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NEW IN GERMAN: South Africa Essay On JUNGE FREIHEIT: ‘A Warning For The USA’

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The essay, originally titled “South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality,” has appeared on JUNGE FREIHEIT, a German weekly of excellence, which had previously translated and published my weekly column for some years.

The current column is:

Südafrika nach den Unruhen: Eine Warnung für die USA

I think I get the well-titled “Eine Warnung für die USA.” A translator would be needed for the rest.

I loved every minute of working with my JUNGE FREIHEIT colleagues, because every one embodies the dying art of courtesy, kindness and professionalism.

Writes the editor:

Thank you for your indeed brilliant text!

We can only confirm, it really is a truly remarkable piece. (We have been given three texts on South Africa, and yours is by far the best. However, even without comparison: it is marvelous!)

A translation of the essay was done speedily amid the crisis of the flooding in Germany. What pros! I pray for the victims, but know that the German people will build back and prevail.

Speaking of manners: Watch out for Mr. Vance and myself on podcast (in the app stores) and YouTube. The latest podcast, out tomorrow is:

“Bearded Men Breast Feeding In Public: Paternal Or Kinky?” At:

The same broadcast will be on YouTube, too, archived and easily accessible here.

UPDATE II (7/19 No Nuance Allowed) NEW COLUMN: South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality

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NEW COLUMN IS “South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality.” It is currently featured on WND.COM, The Unz Review, CNSNews, and American Renaissance.

I expect to see the column in Junge Freiheit, a German weekly of excellence, which published my column for some years.

This column is quite a departure from my usual gloom about my homeland. However, when juxtaposed against the pervasive degenerate moral tone set by progressives in the USA—South Africa stands out positivity.

As I said in the column’s coda:

“For everything there is a season under the heavens,” Ecclesiastes teaches. “A time to break down, and a time to build up.”

I’ve cried for the beloved country—to conjure Alan Paton’s poignant tale titled “Cry, the Beloved Country” (1948), which was to apartheid South Africa what Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was to antebellum America.

Now is the time to comfort, praise, and build the beloved country up.

An excerpt:

… in 2020, America erupted in race riots. Cities across the republic were sacked, citizens left defenseless. The camera panned out across the country to reveal policemen and guardsmen caving.

Against the backdrop of “Mad Max”-like dystopian destruction–a portend of things to come–American men in uniform all collapsed to the pavements like yogis to the command of their black tormentors. Bringing in the feds was a must since the protection of individual natural rights trumps federalism. However, while the national guard was galvanized, the cavalry was sent to race-riot hotspots to protect not the citizenry, oh no, but federal property.

As bad and as broken as my poor former homeland is, South Africa’s ruling elites came out with powerful declarations of shared moral values. There was no blame game–no allusion to systemic racism. The system of apartheid was not conjured from the past as causality for criminality. Whites were not demonized as the Evil Other. Over 2000 criminals have hitherto been arrested and 117 killed, I imagine, some by cop. Five thousand soldiers are already on the ground.  …

… By the thousands, South African authorities have been arresting rioters, not right-wingers. Stateside, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is proceeding energetically not against our BLM domestic terrorists, but against Trump-voting Deplorables…

… whereas riots make “Sippy Cup Joe (Biden)” weep for the rioters and wail for police reform, not for policing the rioters–Ramaphosa has sent a clear and moral message: “We will stand as one people, united against violence, unanimous in our commitment to peace and to the rule of law.” …

…MORE  South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality” is currently featured on WND.COM, The Unz Review, CNSNews, and American Renaissance.

UPDATE I (7/17/021): No Nuance Allowed:

Here, in “South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality,” I didn’t naively praise poor South Africa. I largely compared the moral tenor of the response to riots in South Africa to the moral tenor of the response to riots in the US. South Africa came out on top.

Smart readers welcome nuance, in general—and, in particular, from a writer who has been way ahead of them and their favorite talkers and merciless regarding South Africa for over a decade!

Alas, readers want their dose of mindless monotone. The Second-Handers will you give you that. Here you get the truth. South African authorities have been arresting rioters; American authorities have been arresting right-wingers.

UPDATE II (7/19:021): Experts in America:


UPDATED (7/13/021): America As Architect Of The South-African Catastrophe Is Truly Minority Opinion

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Americans as architects of The South-African catastrophe” is part of the analysis I effect in my 2011 book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.

This perspective is highly unusual. It is far from acceptable narrative or received wisdom among historians, certainly not in the United States—or by any historian that I know to be writing today.

My good friend, the brilliant Dan Roodt, whom I long to see on Tucker Carlson, shares this perspective. None of the sorts Tucker ordinarily has on would take this tack.

Yet, Tucker Carlson hinted today that he might be taking this tack in covering the riots and the collapse in South Africa.  Really? UPDATE (7/13/021): I’ll just say it: If it’s not Dan Roodt, PhD, or me—it’s likely worth shit.

Here are a couple spin-off articles, excerpted from my book, expounding the theme aforementioned, and published widely, to their great credit, in familiar conservative outlets:

*  “America’s Radical, Foreign-Policy Alinskyites Destroyed South Africa!” Ilana Mercer, March 25, 2021

* “The American Architects of The South-African Catastrophe” Ilana Mercer, June 9, 2017, published widely, including at the Mises Institute.

30 Years Since F. W. de Klerk’s Great Betrayal,” Ilana Mercer, February 6, 2020

* Image: President F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela shake hands during negotiations between the South African government and the ANC (Getty Images).

UPDATES (7/13/021):



Good of VDARE to share:

Follow-Up: The ‘Democrats Ate Their Homework’ Argument

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The discussion continued, between David Vance and myself on video, about the denial-based  argument certain conservative keep making as to the root causes of black crime. And the vociferous, ditto-head reader response to my rebuttal of a logically flawed argument advanced by Candace Ownes that can be summed up as, “The Democrats Ate Their Homework.”

I wrote a column, 2 weeks back, harvested from Into the cannibal’s Pot,  my 2011 book, driving home the axiomatic truth about aggregate group differences in the propensity for violence. For example, East Asians such as the Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese form relatively low-crime groups.

I wrote an entire book about this vexing issue of gratuitous violence in South Africa–unidirectional violence, mostly; ritualistic violence, violence for the sake of it and for the fun of it. Funny thing, the Democrats never came up in the causal analysis in South Africa.

The blame game Candice Owens effects, stateside, is “in essence—and without fail—that the Democrats made African-Americans do the crime. The Democrats are the provenance of all the ills of society.

More cynically, Owens’ argument can be summed up as, “Elect Republicans Again, And Your Woes Will Be A Thing Of The Past.” (How has that worked out for you, so far? Be honest. The duopoly is evil.)

All poppycock, obviously. Or, as a reader put it: “Candy and Captain Kirk are the ‘Controlled Opposition.’ The dumbed down opposition.”

Interestingly, the excuse-making industry in South Africa does a similar dance to Candace’s.

For the kinds of crimes that would make Shaka Zulu proud, excuse-makers in South Africa blamed the party of apartheid and apartheid.  (Or, as the Republicans always intone, “The Democrats are the real racists.”)

The trouble with South Africa’s excuse-makers is that the extent of such violence is way worse under democracy than it was under apartheid; crime is far worse under the ANC than the old National Party, which was blamed by the excuse-making industry for black violence.

The “Controlled Opposition,” in our case Candace Owens, openly advertises her bailiwick or shtick as turning blacks into Republicans. That is party-centric, simplistic thinking, the kind this writer has always eschewed in favor of principles, seeking the immutable truth.

Keeping the debate at the party-level—the GOP vs. the Dems—is unprincipled, tit-for-tat argument. It’s exactly what the Celebrity Media, left and right, want: Keep the people fixated not on their interests as individuals in thriving communities—on the  immutable truths necessary to achieve such interests—but on electing feckless, self-aggrandizing leaders who work for their own political aggrandizement.

No doubt, Democrats are dogs, but that dog didn’t eat the black community’s homework. And that dog of an idea won’t hunt.

*Image and caption courtesy The Penn Political Review