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Fake News USA Assert The Security Of The Election System, BUT Refuse To Investigate It

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CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and his American circle-jerk of progressive, activist reporters ought to take lessons from BBC’s James Clayton, of “Click,” a BBC program.

Six minutes and 12 seconds into the clip on digital voting, the coverage of “serious security issues” begins. Techies who’ve “reversed engineered voting systems” are worried.

BBC News clearly still does the job Fake News USA refuses to do: investigate the security of the election system, not simply assert it.

Jeremy Diamond, a specimen in the national, journalistic circle jerk, is CNN’s White House correspondent. He’s a reporter, not an opinion-purveyor. Yet opinion is what he and his cohort purvey.

While reporting, Diamond will constantly express his opinion by exclaiming how “remarkable” and “outlandish” it is that President Trump wishes to overturn “a democratically held election.”

Breathy exclamations of disgust, surprise and frustration have no place in the repertoire of a reporter. It’s one thing, moreover, had CNN and Mr. Diamond investigated the election-fraud claims wending their way through the Courts—there are constitutional violations uninvestigated by them, too. But they don’t. The aforementioned BBC program, Click, clearly has no issue investigating and concluding that digital voting, for one, is fraught.

Had the American media done the work required; then they could legitimately say, “Having investigated and reported on the election fraud allegation, we find that there is no …”

But Diamond and his CNN crooks do not argue their case; they use their powerful positions in front of the camera to assert their claims, relying on viewers not to know the difference.

The same can be said of every other reporter on the CNN and MSNBC Fake News makers. They all offer their opinions on panels of opinionaters and from the field. Abby Phillip is another young journalist like Diamond who does opinion, not reporting.

DC, Sewer-Rat Briefs: And They Say We Deplorables Are The Jerks

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He’s eloquent, dour, ruthless; the embodiment of the Yankee, Radical Republicanism of the Reconstruction era. Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt is a GOPer establishmentarian who led a coalition to help elect Joe Biden!! Here he is, a DC sewer rat if ever there was one,  reaching out on Twitter to AOC, to show her his empathy for working-class men and women. Neither AOC or he has ever belonged to that class of Americans.

Schmidt, who has since defected to the Democrat Party, the Other Party of Treason, is the face of zeal. He even looks as fanatical as the Republicans pictured in “The Radical Republicans:  The ANTIFA of 1865.”

Former McCain aide Steve Schmidt: Trump's 'impairment is chilling' | TheHill
The thread that runs through TV debates among Schmidt and his ilk is the failure of the Grand Old Party (GOP) to stand up to Donald Trump. Unmentioned are the 74 million people, the Depolrables, who empower President Trump. These solipsistic, TV degenerates have simply disappeared or cancelled 74 million voters.

Bush-era operative Nicolle Wallace, now an anchor on MSNBC—thanks to the revolving door that is the DC-media-industrial complex—has not stopped castigating the GOP for standing by Trump. She seems oblivious to the fact that Trump is a conduit—he represents tens of millions of voting Americans, many of whom are to the right of him politically.

Another MSNBC regular, Donny Deutsch, a lefty business-cum-media man, hollered that “there are 50 million jerks in this country. We’re just going to have to accept it,” he yelled. Deutsch had found a way to dismiss Trump voters, having, at least, acknowledged we exist.

Ana Navaro (who’s had a dossier on my blog for years) is a deeply stupid woman and a former shill for Jeb Bush. Known for siring (see picture)—and

surrounding himself with—stupid women, John McCain had once employed the gaseous Navaro as his consultant. In addition to being a plain idiot, Navarro is a Republican identity politics activist (read anti-white activist), whose one line during the tumultuous Trump presidency and, in particular, in the lame-duck phase, has been to repeat that GOPers are afraid of the Trump tweets. That’s what goes for “analysis” on the American idiot’s lantern.

Trump’s base of supporters does not exist to the haughty bitch, Navarro.

Margaret Hoover’s media and political jobs have been a function of her cute looks and John Avlon [CNN] Salary, Wife, Children, Height, Education
her family name (she’s the great-granddaughter of the 31st U.S. President). Hoover’s only other merit is that she’s not at all a bad interviewer on PBS’s “Firing Line.”

Appearing on CNN alone or with her Democrat sidekick, husband John Avlon, this progressive Republican has also been disgorging the same single line of “thought” for months, if not years:

“This ends not well for the GOP.  There will be a backlash for the GOP [for standing by Trump and his base and denying the election result.]” A backlash with who, Ms. Hoover? The intellectual and moral sink hole to which you and your friends belong? Funny thing: I thought a leader was supposed to listen to his constituents.

Avlon chimed in at the same time with this banality:

“Republicans should be moved by the national interest, not the party’s interests.” Like the Democrats, presumably.

Hoover at least did hint at the mammoth, not mere elephant, that’s in the room: that angry, 74-million strong base. So far, the Republicans are nervous about The Base. But for how long?


Under Kamala’s Administration, ‘The Process Of Trump’ Will Continue Apace

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Under Kamala’s administration, we’ll have parallel countries and presidencies. The divisions will deepen. Donald Trump will continue holding rallies, undermining the Kamala Administration. Low-grade upheaval against the Deep State will continue apace, all good things.

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; mere [secession] is loosed upon the world,” to borrow from William Butler Yeats’ “The Second Coming” (1865-1939).

In this context, a must read is “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” the endorsement over whose pages is not necessarily for the policies of Trump, but for The Process of Trump.

Correctly, Richard Spencer reminds me that, “One Pope will [still] have access to the bureaucracy and the military. So it won’t quite be like the Great Schism of old.”

Paul Craig Roberts, over at the Unz Review, is certainly well-attuned to what’s underway. In “Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election,” he writes:

“The media speaks with one voice. The print, TV, NPR, social media, and the anti-Trump Internet sites exercise censorship and control the explanations. We are experiencing a well- designed and successful coup against … red-state America.”

The Democrat Party is now in the hands of indoctrinated leftists who despise the working class and champion “oppressed minorities.” Immigration floodgates will be thrown open. Red states will be cut out of the federal budget. Gutsy Republicans such as Devin Nunes and Jim Jorden will be falsely investigated, and Trump will be falsely prosecuted. The rest of us will be silenced in one way or the other.

Media election coverage has certainly been defined by the gloating smirks of demented distaff and their domesticated male cohort.

In this context, one realizes just how deep the institutional rot runs when one watches the genius of CNN’s John King, “The Machine,” who, on his feet, provided a county-by-county election analysis, doing the math as the numbers came in. King was also respectful of President Trump (an archaic, bit of journalistic professionalism, for which he had to keep apologizing, obsequiously).

Why do the low IQ Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper occupy an anchor’s chair at CNN, when the network has John King, a veteran news man and analyst, who also had the good sense to divorce Dana Bash, one of CNN’s Democrat groupies, who is way too visible, given her limited journo talents and fast-deteriorating looks (to mirror the inside).

Here the couple is in worse times (namely, when King was still smitten, before he got some sense):

What else? In Seattle, the voters voted for more life à la Portland; surrounding white people’s residences, berating their “old, white asses,” and terrifying them. It’s hard not despise one’s neighbors in liberal states.

I can never let go of Virginia, beloved home of James Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, on and on, going commie. The Associated Press had called Virginia for Sleepy Joe Biden. The state has 13 electoral votes.

Third-World Election (in a country aspiring to become a more virtuous “Shithole Country“).

Only the media and a few favored factions cleave to the race narrative.

What’s new among toddler, lite libertarians? A non-thinker calls himself a thinker.

If The Federalist, a pretty mainstream magazine, says “the steal is on” …

Ben-Shap squeaked:

Tucker Carlson delivered. Poor Bill Hemmer not so much.

UPDATE III (11/10): What About Deep Tech’s Infractions Will Change If We Vote Republican?

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UPDATED (11/1): In their weak case against Deep Tech, conservatives are still defending only some speech on the “merits,” rather than all speech, no matter how meritless. Libertarians: Deep Tech is not private property. It really isn’t, okay?

Richard Spencer makes a good case for a “free-speech zone”: “Instead, by focusing on S230 of the Decency Act—by threatening Twitter that it will be treated like a publisher—Republicans are encouraging Twitter to act more like a publisher: fact checking relevant information, censoring bad opinions, etc.” AND: “Republicans care deeply about free speech when it comes to posting Hunter Biden dick pics—not so much when it involves speech that is anti-Zionist or ‘racist.'”

Or, when Candace Owens’ boilerplate speech is compromised.

UPDATED: OCTOBER 12, 2020: When President Trump talks, one can’t help but be impressed by his unbounded force, energy and excellent command of details, down to a Bill’s public law number. In this case, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:

Bartiromo … asked Trump about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects social media companies from being legally liable for content on their networks published by users. Trump called it “a disgrace.”

Still, questioned he must be. Voters handed POTUS both legislative Chambers and the presidency for two years. Yet he and the GOP failed to strip Deep Tech of Section 230, …  which, to repeat, “protects social media companies from being legally liable for content on their networks published by users.”

(I use the Deep Tech coinage to better capture the power and reach of the high-tech monopolists in politics.)

What’ll change this time around, if we elect Republicans?

Moreover, small, independent entitles who suffer banning by social media (“MERCER DOMAINS BANNED BY DEEP TECH FACEBOOK“) cannot afford to sue conglomerates whose revenues are greater than “the GDP of four of the G20 nations.”

So what is the remedy for the powerless (check) who’ve been thrown off social media, for no good reason?

Speaking of one of the Five Big crooked Tech companies; Microsoft’s Bill Gates recently told Chris Wallace “that Trump’s travel ban may have worsened the coronavirus pandemic.”

Those who live a lie usually spout, at best, only half-truths. Trump’s travel ban after the unleashing of COVID was indeed worse than useless. Chinese were merely rerouted and their temperatures taken. But that’s because Mr. Gates “seeded the disease here,” by replacing American with Chinese workers and making these Chinese citizens who travel to-and-from Wuhan.

UPDATE II (11/9): Tucker Carlson Calling Out Deep Tech For Protecting Joe Biden

UPDATE III (11/10):

On Tucker Carlson, Allum Bokhari was very clear about the massive failure of the people we had sent to D.C. to prevent the Orwellian nightmare developing. On the line is dissidents’ ability to speak, publish, sell books, transact financially.