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FRED REED: The Immigrant Thing: Latinos (Mostly), the Racial Right, and Wokismo

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Young Mexican women are often horribly pretty and, when speaking unaccented American English, are exotic as potatoes. Same-same Asians. Love it or hate it, this battle is over. (Fred’s pretty doctor is pictured below, origin ‘east of the Suez’)

By Fred Reed

Startlingly, at least in today’s political climate, we will begin with the facts of immigration: America is eighteen percent Latino and climbing, six percent Asian and climbing. (Blacks, thirteen percent, cannot reasonably be called immigrants.) Given that over half of sub-eighteen children are not white, it is mathematically inevitable that before long most Americans will not be white. One may think this good or bad as one chooses. It will happen anyway.

Here we come to the fractured politics of the Great Squirrel Cage North of Mexico. On one hand we have vaguely defined groups who collectively might be called the Racial Right. They oppose immigration and immigrants, unless they are white, and say things like “Keep America American,” meaning what they regard as American. Their influence is limited because (a) immigrants, especially Latinos, have too many votes to be ignored and their numbers grow (b). America depends too heavily on its immigrants, Latinos in agriculture, construction, and service industries, East Asians and Indians in high-tech, and (c) the immigrants just aren’t behaving badly enough to engender a salubrious hostility. Not enough whites are upset enough to favor anything dramatic.

Yet coming from what passes for the Left in America is alarm over White Supremacists, White Nationalists, the Dissident Right and suchlike horrors, probably involving, oh God, Trump supporters and threatening racial Armageddon. Boredom can be intense in the bleak suburbs of Washington and one takes one’s excitement where one finds it. Actually the Racial Right is little more than a pastime without practical import. Immigrants are assimilating unnoticed and this will continue. No amount of fizzing by nativists will change this. Further, the mainline White Nationalists, as distinct from disturbed men playing with guns in the woods of Idaho, are not dangerous. For the most part they are not even bad people. This, I know, will disappoint the pseudo-Left. Well, you can’t have everything. That’s just how life is.

For what it’s worth, years ago In Washington, DC, I spoke to a convention of American Renaissance, a major White Nationalist group, who wanted to know about Mexico. Outside a clutch of yahoos and dingalings picketed against the fascist nightmare within. I entered with trepidation. As it turned out, the center of gravity of this unholy sabbath  were worried white dweebs in late middle age, concerned about the direction in which immigration was taking their country. Agree with them or not, Nazis they weren’t. They, I think, are the backbone of anti-immigrant forces, not the KKK.

The politics of tortillaphobia can be confusing. In those days one of the Racial Right’s objections to Latinos was that they were not assimilable. Now the objection is that they are. When you peeled back the stated aims, their desire was and is to maintain the genetic purity of the white race. In today’s Woke climate, this idea is shocking, appalling, unacceptable and so on and so forth, though of course most ethnic groups don’t like to see their women marrying out. Anyway, preventing intermarriage—nativists prefer the slightly obscene sounding “miscegenation”—is a lost cause. Young Mexican women are often horribly pretty and, when speaking unaccented American English, are exotic as potatoes. Same-same Asians. Love it or hate it, this battle is over.

It comes down to this:  If you want to promote the domestic tranquility, you favor assimilation. If you want to preserve the genetic purity of whites, you want the worst possible relations between whites and everybody else. No compromise is possible. It’s assimilation or purity, but not both. In fact, whether we want it or not, it is going to be assimilation.

In the political climate of today, nativism seems more a profound disgruntlement than anything practical. Its stated aims are either impossible or would be largely ineffective. For example, closing the border may be possible in a few years, or may not, but the sixty or seventy million Latinos north of the border are, well, north of the border. Can anyone within shouting distance of his right mind believe America is going to deport millions? And anyone who thinks America is going to break into three racially defined countries needs to stop smoking that Drano.

Curiously, assimilation will be as disastrous for the woke as for the racialists, though they may not be aware of it. The woke want to see themselves as champions of oppressed People of Color (POCs) and for this to work they need a constant supply of such. The problem is that these wretched people won’t stay oppressed. Most flavors of peoples of color have already turned traitor and become prosperous and even sometimes Republican. The Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Japanese and so on are not all programmers at Google or owners of start-ups in Silicon Valley, but close. They have jumped ship, so to speak, and are no longer fit object of the adolescent maternal instincts of the Woke. So the Woke never mention them. Successful immigrants are an embarrassment to them.

That leaves Latinos as the only suitable immigrant objects of Woke solidarity with the oppressed. Wokesters consequently grasp at Hispanics and lump them in with blacks, with whom Latinos have little in common, as maltreated POCs. By so doing, and carefully ignoring nonconforming people of color such as the Chinese, they can maintain their vision of wicked white colonialists and slave-owner wannabes brutalizing heartwarming nonwhites.

But now the damned Latinos are assimilating! Yes, leaving the plantation, the ungrateful wretches. And marrying Anglos and speaking native English and getting white-collar jobs and otherwise engaging in class treason. And if you ask a statistically valid number of them what is important, they will say things like jobs, the economy, medical care, schooling for the kids, conservative morality, and strong police forces. They don’t see any advantage in being oppressed. Thus assimilation and prosperity among Latinos threaten the pseudo-Left’s hold on its largest client group.

Problems of nomenclature can arise. I confess that I was at first puzzled when reading of BIPOCs. What were these, I wondered? If there were BIPOCs, were there monoPOCs? Would little short POCs be smallPOCS? Was there a vaccine? Should India’s population be measured in gigaPOCs? These were deep waters. (BIPOCs turned out to be black, indigenous people of color, I think.)

Much of Racial Right thought is backward-looking conservative romanticism doused liberally with sheer fantasy. They long for an all-white America that hasn’t existed since 1619, when their revered ancestors imported black slaves about whose progeny they now complain mightily. They say for example that America would be much happier if all white. This is true but irrelevant since it isn’t.  For the record, an all-white America would not have had slavery, perhaps the Civil War, Jim Crow, racism, burning cities, race riots, horrendous rates of crime otherwise unknown in the developed world, affirmative action, or Floyd. And if wishes were horses….

The Racial Right’s opposition is equally deep in fantasy. While the Woke offer themselves as being of the Left, they in fact are neither Leftist nor liberal, but practitioners of an intense class snobbery. The Left historically was the party of the working man. This was true of Marx. (“Workers of the world, unite.”) There was Saul Alinsky in the dismal stockyards of Chicago and authors like Upton Sinclair (The Jungle) and John Steinbeck (East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row supporting the white working class.) The pseudo-Left of today scorns working men, who they label Deplorables. They consist heavily of well-off, highly educated coastal elites who loathe working stiffs whom, they suspect, voted for Trump.  They love blacks with an almost humid intensity but wouldn’t go near South Chicago in an armored bathysphere and their kids go to pricey private schools. The traditional Left would detest them.

The racialists are hardly less hypocritical. They proclaim their love of America, yet loathe the thirteen percent who are black, eighteen percent Latino, six percent Asian, two percent Jewish, and the (wild guess) fifty percent who are Democrats. They sound suspicious of Catholics and of South and East Europeans, though this may be a holdover from the Nativist Revival of the Twenties. But they love America, or at least enough of it to fill a small gymnasium.

A belief crucial to the sense of wellbeing and contentment among the pseudo-Left is that America is sordidly and irrevocably racist. Is it? At least sixty million Latinos live in America, most of them citizens, with virtually no race riots or, in most places, much interest. Inattention is the highest form of acceptance. California has more Mexicans than whites, so would you not expect trouble there if there were going to be trouble? Nada. There is no Knockout Game among Latinos. They don’t push Asian women in front of subway trains. Nor are whites lynching browns, or doing much of anything about them.

Americans seem more opposed to immigration than to immigrants. They want to close the border but not to drag the third-grade children of illegal immigrants from school rooms and leave them on the sidewalks. Only far out on the Right Wing, where the feathers run out and giddy space begins, do we hear calls for massive deportation. Given the enormous scale of the influx, the paucity of animosity is remarkable.

The Racial Right suffers an ongoing erosion by events. When I left America for Mexico twenty years ago, there was across Wilson Boulevard in the Virginia suburbs of Washington a restaurant called the Asia Café. The waitresses were young Asian women, Malays, Viets, that sort of thing, and the manager was a Japanese woman. I asked one what she did during the day. Oh, she said, she was studying computer security at a local university. Another had a similar answer, which I have forgotten. Up the street was a Vietnamese restaurant that was engaging in the Asian practice of keeping labor costs down by employing the daughters as waitresses. After years of dining there it occurred to me to ask the same question. One replied that she was a wide-area network engineer. The other said that she had gotten a Master’s in biochemistry but you couldn’t make money that way so she was in dental school.

An internet friend once offered to arrange an appointment for me with a high-end ophthalmologist. This turned out to be Yassine Daoud, Lebanese and a star surgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. A former street urchin in Beirut (really), he got to Hopkins by a combination of brains, luck, and Harvard med. On another occasion I had an appointment at EDOW, Eye Doctors of Washington. The doctor was Deepika Shah, by a brown cast and name or origins somewhere east of Suez. University of Virginia undergrad, Penn for med school, impressive resumé. Also pretty. (Look, I’m a guy. Deal with it.) Her insurance woman was named Martinez.

(Very Pretty Doctor)

On the same trip the assistant manager and a teller at my bank were Mexicans, perfect but slightly accented English. Later, in Austin, the recommended ophthalmologist was Annie Chan, Chinese, and her support staff were two Mexican women. Nobody seemed outraged by this. In practice Americans seem to accept anyone who speaks English, obeys the laws, behaves civilly, and has a job.

Here it is worth noting that the objections of the Racial Right to immigrants are rhetorical. Websites that verge on being official voices of White Nationalism, notably American Renaissance and Vdare, have not the slightest whiff of calls to violence. They are not Nazis, do not advocate actually doing anything, such as boycotting immigrant businesses. One reads in the media of racist attacks on Asians. These are committed by blacks, not White Supremacists or Latinos. Again, regarding immigrants, the Racial Right seems more in the nature of a hobby than an onrushing wave of, well, anything.

This information will arouse despondency in the woke for whom alarm at imagined brown-shirted hordes seems also to be a hobby. Nativists themselves may be mellowing a bit regarding immigrants. For long years, and still to some extent. The racialist, Republicans all, wrote that Latinos were criminal, carried thirteenth-century diseases, couldn’t read, didn’t speak English, were infested by lice and bedbugs, and were not assimilable. They then wondered why Latinos didn’t vote Republican. Today one hears less of it, vehemence being more directed at blacks and their crime.

The future? Sez I, the country will muddle along as it now muddles, boringly. Blacks are a different question, but, regarding immigrants, there just isn’t enough racism to satisfy either the Woke or the Racial Right.  You can’t have everything.



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UPDATED (11/21/022): Ignorant Mike Pence Pitches War Forevermore For Ukraine, Under The Defunct, Cold War Reagan Doctrine

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Another good reason to disqualify one more jingoist from office: Mike Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine

Mike Ponce tells Bret Baier, lightweight Fox News neoconservative host, that it is imperative the “United States and the new Republican majority continue to provide the Ukrainian people with the support they need to defend themselves.”

In other words, enable war forevermore for Ukraine, so its slimy leader, Zelensky, can continue to play his biggest role yet and is exempt from his duty to do diplomacy. (READ “It’s biblical, Zelensky: a leader who fails to haggle for the lives of his people is a failed leader.”)

Ponce spoke about the latest allegation against Russia, namely that of dropping ordnance on Poland, a NATO member. He spouted forth about an Article 5 obligation to go to war for Poland, and then further waffled in his best faux ponderous, presidential manner, that Russia ought to be “transparent” during the investigation into the origin of the bomb that fell on “Ukraine” (sic: it fell on Poland, Ponce). This, when the US is stoking the conflict as vociferously as Zelensky is.

“I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Putin,” bragged Ponce. He followed up with the cretin’s commonplace cliche: “Putin understands only strength.” Other than that Trump deployed the worst people during his term—Ponce stands as a reminder to Deplorables that he and Trump provided lethal arms to Ukraine.

Likely a liar, Pence blames Biden for restricting billions in military aid to Ukraine to “blankets and boxed meals.” Only he could truly support Ukraine in the style to which this little tinpot destination has become accustomed, argued Ponce, striking his best “I’m-presidential” pose possible.

We are informed that Pence and wife Karen visited Ukraine … blah blah blah, and he is thus in the position to advise that it is imperative that the USA continue to pump this great Democracy with funds to defend its great democracy.

Of course, the defending-democracy premise is one Tucker Carlson uses in his case against helping Ukraine. Carlson claims Ukraine is not a democracy, hence deserves no defense. Both Pence and Tucker use democracy to justify opposing policies: Democracy as a premise for or against war is wrong.

These discrepancies only expose the impoverished neoconservative nature of a foreign policy based on the US’s obligations to act in furtherance of democracy across the world.

“If you are willing to fight communists in your country; we’ll provide you the means”: Mike Pence says this is the Reagan doctrine to which he subscribes.

Right there is another good reason to disqualify one more American jingoist from office. Putin’s Russia is not communist; it is a traditionalist, reactionary, Russian Orthodox favoring authoritarian state. Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine.

This man, Pence, holds a neoconservative foreign policy and believes his duty is to Ukraine, not the people of the US, deplorables in particular, whose freedoms are curtailed stateside.

UPDATE (11/21/022): The impoverished neoconservative foreign policy habit-of-mind ingrained in Mike Pence is on display in other characters with whom Trump surrounded himself. Some of these made an appearance at the recent Republican Jewish Coalition conference.

Beware of Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.

What has been said here about Mr. Ponce easily applies to “Mike Pompeo, Trump’s hand-picked secretary of State and CIA director” and Nikki Haley, Trump’s U.N. ambassador, who is threatening to win the next presidency. She also bragged that “she’s ‘never lost an election and [is] not going to start now.’”

Both Pompeo and Haley are known for their robotic sloganeering against Bashar al-Assad’s more enlightened Alawite regime—Syria’s Christians simply love him—Putin’s Russian Orthodox traditionalist rule, and the impoverished Iran.

If I hear Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — “Trump’s most formidable potential rival right now” — agitating against the long-suffering people of Iran; I’m done voting GOP.

This axis of evil, Israel and America, are aligned against the Christian-Shia-Alawite alliance. This axis has formed a protective perimeter around Sunni rebel holdouts, who are not the good guys. As I wrote in “Lies About Putin, Syria & The Alawite (Iranian) Alliance,”

Under Putin’s protection, the more civilized Alawite minority (read higher IQ), which has governed Syria since 1966, is in charge again. Duly, reports the anti-Assad Economist, “Government departments are functioning. … electricity and water supplies are more reliable than in much of the Middle East. Officials predict that next year’s natural-gas production will surpass pre-war levels. The railway from Damascus to Aleppo might resume operations this summer. The National Museum in Damascus, which locked up its prized antiquities for protection, is preparing to reopen to the public.” …
… Infested as it is by globalist ideologues, the permanent establishment of American foreign policy refuses to consider regional, religious, local, even tribal, dynamics in the Middle East. In particular, that the “good” guys in Syria—a relative term—are not the Islamist “rebels,” with whom the [neoconservatives are] forever frolicking; but the secular Alawites, who are allied with Shia Iran against the onslaught of the Sunni fundamentalist majority.

… the endangered Alawite minority formed an alliance with the Iranian Shia, also a minority among the Ummah. Now, civilized and secular Syrians want their country back. In fact, many Syrian “Sunnis prefer Mr. Assad’s secular rule to that of Islamist rebels.”

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Jeannie And Jared Kushner Always Part Of The Presidential Package (And On Taste)

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TOLD YOU SO. In “Ron DeSantis Delivers First Principles In Action,” my latest column, as well as in the podcast preceding it, I told you that,

“A vote for Trump in 2024 is a vote for the Jarvanka organism, or familial mutations of it. The family will be back in the People’s House, minus the MAGA agenda.”

We learn that “Trump [is] trying to convince Ivanka and Jared to join his 2024 announcement, report says.”

He’s running.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump, 76, told supporters in a gilded ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

It so happens that the mercenary Jeannie and Jared Kushner have no use for The Don any longer. However, we heard that the first time around. Just before Jarvanka moved into the White House, we had been promised that the Trump kids would be staying out of politics and  running the business. My point being that the two will always be part of the deal; part of Donald Trump’s presidential vaudeville.

“Jeannie,” of course, is an allusion to a costume in a sitcom—one that a grown woman not featured in a play-play comedy, should not wear near a wedding. Seemed obvious to me.

A WORD ABOUT TASTE. Taste is class. Taste is the hallmark of culture, of refinement. To some degree, taste is subjective, but not entirely so. There are certain elements of style that are absolutely universal. The gilded Trump abode and the Trump weddings are gaudy nouveau riche in the extreme.

All that pale, sequinned, baby-doll Lolita pastels, coupled with garish over-painted faces, border on Liberace levels of tastelessness.


Kitsch a la Kimberly Guilfoyle (with a touch of crazy):

If you want to know how to dress to perfection, look to Kate Middleton’s couture. Pricey for sure. Kate’s classic, classy high-couture. MORE:

* “I Dream of Jeannie” Image screen pic credit

WATCH: Trump Trashes A Triumphant DeSantis – Gloves Coming Off; Climate Conference in Egypt; The Heat is On

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IN OUR LATEST HARD TRUTH PODCAST, recorded at noon on election day, David and myself debate Donald Trump’s public attack on Ron DeSantis on the eve of the Midterm elections. I argue De Santis is a formidable figure for the 2024 Presidential race with the uncanny, practical ability to govern pragmatically in accordance with constitutional, first principles.

David argues that Trump is a formidable figure and that GOP voters could end up with a Trump/DeSantis joint ticket in 2024 and that would be the best of all worlds.

Turning to the great Climate con – COP 27 – hosted this year in Egypt, David expresses his frustration at the latest UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak suggesting that events in Ukraine demonstrated the need to accelerate the rush to decarbonising our economies and hence returning us to the dark ages. Ilana points out that our current hydrocarbon energy sources are not only incredibly efficient but environmentally pristine and are the foundation for both global prosperity and environmental husbandry.

The Hard Truth podcast with David Vance and myself discusses DeSantis’ unique gifts vs. Trump’s.

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WATCH: Trump Trashes A Triumphant DeSantis – Gloves Coming Off; Climate Conference in Egypt; The Heat is On”: