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US Extends Vaccine Passport Requirement To Enter Country, As The World Drops Requirement

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Naturally, if you are among the millions crossing the Rio Grande illegally into the United States, are of a swarthy complexion and can produce a current, up-to-date rap-sheet, as well as valid, reliably low IQ and literacy scores—you may enter the US no questions asked, all expenses covered

…Nobody expects our representatives to work for their pay, as in make a difference in the lives of their constituents. Politics being an extension of the cellphone Selfie; a good TV appearance or a ‘feisty’ tweet is considered as good as work

Unvaccinated non-citizens are still barred from entering the Evil Empire’s territory, despite the fact that it has been widely accepted by the criminally negligent Covid cartel that the vaccines—issued under and Emergency Use Authorizations, absent longitudinal clinical studies and while exempting vaccine makers from product liability—are ineffectual and might be dangerous.

As of November 2022,

eligible international visitors must [still] have a current Covid-19 vaccination to enter the country.

As of Thursday, April 21, 2022, DHS will extend COVID-19-related land border entry requirements. Non-U.S. travelers seeking to enter the United States via land ports of entry and ferry terminals at the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination upon request.

Defund and abolish TSA and DHS (established by Genghis Bush Republicans, if memory serves).

The human detritus known as the US president had, originally, On October 25, 2021, … issued a Proclamation requiring that non-U.S. citizen show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling by air to the United States from a foreign country.

The famed CDC—so institutionally rotten that it now is regularly usurped by Israeli research— (“Israeli study: Natural immunity gives better protection than COVID shot” 8/2021) has extended that restriction to 2023.

Naturally, if you are among the millions crossing the Rio Grande illegally into the United States, are of a swarthy complexion and can produce a current, up-to-date rap-sheet, as well low scores on IQ and literacy tests—you may enter the US no questions asked, all expenses covered.

The Evil Empire is among the last countries to persist in extending the Covid tyranny. And don’t be fooled by Republican campaign foreplay. They looked the other way during the commission of Covid-related constitutional infractions and they continue to do nothing.

I’ve come to believe that our US elected representatives think their role is to tweet their outrage (we’ve got that covered, @laurenboebert). Or, rant flamboyantly on the Tucker Carlson show.

Notice that no TV bobble-head EVER asks these people, “What are you doing about said urgent matter? Tell us how you mean to work for the people to repeal Covid tyranny,” for instance.

Why? Because nobody expects our representatives to work for their pay, as in make a difference in the lives of the constituents. Politics being an extension of the cellphone Selfie; a good TV appearance or a ‘feisty’ tweet is considered as good as work.

I suspect that the intellectual quality of our representatives and the voters has so degraded—that both voters and candidates know not the channels and ropes through which to act on our behalf. The American federal scheme is no longer straightforward.

Note how Boeberts speaks like an outsider to power, like one of us, when she is an insider. A tweet by an elected representative like herself should go something as follows:

“X is an outrage, in violation of … and flouting all the scientific evidence. I intend to call on … and make sure the Republican caucus does … ”

But no. Colorado Representative Boebert, and many of her colleagues, conducts herself as though she’s just a girl tweeting out to her followers on twatter.  American democracy is an idiocracy.


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UPDATED (8/25): Remember: The UniParty Equals Treason, Always

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There is only one single political verity you need to bear in mind, as the TV bobble-heads speak at you about the worthy Republican electoral sweep ahead: The UniParty, and those who carry water for it, equals treason, always.

All you need to know about the depredations on the open, southern border, about inflation, and the scandal of armed IRS agents who, in addition to fleecing you without flinching, are now ready to fire on you, is this:

Fox News is dissembling about the change that is a-coming. Even if the GOP sweeps both chambers and nets the presidency, as it did in 2016, nothing much will change.

The $220 trillion (plus) in unfunded liabilities created under both Democrats and Republicans cannot be reversed. Too huge. The tipping point has been reached vis-a-vis spending and inflation. Besides, and

“Contrary to popular myth,” demurs James Ostrowski, “every Republican president since and including Herbert Hoover has increased the federal government’s size, scope or power—and usually all three. Include regulations and foreign policy, as well as budgets approved by a Republican Congress, and a picture begins to emerge of the Republican Party as a reliable engine of government growth.”

As to promises to “close the border’: Once illegals present at the border—they are never turned back, but are processed and released, a reality that is the legal creation of the UniParty. You can argue all you wish that immigration law does not sanction what’s occurring on the South-Western border, but it is a fact that the Republicans have allowed this practice of the law to prevail, and the GOP conducts itself as if this is de facto law.

Accordingly, any claimant other than a white South African can arrive at that border, do his Les Misérables act, claim to face a “credible fear” back home, get a court date, and then bolt like so many rabbits, to be seen again only at the voting booth, the welfare office, the DMV and at DACA demonstrations. These “credible fear” incomers are also the malcontents holding up signs that read “America is racist.”

Whether this is the case or not in law, Democrats and Republicans alike behave as if the law actually dictates that invaders-cum-“refugees” are to be processed and never expelled, from the USA. That’s all you need to know.

The GOP, when it controlled both chambers and the presidency in 2016, had not voided the “credible fear” standard of open-border immigration, normalized by both parties. It won’t in the future, if past is prologue.

Deficits and national debt will not be reduced under the GOP; only the rate at which they grow will be manipulated by the Uniparty for public consumption.

And not one armed-and-dangerous IRS agent hired by the Dems will ever be fired by GOPers.

Remember: the UniParty = treason

UPDATE (8/25): “Succession” [sic]

Solutions are to be found against and outside of politics, in informal acts of secession.  (Or, “succession” [sic] as Victor Davis Hanson said on August 19 appallingly, on Fox News, at the 4:00 PM slot. Acolytes of the Church of Lincoln struggle to say or pronounce the word secession. CNN’s Don Lemon also says “succession.” Maybe they think it’s from the verb to “succeed.” No, it’s from “secede.” I give up if Hanson can’t speak English.)

Planning and creating real communities of the like-minded. Forging reality on the ground. We the People–as in pockets of civil society–not the politicians.

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UPDATE III (8/13/022): Trump Raided: Fate Of The 4th Amendment & Due Process In Police State USA

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UPDATE III (8/13/022):  TAKE NOTE: “The American Gestapo A.K.A. FBI” by Paul Craig Roberts: DOJ, Judiciary, FBI: “…none of these people are good people. They are not people we can have any confidence in. These are not people we would let our sons and daughters marry. These are very bad people. Yet these very bad people are in control of our lives. ..”


Ashleigh Banfield of News Nation, ACTUALLY covers the raid of Trump’s Florida mansion, whereas other leftist channels are lying low. Waiting to have the matter focus-group tested given the impending primaries? I bet they are.

Banfield lets a conservative radio mouth, one Bill Cunningham, roar about 4th Amendment violations and the revolt the raid will ignite among Deplorables, all crucial points.

News Nation clearly provides more substantial coverage than does Fox News, which, unlike Cunningham, hardly mentions the Constitution, and only rabbits on about how unprecedented the raid is and about logistics, such as:

“If only the FBI coordinated better with Trump”.

Fox is also indulging in “what aboutism”, namely, “If this were Hillary Clinton… blah, blah”.  As I said, nothing substantial. These people aren’t smart. Tucker excepted, Fox News is about ratings, not deep reflection.

Violations of due process, in the case of the Mar-a-Lago raid today, in search of classified material and presidential records removed,  have become more common in police state America than in Apartheid-era South Africa, which, as chronicled in Into The Cannibal’s Pot, was unsurprisingly legalistic and by-the-book. But then, rooted in Roman-Dutch law, South Africa was a minority ruled, first world civilization at the tip of Africa.

UPDATE II (8/9/022):  Fox News continues to voice support for the “men and women of the FBI.” It’s only those at the top who stink, said a guest agent. Speechless. The FBI is among the most corrupt government agencies.

When in recent memory has the FBI stopped an attack on the homeland other than attacks originating in its own entrapment schemes, where a low-IQ Abdul is persuaded to purchase explosives from the FBI “for Jihad” and then is “caught” in the act. A presser follows. (HERE)

The FBI is progressive to its core.  And Trump hired the last of its major swamp creatures. President Trump hired Christopher Wray, whose heroes, as stated in his confirmation hearings, are Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey. How did Trump imagine Christopher Wray, who looks up to the two and swam in the same polluted waters, would reform the FBI? (“Hiring Another Swamp Creature For The FBI“)

Michelle Malkin offers an excellent summary of FBI depredation in “FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly.

Notes in the margins:

RIP Olivia Newton John. She had had breast cancer. It always comes back to claim its victims, eventually. “Seize the day” has become a cliché, but it should not be. The passing of a vital, rather young woman is a reminder of how often we squander the gifts and opportunities we are afforded, because we would rather play it safe than experience life to the fullest.

I loved this one: Olivia Newton John, 1974, “I Honestly Love You”:

So-called musicians today lack the emotional depth, the facility with language and the skill (for chord progression) to compose a love song. When we were growing up, these kinds of aching tunes were in abundance.

UPDATE (8/9/022): Another youngish woman felled, aged 64: veteran anchor Uma Pemmaraju. Time is something we run out of fast.

Original Fox News Channel Anchor Uma Pemmaraju Dies at 64

FRED REED: Thoughts on the Cop’s Trade, by an Old Police Reporter

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Police deliberately are not warm and fuzzy … [a cop] becomes granite-faced, with a controlled courtesy with a promise of consequences if disobeyed. He does this because if he treats members of the public as friends, he will lose all authority

By Fred Reed

Much twaddle about the police emanates from adults who sound like adolescents recently acquainted with their hormones and eager to irritate ambient grownups.  Think mentally deficient Red Guards. Anyway, they have annoyed me to the point that I am either going to strangle something, preferably a network anchorman, or point out some things. No anchorman was handy, so thus the following.

From a fascinating survey, “Most Americans are convinced there is an ‘epidemic’ of police shooting unarmed black males in America. This widespread misperception is reinforced with misreportage, sensationalized reportage, missing context, and the lack of reporting on analogous cases.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

Briefly (the link is worth following) the piece describes a survey in which respondents were asked to self-describe as very liberal, very conservative, and points between. Then they were asked how many unarmed blacks they thought were shot to death by police every year.

Results: “Very Liberal respondents were the furthest from reality: 14.29% said ‘about 10,000’ unarmed black males were killed by police, while 31.43% said ‘about 1,000.’”

The actual number, says Mapping Police Violence, is twenty-seven. The Washington Post, as politically correct as you can get without actually being on Thorazine, said that 23 “unarmed” black suspects were fatally shot by the police in 2018, and 12 in 2019.

This says, does it not, that forty-five percent of liberals are too stupid to be allowed outside when not on a leash. (Conservatives some better, see link). People can believe this stuff only because the media are either actually lying or so wildly partisan that there is no discernible difference.

It matters.  Ferguson burned because the media ran with the story that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up and saying, “Don’t shoot!” Telling blacks, already deeply hostile to and mistrustful of whites, over and over and over, that the police, by implication white, are killing unarmed blacks in hundreds or thousands, makes worse our already terrible race relations. It likely encourages an excitable and often unintelligent white population to defund police departments. This leads to higher crime, worse race relations, and the decamping of urban tax bases for friendlier climes. Brilliant.

A few general points:

Cops don’t make laws. They enforce them.  This should be obvious. Yet many people bridle when the police enforce what they regard as a stupid or petty law. The cop also may think it is petty or stupid, but he has no choice. “Why are you giving me a ticket? I was only double-parked for a few minutes.” “Sign here, lady.”

Some cities have a “stop and frisk” policy. This means leaning young men against a wall and patting them down for guns though they have done nothing illegal and have no visible guns. This is typically done to black men in black neighborhoods because that is where people are shot to death. It is humiliating, infuriating, perhaps unconstitutional, and, when done by white policemen, arouses intense racial hostility. Arguably, and arguedly, it is extremely stupid. Why do cops do it? Because they dislike blacks?

No. They do it because the chief ordered them to, and he orders them to because the mayor or city council, who often are black, ordered them to, and the mayor ordered them to because stop-and-frisk keeps the homicide rate way down. That is, it saves black lives.

But laws involve tradeoffs.  In this case between (a) no stop-and-frisk, more dead black men, but less racial anger, and (b) stop-and-frisk, fewer dead black men, and intense racial anger. Take your choice, but expect the inevitable consequences of each.

Beware the much-sought-after assertion of racial disproportionality. If blacks get disproportionately ticketed for traffic violations, are the cops picking on blacks or are blacks committing more violations? What would you propose to do about disproportionality? Order cops to stop ticketing blacks? PR problems solved, which is the important thing, though deaths in accidents would go up. Or order white cops not to ticket blacks, which would also be good PR. Or stop enforcing traffic laws altogether? Take your pick.

Reflect that cops can’t win. Nobody is going to like them. Why? Because nobody likes being told what to do, and some like it less than others. When the bank president or three-star general gets pulled over for driving erratically, a twenty-three-year-old high-school graduate is going to tell him to step out of the car, sir, and take the inebriety test or, nowadays, blow into the breathalyzer. The general thinks he is too important to be ordered around by a mere kid. The cop doesn’t think so, and he has the authority. If the bank president blows high, the kid will arrest him. It’s his job, it’s the law, but is not optimal in interpersonal relations.

Police deliberately are not warm and fuzzy. They need to maintain command on the street. Talking to a reporter doing a ride-along, a cop will laugh and tell war stories about shared time in Bangkok. “Murphy and I were in Linda’s Surprise Bar and this great tall gal says….” Stopping to break up a fracas on the sidewalk, he becomes granite-faced, with a controlled courtesy with a promise of consequences if disobeyed. He does this because if he treats members of the public as friends, he will lose all authority.

Be wary of media accounts of police behavior, especially regarding shootings. The phrase “unarmed black man” is a journalist’s term of art, deliberately employed to imply that the cop from sheer viciousness or, better, racism, shot an innocent black man.

If this actually happens, it is called “murder,” and should be treated as such. But was the unarmed black man sitting on a park bench, eating an ice cream cone and reading War and Peace, or was he beating the cops head against a brick wall? These stories are made juicer by adding, “during a traffic stop,” the impression given being that the cop pulled the man over for a broken tail light and insouciantly killed him for no reason. Usually, but not always, a little research online will reveal that the man shot was resisting arrest or attacking the officer. Find out for yourself what happened. It is usually possible. But don’t trust NPR or CNN. They really, truly, are not honest.

Note that there is no pretty way to arrest someone who does not want to be arrested. I recently saw the body-cam footage of a couple of cops arresting a shoplifter in the parking lot of a commercial center. She was tall, perhaps 150, strongly built, and black. In today’s climate, “black” automatically makes it a racial incident, though shoplifting is illegal for white women too.

She chose to resist. There followed unprepossessing minutes of two white cops struggling with a screaming, furious black woman swinging and kicking, the officers getting her on the ground and trying to force her hands behind her. She was not hurt as they were careful to avoid it, but the average onlooker would not have known this.

The choice: arrest shoplifters, or don’t. The cops will do either, as they are ordered.

Finally, if you want a good force, recruit carefully, train them well, pay them well, and watch them like a hawk. Works like a charm.

Read Fred’s Books! Or else. We know where you sleep.


FRED REED describes himself as [previously] a “Washington police reporter, former Washington editor for Harper’s and staff writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Marine combat vet from Viet Nam, and former long-haul hitchhiker, part-time sociopath, who once lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the Yankee Capital.”
His essays “on the collapse of America” Mr. Reed calls “wildly funny, sometimes wacky, always provocative.”
“Fred is the Hunter Thompson of the right,” seconds Thomas E. Ricks in Foreign Policy magazine. His  commentary is “well-written, pungent political incorrectness mixed with smart military commentary and libertarian impulses, topped off with a splash of Third World sunshine and tequila.”



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Hardboiled is back! (The exclamation point is to arouse wild enthusiasm int the reader, a boiling literary lust.) Gritty crime fiction by longtime police reporter for the Washington Times, who knows the police from nine years of riding with them. Guaranteed free of white wine and cheese, sensitivity, or social justice.