come to America and demand these.

… Brigitte Amiri, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union who is representing the teenager¬† …¬† urged the court not to set aside its obligation to protect the teen’s constitutional right to abortion just because she may eventually obtain a sponsor, and said the government is not acting in the teen’s best interest.