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Trump Nullifies Republican Debate, AGAIN; Wisely Courts Trump Democrats

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I won’t be watching this make-believe Republican Debate, led by intellectual pygmies like Dana Perino, Bret Baier and at least 4 of the wannabe candidates

I do LOVE how Trump, in meta style, has made the latter—as well as all panelists on the other Fake News channels—irrelevant, white noise.

For the second time. On August of 23, some major dummies–Karl Rove (an architect of the war on Iraq), Ms. Perino, and the scintillating Trey Gowdy convened to sell something, for a change. They were trying to engineer a parallel reality for Deplorables.

As they say in the hood: Talk to the hand; the face ain’t listening.

So speak up, Ms. war-forever-more Nimrata Nikki Haley (who was empowered by Trump during his presidency), I can’t hear you. You too, Tim-something-or-another. Did you say something, Mr. anon on the upper-left of the screen?

It is an excellent political move, by the way, for Trump to be supporting labor. (I’m obviously not saying here that I support the United Autoworkers’ case.)

In this, Trump acts like a Southern Democrat (the good kind, once-upon-a-time)—and like RFK, Jr. might. Or, Trump deploys something similar to the Sailer Strategy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is, come to think of it, a Trump Democrat (my new coinage).  The term mirrors the positive elements of a Southern Democrat.

Dixiecrats was the derogatory name the Media Ministry gave to what was really the States Rights Democratic Party. Considering that the Constitution consigns law enforcement to state and local governments, the position the Dixiecrats took was hardly subversive.

The issue of segregation or racism, moreover, is intellectually independent of states’ rights. The reason for the mistaken conflation of states’ rights and segregation resides with the same propagandists who successfully equate, for the purposes of discrediting, the right of secession with an alleged support for slavery.

* “LANCING THE LOTT,” Ilana Mercer, December 25, 2002

UPDATES ONGOING (8/28/023): Trump’s Piss-Poor Personnel Choices: A Treacherous T & A Show

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There is no question that Donald Trump is a political martyr. The Permanent State, Democrat and Republican, want him gone—and worse. There! I said it. It’s the truth. But now that Trump has been martyred—we pray for the former president and admire him for his resolve and resilience in the face of pure evil. My admiration for Trump the Man notwithstanding—his failures as a president are irremediable ~ilana

Otherwise, Donald Trump is adorable. His mug shot is a piece of political art ~ilana

Head on over to CNN or ABC if you are interested in taking the measure of some typical celebutantes hired by Donald Trump during his presidency.

On the progressive Fake News networks one can observe the female flotsam and jetsam—former Trump personnel-–perform for the camera, hissing like cobras against the former president. They got gigs at CNN: Stephanie Grisham, Olivia Troye, Sarah Matthews. On The View it’s Alyssa Farah Griffin. Toxic and stupid, all. I know they believe otherwise, but nothing these banal bimbos will say will ever matter or mean anything in the grand schemes of things.

Trump had promised Deplorables to hire the best. Instead, he gave us a T & A parade of subpar females, including his daughter.

For Ivanka, Trump bombed Syria. For her lapdog husband, he approved a boatload of H-1B visas. Both Jared and Ivanka, aka Jarvanka, were eager to make a splash at Davos (Davos before Deplorables). Thus, at Jarvanka’s behest—and spurred on by his own bad judgment—Trump began firing and feuding with the architects of MAGA, all of whom could not stand the Davos duo.

Ivanka had vaporized the excellent John Kelly, who had kept Jarvanka out of the Oval Office. As did Trump’s daughter get rid of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, a tough ice-princess, who effectively instituted and administered the zero-tolerance policy on the border and never caved over family separation.

Ivanka and her husband then inaugurated the Goldman-Sachs West-Wing matriarchy (Jared is androgynous). Dina Powel, former adviser to Ivanka, soon made it onto Trump’s National Security Council. She was a relic from Goldman Sachs and an Ivanka recruit. The affable Democrat Gary Cohn, Trump’s chief economic advisor, was former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs.

These “Kushner-Cohn Democrats” ousted Stephen Bannon from the West Wing.

Ivanka and the bimbo parade proved to be “The Donald’s most intractable problem.” “What Ivanka wanted Ivanka got,” at the expense of the MAGA agenda.

Whether Deplorables admit it or not, the two New York liberals, a nepotistic appendage to the Trump Administration, had been a disaster for the plank President Trump had promised and for which Deplorables voted.

And I won’t even go into the press secretaries who bedecked Donald’s dais, starting with stumblebum Sarah Huckabee, obsequious, apologetic and useless.

From Day One, and in a book published June 29, 2016, I had cheered “The Trump Revolution” and in particular, “The Donald’s Creative Destruction.” In “The Trump Revolution, The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016), Trump was celebrated as a,

“Political Samson that threatened to bring the den of iniquity crashing down on its patrons, … an entrenched punditocracy, a self-anointed, meritless intelligentsia, oleaginous politicians, slick media, big money: You name it; Trump was tossing and goring it.”

In the same book, I had recommended that if Trump needed bling to front his administration—let him choose women like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, who could bring it intellectually, had fight in them, and are easy on the eye, too. But men with fragile egos don’t like women smarter than themselves.

The Republicans are execrable for their weak response to the martyrdom of Donald Trump.

Still, there is no question that Donald Trump is a political martyr.  I first uttered the M word on January 13, 2021, over 2 years ago, in a post titled, “Make No Mistake, It Is Trump Voters Who’re Being Impeached In The House, Set Up For Persecution“:

Martyred twice—take the president’s second impeachment, passed impromptu in the House (Senate still to fold) with no due process of law afforded him whatsoever—as a badge of honor, a decoration of sorts

Trump is a brother now, say individuals calling themselves Blacks For Trump  … They put you in the infamous Fulton County Jail in Atlanta; that means the system is messing with you. You are one of us. What the brothers are sensing here is injustice. It’s what I call the Law of Rule, as opposed to the rule of law.

The Permanent State, Democrat and Republican, want him gone for good—and worse. There! I said it. It’s the truth. Now that Trump has been martyred—we pray for the former president and admire him for his resolve and resilience in the face of pure evil.

My admiration for Trump the Man notwithstanding—his failures as a president are irremediable. He ushered in an intolerable and damaging T & A show of treacherous bitches. He normalized neoconservatism, emboldening its representative to make a comeback, by heeding his daughter and hiring so many of them. Nikki Haley and John Bolton are examples. He heeded their policy advice too:

“It’s often said that the Trump administration is ‘isolationist,’” wrote historian Andrew J. Bacevich, in the UK Spectator. Untrue. “In fact, we are now witnessing a dramatic escalation in the militarization of US foreign policy in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. This has not been announced, but it is happening, and much of it without … any debate in Congress or the media.”

Trump squandered the mandate he was given. He failed to prevent the consolidation—and the crimes—of a Covid Cartel, the vaccine, the lockdowns, the decimation of American small business and the destruction brought by the summer of black-on-white rage, which went unpunished under his watch. The promised Wall gave way to “multilayered technology”; to the “deployment of additional personnel,” and to the tried-and-tested (not!) “vetting of prospective immigrants, refugees, and other foreign visitors.”

And you know that Kimberly G-String (who makes Madonna look natural) will be waltzing straight into a role as Trump’s press secretary—if not Don Jr., paramour, then another such apparition like her.

More about Kimberly Guilfoyle in “Is Political Participation Predicated On Views About Holocaust?” (November 14, 2019)

(8/28/023): Then there is Alina Habba-Habba. She’s what Trump appoints, and will continue to appoint, because he lacks the wherewithal to assess serious intelligence and to think deeply. Otherwise, Donald Trump is adorable. His mug shot is a piece of political art.



NEW COLUMN: King Tuck, Like Trump, Is Transformational

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King Tuck clearly carried the Fox News network and its nits ~ilana

NEW COLUMN is “King Tuck, Like Trump, Is Transformational.” It is up and ready to read on WND.COM, The New American and The Unz Review.

On the week-end, you’ll be able to read it on


Whether full of spleen or in support of Tucker Carlson, the commentariat, as usual, was dead wrong about the effects of his firing on the Fox News network.

The disposable clowns at The Dispatch echoed the gleeful sentiment, coming from the left and the pseudo-right. Posted on Nick Catoggio’s crudely (and cruelly) titled “Boiling Frogs” blog was a number titled “Tuckered Out: Be careful what you wish for.”

Catoggio, formerly of Allahpundit, belched, May 9, that, “On the day Fox News parted ways with Tucker Carlson,” he “doubted …the network would suffer much, if at all, in the 8 p.m. hour. ‘For all the hype about Carlson’s ratings, the truth is that any dogmatic right-wing figure airing at 8 p.m. on Fox News will attract an enormous audience.’”

This reflexive, Freudian “Wish fulfillment”—“the satisfaction of a desire (for Tucker’s demise) through an involuntary thought process”—encapsulates the cowardly gloating Tucker received following his professional garroting by Fox News.

From her self- referential and reverential perch, Megyn Kelly insisted that, just as in her case, the perch (Fox News) would always outlive the anchor (Tucker Carlson). Well, of course. Ms. Kelly would say so. She has plenty cognitive dissonance to reconcile: She is not Tucker Carlson. No sooner had she fled Fox News for more progressive media climes than Tucker stepped into her stilettos—and nobody remembered Kelly.

Before she abandoned her “Kelly File” Fox News show, Ms. Kelly had firmly aligned with members of the Murdoch Media for a Marco Rubio victory. Side by side with lightweights like Dana Perinno, and other egos in the anchor’s chair, Ms. Kelly had made manifest, in February of 2016, that she was hoping someone like Rubio would slay The Donald dragon.

Kelly is a lot smarter than Kayleigh McEnany (whose hard-to-spell names one has always to cut-‘n-paste) and simpleton Lawrence Jones, both of whom have attempted to fill-in on Fox at 8 p.m. Neither, however, is in Tucker’s league. Kelly was also more politically independent than these two tools and others considered for the peerless Tucker’s slot.

Most all at Fox New are party operatives, certainly not one is as nimble intellectually, or has the elemental intellectual curiosity of a Tucker Carlson. …

…READ THE REST… “King Tuck, Like Trump, Is Transformational” is up and ready to read on WND.COM, The New American and The Unz Review

UPDATE V (5/11): TUCKER TODAY. GOOD NEWS BREAKING: Fix News Aka Faux New is FINISHED (Fires Tucker)

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UPDATE V (5/11):

Tucker Carlson launches a new show on Twitter in the service of unfettered speech and a search for truth in 2023.

Just imagine what being a dissident from day one means (2002): It means you don’t even get a chance to speak your Truth over time to a large enough crowd, and only then get cancelled. Rather, you show up, begin writing in America and are cancelled almost from Day One.

PUNDITS, HEAL THYSELVES! (May 29, 2004): “So why are insightful commentators whose observations have predictive power generally barred from the national discourse, while false …. prophets are called back for encores?”

The answer will not please admirers of the late James Burnham, who blame scheming elites for any popularly accepted project they dislike, be it unwarranted wars or welfare. Contrary to Burnham, elites, media included, can rule only if they represent ideologies that are widely embraced, as the invasion of Iraq was. Today’s news is not what it used to be because a dumbed-down population, well represented in newsrooms, cannot distinguish evidence from assertion and fact from feel-good fiction. News is now nothing but a slick, demand-driven product designed to please – not inform – the populace.
Fox News was able to create the perception of a parallel universe in Iraq replete with big (nuclear) bangs and miraculously materializing al-Qaida terrorists because its Hollywood-inspired vision resonated with viewers. The ratings provided proof. By popular demand, MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times (This means you, Judith Miller) adopted a similar faux patriotism devoid of skepticism and serenely accepting of every silly White House claim.

UPDATE IV (5/5): Tucker Carlson was transformational.

Megyn Kelly no sooner left Fox News than she was forgotten once Tucker stepped into her stilettos.

And Ms. Kelly is smarter than Kayleigh McEnany (whose hard-to-spell names one has to cut-‘n-paste), or simpleton Lawrence Jones. As was Kelly more independent politically.

The other two are tools. Most all at FoxNew are tools, not nimble intellectually, which Tucker is.

If the likes of those two succeed in replacing the independent Tucker–then that’s all Boobus Americanus deserves

UPDATE III (4/26): Fix News is indeed finished. Joy! Two minutes of a cheerful Tucker Carlson
on Twitter, orienting The Idiocracy to what matters, nets more views—seven million to begin with—and climbing, than the sum of all concurrent programming on FauxNews, CNN, MSNBC. Unstoppable.

The Tucker segment is now, a few hours later, inching toward thirty million views!!!!

Rupert Murdoch will be remembered as the Money Man who fired Mr. Tucker Carlson.

Truth will out.


They just fired their ONLY attraction, Tucker Carlson.

Deep State, aka Fox News, are synonyms.

Prediction: Tucker Carlson might join News Nation. It’s not a bad little outfit, and does decent reporting. This, for lack of better options, as the USA—the embodiment of freedom, we are lectured—has banned most other news sources.

As a writer who put in years of sustained antiwar writing against Genghis Bush and others of the neocon coterie—who burned (and consequently burnt-out) as hot as a Babylonian kiln against invasions backed 100 percent by Fix News and its blond war-porn flank—this mammoth event is a salve. Poetic justice. Fox News is finished, having cemented its bona fides  as a propaganda arm of the Republican Party, which it always was, until Tucker.

UPDATE: The intuitive and likely reason for the firing by Faux News of Tucker Carlson—their top rating host, and one of the highest-ranked cable news shows in the country—tracks with human nature:

Envy. The regression toward the mean, as we say in statistics. The quest in America for safe mediocrity.

“Tocqueville in the 19th century, and Solzhenitsyn in the 20th, noted that conformity of thought is powerfully prevalent among Americans,” wrote my good friend CLYDE WILSON, professor of history at the University of South Carolina and the foremost scholar of JOHN C. CALHOUN.

In the responses from the mediocre media—and I flatter them—one sees nothing but schadenfreude (“joy derived from the misfortunes of others”).

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly is one of a handful to offer an intelligent analysis of the stupidity of Fix News. All other bobbleheads are pontificating about the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. Or the sexual harassment libel. That’s not Tucker. Nonsense. Megyn Kelly was once very good. But in courage, intelligence, and anti-establishment instinct–she could not match or come close to Tucker. And she lost her perch to Tucker due to vanity. She opted to take a job with one of the biggest news networks, NBC, only to be dumped. And she came out against Trump for the silly reason of sexism and palled around with the Left, she now maligns.

“This will be good for Tucker.” Indeed. And as I point out: this will hasten the death rattle of the War Porn channel. “Tucker is about to dominate in whatever space he goes to.” “Tucker is a unicorn.” Also by Kelly’s telling, “Tucker is an avid reader and writer,” who doesn’t own a TV. He’s not a snowflake who crumbles at criticism, but the toxicity of his post affected him, says she.

In truth, Kelly back then did not get Trump’s America.