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NEW COLUMN: The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It

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NEW COLUMN is “The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It.” It is featured on The Unz Review, WND and The New American on Friday.

The Republicans are investigating the Hunter “Baaaden” affair, to imitate the repetitive intonations emitted by Fox News’ Australian journalist, about the ‘Baaaden’ laptop.

Deplorables, don’t be misled into this dummies-and-ditto-heads dead-end. This is vintage lightweight, GOP tit-for-tat distraction, on par with the Democrats’ ongoing January 6 production.

The Hunter Biden preoccupation amounts to, “They (Democrats) do January 6; we (Republicans) hack away at—or hit back with—Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.”

The outcome: The Democrats get what they want: détente. They neuter Deplorables, sending us down a political rabbit hole.

We gain nothing from such a foray. It’s zero-sum for Deplorables.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, whom I respect, disagrees. Turley, understand, operates within the philosophical parameters of the state. By and large, he believes in the extant integrity of American institutions, even confident that one party is more righteous than the other. When out-of-sync, the good party led by the right people, or so the good professor imagines, is sure to right wrongs through a congressional committee.

Wrong. Not for nothing do we call it the Permanent State, fronted as it is by evil and stupid-party operatives.

Correctly so, the matter of the FBI’s endemic corruption and bias has been settled both in the minds of deplorables and by the objective facts. (FBI Director James Comey anyone? Director Christopher Wray?)

If the GOP were seriously working for Deplorables, and not engaged in tit-for-tat political gotcha—they’d pursue First Principles driven congressional oversight.

Duly, Biden would be summonsed for a hearing charging that by intentionally, and as a matter of policy, leaving the Southern border wide-open and unguarded—in effect inviting the world to invade our country—the president is willfully flouting his constitutional obligation to protect Americans from foreign invaders, and is thus committing treason.

The obligation of a Republican congressional majority is to pursue oversight by investigating and prosecuting a flagrant violation by the president of his constitutional obligation to defend the United States and its people from foreign invasions.

That the incoming Republican congressional majority is already falling flat, opting for showy politicking, instead of a solemn focus on Biden’s treason against his people, is all the more jarring given the GOP’s abject failure to deliver as promised in the 2022 midterms.

Other predictably ominous signs were on display at a recent Republican Jewish Coalition conference, where some Republicans who ought to disappear reappeared …

… THE REST. “The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It” is featured on The Unz Review, WND and The New American on Friday.

UPDATED (11/21/022): Ignorant Mike Pence Pitches War Forevermore For Ukraine, Under The Defunct, Cold War Reagan Doctrine

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Another good reason to disqualify one more jingoist from office: Mike Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine

Mike Ponce tells Bret Baier, lightweight Fox News neoconservative host, that it is imperative the “United States and the new Republican majority continue to provide the Ukrainian people with the support they need to defend themselves.”

In other words, enable war forevermore for Ukraine, so its slimy leader, Zelensky, can continue to play his biggest role yet and is exempt from his duty to do diplomacy. (READ “It’s biblical, Zelensky: a leader who fails to haggle for the lives of his people is a failed leader.”)

Ponce spoke about the latest allegation against Russia, namely that of dropping ordnance on Poland, a NATO member. He spouted forth about an Article 5 obligation to go to war for Poland, and then further waffled in his best faux ponderous, presidential manner, that Russia ought to be “transparent” during the investigation into the origin of the bomb that fell on “Ukraine” (sic: it fell on Poland, Ponce). This, when the US is stoking the conflict as vociferously as Zelensky is.

“I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Putin,” bragged Ponce. He followed up with the cretin’s commonplace cliche: “Putin understands only strength.” Other than that Trump deployed the worst people during his term—Ponce stands as a reminder to Deplorables that he and Trump provided lethal arms to Ukraine.

Likely a liar, Pence blames Biden for restricting billions in military aid to Ukraine to “blankets and boxed meals.” Only he could truly support Ukraine in the style to which this little tinpot destination has become accustomed, argued Ponce, striking his best “I’m-presidential” pose possible.

We are informed that Pence and wife Karen visited Ukraine … blah blah blah, and he is thus in the position to advise that it is imperative that the USA continue to pump this great Democracy with funds to defend its great democracy.

Of course, the defending-democracy premise is one Tucker Carlson uses in his case against helping Ukraine. Carlson claims Ukraine is not a democracy, hence deserves no defense. Both Pence and Tucker use democracy to justify opposing policies: Democracy as a premise for or against war is wrong.

These discrepancies only expose the impoverished neoconservative nature of a foreign policy based on the US’s obligations to act in furtherance of democracy across the world.

“If you are willing to fight communists in your country; we’ll provide you the means”: Mike Pence says this is the Reagan doctrine to which he subscribes.

Right there is another good reason to disqualify one more American jingoist from office. Putin’s Russia is not communist; it is a traditionalist, reactionary, Russian Orthodox favoring authoritarian state. Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine.

This man, Pence, holds a neoconservative foreign policy and believes his duty is to Ukraine, not the people of the US, deplorables in particular, whose freedoms are curtailed stateside.

UPDATE (11/21/022): The impoverished neoconservative foreign policy habit-of-mind ingrained in Mike Pence is on display in other characters with whom Trump surrounded himself. Some of these made an appearance at the recent Republican Jewish Coalition conference.

Beware of Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.

What has been said here about Mr. Ponce easily applies to “Mike Pompeo, Trump’s hand-picked secretary of State and CIA director” and Nikki Haley, Trump’s U.N. ambassador, who is threatening to win the next presidency. She also bragged that “she’s ‘never lost an election and [is] not going to start now.’”

Both Pompeo and Haley are known for their robotic sloganeering against Bashar al-Assad’s more enlightened Alawite regime—Syria’s Christians simply love him—Putin’s Russian Orthodox traditionalist rule, and the impoverished Iran.

If I hear Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — “Trump’s most formidable potential rival right now” — agitating against the long-suffering people of Iran; I’m done voting GOP.

This axis of evil, Israel and America, are aligned against the Christian-Shia-Alawite alliance. This axis has formed a protective perimeter around Sunni rebel holdouts, who are not the good guys. As I wrote in “Lies About Putin, Syria & The Alawite (Iranian) Alliance,”

Under Putin’s protection, the more civilized Alawite minority (read higher IQ), which has governed Syria since 1966, is in charge again. Duly, reports the anti-Assad Economist, “Government departments are functioning. … electricity and water supplies are more reliable than in much of the Middle East. Officials predict that next year’s natural-gas production will surpass pre-war levels. The railway from Damascus to Aleppo might resume operations this summer. The National Museum in Damascus, which locked up its prized antiquities for protection, is preparing to reopen to the public.” …
… Infested as it is by globalist ideologues, the permanent establishment of American foreign policy refuses to consider regional, religious, local, even tribal, dynamics in the Middle East. In particular, that the “good” guys in Syria—a relative term—are not the Islamist “rebels,” with whom the [neoconservatives are] forever frolicking; but the secular Alawites, who are allied with Shia Iran against the onslaught of the Sunni fundamentalist majority.

… the endangered Alawite minority formed an alliance with the Iranian Shia, also a minority among the Ummah. Now, civilized and secular Syrians want their country back. In fact, many Syrian “Sunnis prefer Mr. Assad’s secular rule to that of Islamist rebels.”

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FRED REED: Abortion, The Military, Liberalism, Conservatism And Other Odds, Bits, Ends And Pieces

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“A kid enlists because he needs a job, wants to prove himself, dreams of getting laid by slow-eyed honeys in Asia, or wants vocational training.  Patriotism is an after-market add-on…”

By Fred Reed*

Today we will have sparkling shards of thought, which we believe will shape the intellectual firmament for centuries to come. (Of course, we also believe that the federal government can manage the economy.) The cynical reader may regard these pearls as cerebral detritus, which in the columnist’s tradition we attempt to package as searing insight and scalpel-like thought. It is hoped that you won’t notice. Alertness is the scourge of journalism.

Abortion: Conservatives say that abortion is murder. If so, it is first-degree murder as abortions are not done on the spur of the moment or in the heat of a bar fight. It follows that all women guilty of abortion should be tried and, if convicted, get twenty to life. Conviction would in most cases be certain as the procedures are documented. Is the foregoing the position of the anti-abortion lobby? Why not?

I cannot describe myself as against a woman’s right to kill a fetus as, if my daughter at fifteen had gotten herself pregnant (though actually one does not get oneself pregnant) I would have favored killing it. But looking into an abortion pan would puke a dog off a gut wagon, as we used to say and any decent person watching a partial-birth abortion would probably never sleep again. On the other hand, if women can’t get legal abortions, many will go the coat-hanger route, and die. Key question to anti-abortion folk: If your daughter of fifteen, not a theoretical daughter of someone else, became pregnant by a horrendous dirtball, would you recommend abortion, or allow her life to be ruined?

The question of “when life begins” is stupid. Life doesn’t begin. It began, we don’t know how. Sperm, ovum, and zygote are all alive. If we believe idiotically that life begins at fertilization, then any woman using an IUD is a murderess, since the device keeps the fertilized ovum from implanting. But guilty only if the fertilization can be proved. Good luck.

The constitutional right to freedom of expression does not exist. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, not expression. Freedom of speech means that I can call Biden a horse’s ass. Freedom of expression means that I can upload sadistic porn showing a young woman being whipped bleeding for viewing by girls of eleven, or defecate on somebody’s flag for whatever reason, or march through black neighborhoods with twenty KKK members in full regalia. But neither does freedom of speech exist. We all know what you can’t say and who you can’t say it about.

Today the reasoning has been reversed. You can upload the porn but not say that word or upload forbidden text.

The “Defense Department” is duplicitously named, intentionally so. The military last defended the United States in 1945. The country was last invaded in the War of 1812. The number of countries who are able to invade America is precisely zero, which is the number that want to. The military exists to enforce America’s global empire. The alert will have noticed that the Ukraine, Afghanistan Serbia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Syria, Somalia, and Iraq are not currently in the United States. The United States is in most of them, or has been until driven out.

Soldiers are neither honorable nor admirable, being mass murderers on contract. Like Guido and Vito working for the Gambino family, they will kill anyone they are told to kill. The difference is of scale, not morality.

A kid enlists because he needs a job, wants to prove himself, dreams of getting laid by slow-eyed honeys in Asia, or wants vocational training.  Patriotism is an after-market add-on that can result in free drinks in bars. He has barely heard of Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Afghanistan. He has never talked to anyone from these places. Such people have done nothing bad to him or his country, don’t want to, and couldn’t if they did. The order comes to go to the Middle East, wherever that is, and kill Iraqis. He does, not knowing why. If he kills a great many, his country will give him a medal.

Soldiers do not “make sacrifices.” They are sacrificed. Soldiers are often conscripted and forced to fight in places they cannot spell for the benefit of politicians, commercial interests, of empires in which they have no interest. If they refuse or desert, they are severely punished if not shot. Military service is for the uneducated, the impoverished, and late adolescents of the lower classes. Graduates of Harvard do not enlist in the Marines. Soldiers are often uneducated louts. If you grow up on a military base—I did, Dahlgren Naval Proving Ground—you know that parents often forbid their daughters to date servicemen.  So much for Our Boys in Uniform.

America is very nearly a country of the Third World. There is genuine poverty among whites in Appalachia, the Rust Belt, and the rural Deep South. The conditions of blacks in the sprawling urban ghettos are appalling. At least two hundred thousand Americans live on sidewalks and subways and public parks in multiple cities, defecating and leaving used needles on sidewalks. Crime occurs at rates unimaginable in a country of the First World.  The water is undrinkable in Flint, Jackson, and New Orleans. Education is poor and declining, infrastructure aged, trains like something out of 1955. It is the only country in the developed world that not to have universal medical care. It frequently has massive riots and sees its cities burn because of violations of civil rights. It does, however, spend massive mounts of money on the Ukraine, of immense importance to Americans.

How to be a newspaper columnist: First, select a position on the Left-Right political spectrum. It doesn’t matter what position. Never, ever deviate from it.

Readers are unforgiving. If you choose to be a conservative, and say only conservative things for fifteen years, and then advocate gun control in one column, you will probably lose most of your readers.

Newspapers do not want original thought or care about intellectual honesty.  They want you to fill a slot and not make waves by saying things outside of that slot. They do not like the unexpected. Examples of slots are the female arch-liberal, the housebroken male conservative, the black conservative.

Readers do not want thought, originality or, God knows, erudition, as this makes them feel insecure. They want consistently to be told what they already think in assertive prose. Capitalism is the economic engine that made America great and produced the world’s wealth, or capitalism is the engine of greed that has produce the poverty in which most of the world wallows. Never puzzle your readers or make them think.

The American Left does not exist. The traditional Left was the party of the working man and the downtrodden. Saul Alinsky. Give us your poor, your huddled etc. Union organizers getting the hell beaten out of them by Pinkertons trying to unionize workers. Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. No longer. Today the Left is against working men, whom it names Deplorables. The new pseudo-Left is actually a form of class snobbery of, largely, highly educated coastal elites who profess deep concern for blacks while being careful never to go near them. The condition contains strong elements of narcissism and intellectual intolerance.

Liberalism and conservatism are biological defects probably anyway. Consider two kids of matched sex, age, IQ, socioeconomic background, ethnic identity, general attractiveness, and degree of introversion. They can go to the same schools, and one will become a passionate liberal, the other conservative. Ideology tends to track age. There is the saying that if you aren’t a liberal when young, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative as you age, you have no brain. Twin studies have shown that identical twins raised apart tend to share political orientation. So if you are a squirrelly liberal and believe all sorts of goofy ineffectual nonsense, or a conservative romantic and think America was established by stern honorable saints instead of the usual louts, melonheads, and homicidal greedballs—don’t feel bad. You were born that way. You can’t think anything else.

How to tell whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Listen to Fulu Miziki, here at YouTube. If you think they are really great, marvelously talented, and the most remarkable new sound you have heard in eons, you are a Democrat. If you think they are a besmirchment on civilization, a musical antichrist, and worse than Snoop Dog Eat Dog, you are a Republican.

Democracy is a stupid idea if taken seriously, and otherwise one of several ways for the astute and unprincipled to milk the gullible. Half of the population is of below average intelligence (the distribution being symmetrical), twenty percent think the sun goes around the earth, marginal literacy and below probably run at a good thirty percent, and most cannot name the three branches of the federal government. Most have not the time, interest, or capacity to know anything of policy. They should be kept distant from polling booths by barbed wire, perhaps secured by minefields.

This flood of insight must now end as my cursor is going limp from the strain of its thought. If I continue it may begin to be conscious of itself as a discriminated class and demand reparations. Perish forfend.



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FRED REED describes himself as [previously] a “Washington police reporter, former Washington editor for Harper’s and staff writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Marine combat vet from Viet Nam, and former long-haul hitchhiker, part-time sociopath, who once lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the Yankee Capital.”
His essays “on the collapse of America” Mr. Reed calls “wildly funny, sometimes wacky, always provocative.”
“Fred is the Hunter Thompson of the right,” seconds Thomas E. Ricks in Foreign Policy magazine. His  commentary is “well-written, pungent political incorrectness mixed with smart military commentary and libertarian impulses, topped off with a splash of Third World sunshine and tequila.”



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UPDATED (9/7/022): Being Neocon, Wrong And Immoral Earns America’s Pundits More Plaudits

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Sorry, Tucker Carlson: We like Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) as a person–but his record, put charitably, is that of playing catch-up. Only recently and slowly has he loosened the grip the neoconservative worldview has had on his thinking. And unconvincingly so.

VDH has been avidly cheering for the Ukrainian project—and seems unable to quiet his rhetoric about American foreign-policy Manifest Destiny. His first instinct was to support the Ukrainian endeavor and he holds the most mundane neoconservative views on Russia.

How predictive is VDH’s analysis in this, our latest, foreign-policy debacle? Not at all. In March of 2022, VDH celebrated “the muscular response of a West supposedly in decline,” when the West is manifestly in decline and Russia is winning by attrition. See “Russia Admits Weaponization Of Gas, Halts NS1 Shipments ‘Until Sanctions Lifted,’ As EU Prepares Response To Energy Crisis.” “[I]n response to the west’s weaponization of currencies and capital flows—Russia has halted gas supplies through Nord Stream 1.”

UPDATE 9/7/022: Putin: “We’ve Lost Nothing” – Putin Warns Western Elites’ “Sanctions Fever” Will See European People “Freeze”

…the blowback from EU and US-led sanctions and attempts at decoupling from Russian fossil fuels is wrecking lives in the West. “Now we are seeing how production and jobs in Europe are closing one after another,” Putin said, stressing that this is happening as “Western elites, who would not, or even cannot acknowledge objective facts.”

While against its war of aggression—those of us who see Russia as a natural ally of traditionalism (expressed in “America’s Radical, Foreign-Policy Alinskyites Destroyed South Africa!“) offered a solid distillation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Not VDH. He celebrated the puppet Zelensky, who, early in my analysis (March 24, 2022), betrayed his people for war and western aggrandizement.

When VDH, in March 2022, was getting hot for war (the mildest neocon finds war a turn-on), proclaiming a western revival—which is EXACTLY how neocons see war; a rejuvenator of sorts—aggrandizing its horrors ; I wrote this, March 3, 2022:

Good old realpolitik is what Zelensky should have been practicing with his powerful neighbors and historic brethren, the Russians.

Realpolitik is practical politics, the art of getting along, differences and all, in a real world in which reality, including the differences between people and their political systems, is accepted and dealt with.

VDH absolutely loved the war on Iraq (we railed against it from 2002 onward) and admits to NOT supporting Trump in the primaries. We were Orange from day one. (Trump book was published in June, 2016.)

Here we were for Trump from the get-go; against the Iraq war; hold a realistic position on Russia as friend of conservatives (the rest is the business of Russians, not Americans).

Still, readers have become angry with me, and not with the famous, rich, sinecured fools who led them astray and have proven wrong all the time (including in their current pursuits of the Ukraine production).

That kind of schedule of reinforcement and preference in public intellectuals and politicians explains the quality of cognoscenti Americans get. I’ve always said the government and culture don’t stand apart from us; they are us.

The more you reward those who are frequently and reliably wrong in public life—the more flourishing wrongdoers you’ll get and the more likely you are to keep going wrong.

Those who are right and principled get maligned for having foresight and principles. Those who were wrong are redeemed and forgiven, for they reflect the masses.


* Image credit, screen pic