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NEW COLUMN: Jan. 6 Committee: Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America

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Kinzinger to the crybaby Capitol cops: “you guys may, like, individually, feel a little broken. … But you guys won. You guys held.” LOL.

NEW COLUMN is “January 6 Committee: Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America.” Read it, for now, on WND.COM, the Unz Review, and The New American.

An excerpt:

Menstrual America has gained the upper hand. Feminized America has been on display in all her undignified inauthenticity, in the crybabies of Congress and in the loud and proud quitting at the 2020 Olympics.

In Menstrual America, medals go to congressmen and cops who wail the loudest when recounting their professional failings on Jan. 6, 2021.

And props are given not to athletes who “bring it” despite the jitters; but to those who crumble and quit, and then crow about the authenticity of it all.

Menstrual America’s rich and famous belong to a fraternity of foolish, showy killjoys. They take a knee anywhere and everywhere, to show the world how gynocentrically great they are.

Speaker Pelosi, of course, is nothing like that; the woman is made of steel. For political effect, though, she lugs around all kinds of crybabies.

One such Pelosi poodle is Adam Kinzinger. The Republican from Illinoi is serving on the January 6th Select Committee at the behest of the speaker.

On Day One of this Democratic happening, Kinzinger denounced Republicans’ attempts to compare the Jan. 6 melee to violence during last summer’s race riots:

“I condemn those riots and the destruction of property that resulted,” Kinzinger whimpered. “But not once did I ever feel that the future of self-governance was threatened like I did on Jan. 6. There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law. Between a crime, even grave crimes, and a coup.”

Kinzinger is correct: There is a difference between a crime and a coup. Crimes against innocent fellow citizens are acts of cowardice; a coup against the State can be heroic–just like the American Revolutionary War was a coup against Britain. …

… READ THE REST. “January 6 Committee: Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America.” Read it, for now, on WND.COM, the Unz Review, and The New American.

Podcast of “Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America” is available:


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Cuba: Commerce And Free Market Capitalism, Not Sanctions

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Florida Republican congresswoman Maria Salazar shouts out her demands that the US take an active role in supporting anti-government protests in Cuba. This, as the Fox News lineup has been fulminating over the missed opportunities to do the same—meddle—with respect to Iran, and other countries that neoconservatives feel we should “help” be as “free” as we.

Showing comity to Cuba by allowing commerce with its people, as Barack Obama had dared to do—oh no! We can’t have that. That the Fox bots will not condone.

Trade and robust free exchange with Cuba is all I want to see. For the rest, let the Cubans fight their own battles.

Yes, “Cuba is in the midst of [the usual] economic crisis and has been hit hard by US sanctions and Covid.”  Allowing Americans to trade with Cubans is the best—perhaps the only—antidote to the problem that is Cuba.

From conservatives, let’s hear more about the glories of free-market capitalism, the suppression of which accounts for Cuba’s abject misery. US Government declarations “in support of the people,” whatever that means, are worth nothing.

Curious: Why does Rep. Salazar refer to the Cubans in her Florida district as exiles? Surely if they are now Americans they are home, and not in exile.

NEW: A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist

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A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist” is on WND.COM and The Unz Review.

Or, as my editor puts it (he’s wry funny): “Ilana Mercer explains why some claim she ‘eats nails for breakfast.’” I explain why I don’t, of course.

Today’s offering, at WND, includes “On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist, And Life After Politics,” and other in-depth conversations with my colleague and partner from across the pond, David Vance. The first is a brief introduction to my YouTube channel. Here: