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FRED REED: Entropy Comes to Fairfax

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Where ‘Entropy’ is Fred’s brainy cousin and Aragola Prosciutto-Salmonella is president of a high school for the gifted, in  Fairfax, Virginia. The two ‘talk.’ It all ‘makes sense like lug nuts on a birthday cake’ on account that Aragola has the ‘brains of a fried egg’


I was born in the coal country of Bluefield, West Virginia, and still have relatives there, such as my cousin Entropy McWilliams who, perhaps influenced by a journalism gene running in the family, is education columnist for the mining industry paper, the Weekly Methane. When Thomas Jefferson High in Fairfax, Virginia, America’s finest technical high school, gave up its entrance exam because it wasn´t inclusive enough, Entropy was outraged. He went to interview Aragola Prosciutto-Salmonella, a housewife and president of TJ’s school board.  The following is a transcript of his opening remarks to her. His English bears traces of the slate dumps and back-hollers where he was raised, but is generally comprehensible.

Entropy: “I read somewhere, Peach Blossom, that you and some others that probably make retarded crawdads look like that Einstein guy and the apple that fell out of a tree on his had, so he figured out not to sit under the tree, made TJ get rid of its test to get in, because it kept finding smart kids and what you thought TJ needed was dumb kids because that would make everybody equal or included.  It makes sense like lug nuts on a birthday cake. I mean, it would probably seem dimwitted at a git-together of from the backwoods that married each too much but maybe that’s what the Fairfax Country school board is made of. Anyway, Turnip Flower, I wanted to talk to you, because they say you run the school board:

“Now, Sugar Pie, it might be rude of me to say that you have the brains of a fried egg. It might be accurate, though, or maybe an exaggeration. I don’t mean to talk bad about fried eggs. They got uses. You can eat them. You are probably a nice lady. But you ain’t got a wan, etiolated, undernourished glimmer of a starveling bulimic pretext for deciding who ought to get into a school for smart kids.  You probably shouldn’t be allowed even in the next state over because you might emit some sort of cosmic effluvium that would kill brain cells.

“So what I figure, Maple Syrup, is that you and me need to figure this thing out. Let’s start by thinking about what kids at TJ are, and what they do. What they are is smart. This may be an alien concept, but you can get used to it as we go along. Maybe. What they do is worry about things like second partial derivatives and DNA replication and spdf hybrid bonding orbitals. This is hard stuff to worry about. They have to be quick in the head. Maybe you think smart means you can find your way home without asking your telephone. No. There’s more to it.

“I hear that you are on the war path because TJ doesn’t have enough colored people. Last time I looked, the school was almost all Chinese, Koreans, and Indians. Not the kind of Indians with feathers but the kind with dots. That kind of thing. Well, them’s minorities. Aren’t they colored enough? But you see, or likely don’t, they are smart. That’s why they got into TJ. And I reckon, Jelly Doughnut, that’s is why you want to keep them out. They make it too easy to see what everybody and his dog knows but can’t ever say because the FBI would show up with seven swat teams and one of them therapists ladies that looks likes she needs a boyfriend or a cat.

“What I reckon, Potato Dumpling, is that you need to figure out that not everything is the same as everything else. A beagle dog and a leaf blower is just plain different. They both got their uses. You can’t hunt possums with a leaf blower, and you can’t blow leaves with a beagle dog. At least, I never heard of anyone that could. But what you are trying to do at TJ is make beagle dogs blow leaves. They just can’t do it, not more than one leaf at a time maybe if they had a head cold and was sniffing a lot. Pretty soon they’d get discouraged, and lie down, and just not be good for much.

“Thing is, Peach Pie, kids is not all the same either. Some can hunt possums, and some can blow leaves, but can’t none do both very good. So they need to be in different places. Even a Democrat can figure thatout.

“All right, maybe that’s stretching it.

“Now the world is full of kids, Sugar Plum, and—sit down, hold on to the chair—they ain’t all the same. You’ve got black kids who can play football. They put on body armor and head covers and run into each other something marvelous. They make motingator good music and stand on their heads and spin, I think maybe it’s what they call brake dancing, and they are world class car jackers. You probably never saw a Chinese kid who could do any of it. It just ain’t in them. Chinese kids are still good people, but they’ve got their limitations.

“But the Chinese kids can do all kinds of equations and chemistry and stuff about computers. Nobody knows why. It’s just what they do. And what that means, Chocolate Drop, is that when cancer gets cured, if it’s sick, it will be someone named Egg Foo Wang or maybe Hot and Sour Ping that does it. But Hot and Sour can’t do it without learning lots of hard stuff funny little letters and tiny numbers floating on top. The black kids just don’t do this too good. Maybe they can blow leaves, though.

“The white kids don’t do numbers like the Chinese kids and don’t do music or rob cars like the black kids so they seem like stuffing in between. I’m not sure what they are for. Sometimes they get into TJ, though.

“Now why is smart important, Buckwheat? Why do kids matter who do mathematics, which is like arithmetic if you got lots of fingers and they can count in the tenth grade like usually gets done halfway through those college schools?

“Now, expecting a dumb kid to do differential equations is like expecting a alligator to play the piano. It just ain’t likely. Maybe once in a while you can find a circus alligator that can do it, and that alligator might do all right at TJ, but most likely it would turn out to be a Korean alligator. Besides, kids might disappear a lot. You got to be careful letting alligators into your school. That’s what I think, anyway.

“But we was talking about differential equations, that looks like hen tracks after a rain and can’t almost nobody understand them. But they’re real important if you want to build bridges or airplanes or space ships that can go to Mars. Now, me, Rice Pudding, I don’t much want to go to Mars because all that’s there is red sand and I figure we’ve got lots of sand here and we can paint it red cheaper.

“Now I know you want to be fair, Sunflower, and don’t want to discriminate, which is a really bad thing to do, like killing your grandmother. So you want to let kids into TJ that have the brains of a front-end loader so when they got to medical school and you need a brain operation, the doc will show up with a ice-cream scoop and a Phillips screwdriver and won’t know which end to open.

“So what’s wrong with a test to see who can cut on brains the right way? It just makes sense, but I guess we could do it anyway.

“Well, Gumdrop, I know you got your innards all in a knot because that test did what it was supposed to do and found smart kids like Mr. Spock and you think schools ought to be like prayer meetings where everybody can hold hands and love God and feel all equal. Thing is, loving the Lord and feeling all good about yourself don’t cut much ice or solve a lot of determinants.

“To tell the truth, discriminating seems like a good thing to do sometimes. It seems like most Americans just don’t like smart people and want to stuff dumb ones into just about everywhere. Well, it’s working. But who’s going to cure cancer or figure out how to get red sand from Mars if we fill TJ with kids who need a twelve-page book and two coaches to figure out how to dress themselves? I don’t get it.

“So ponder on it, Marmalade. In a computer class that’s all about bits and pieces the teacher is going to say to Wing Ling and Jin Ping and maybe sometimes to Willy Bill like this: “In a helve-and-discard search of an ordered list, the search time is proportional to the binary log of the size of the search space.” Then he says to Jimmy Jack and Sally Lou and Deewan and Lasagna, “If Mommy Beaver has three sticks and Little Bitty Baby Beaver has two sticks, how many sticks….”

“I reckon it would be lots easier just to burn the school down and have cancer and be done with it. What do you guess?”

Read Fred’s Books! Or else. We know where you sleep.


FRED REED describes himself as [previously] a “Washington police reporter, former Washington editor for Harper’s and staff writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Marine combat vet from Viet Nam, and former long-haul hitchhiker, part-time sociopath, who once lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the Yankee Capital.”
His essays “on the collapse of America” Mr. Reed calls “wildly funny, sometimes wacky, always provocative.”
“Fred is the Hunter Thompson of the right,” seconds Thomas E. Ricks in Foreign Policy magazine. His  commentary is “well-written, pungent political incorrectness mixed with smart military commentary and libertarian impulses, topped off with a splash of Third World sunshine and tequila.”



Killer Kink

Hardboiled is back! (The exclamation point is to arouse wild enthusiasm int the reader, a boiling literary lust.) Gritty crime fiction by longtime police reporter for the Washington Times, who knows the police from nine years of riding with them. Guaranteed free of white wine and cheese, sensitivity, or social justice.

Matriarchy In The Sky–And In All Manner Of In-Your-Face Grotesquery

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Commenting on ‘The End of the All-Male, All-White Cockpit,’ Fox News personality Tucker Carlson beseeched, June 3, 2022: “What’s color to do with competence?” Sir, do check the aggregate accident statistics as to who are the best, safest pilots, sir! Correlation’s not causation, BUT:

Via ScienceDirect: “… female pilots employed by major airlines had a significantly greater likelihood of pilot-error incidents than their male colleagues.” Then the excuse-making weasel words begin—concealing with bafflegab that if you fly with a female you’re more risk. Female pilots yield a higher error/accident rate but, say the Fake Science propagators, this is only because they are younger and less experienced. What you the passenger MUST DO is not be such a bigot and forget about these confounding variables when you fly. Ya hear me, sexist? SEE? The desired outcome is that you fly with a less able pilot, ceteris paribus. Noble cause.

Or, as our reader put it:

“It states in the beginning that females had a higher accident rate, then it states they are about the same as males. SO WHICH IS IT??? Pretty much.”

I wonder. Does anyone get the life-and-death difference between a “pilot” trained at an affirmative-action, feel-good girlie flight school and a veteran of the Air Force? Remember Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III of the famed “Unable; we’ll be in the Hudson”? That was “Manliness (Not A Miracle) On The Hudson.”

Patronize the private airline industry nascent. Viva the free market and all the magnificent military trained man pilots ousted from the cartel of the commercial industry to fly private jets. This is what I’ll be exploring, as I think my life is worth it: “Flying private is cheaper than you think — here are 6 airlines to consider for your next flight.”  As illustrated in this 2002 tract—“Whose Property Is It Anyway?”—too many aspects of the airline industry, airports included, have been federalized (by The Shrub, aka Bush). Covid, and the cartel that has attached to it, has completed the demise of the industry.

In the vain of in-your-face female awfulness, Lena Dunham err, DungHam, resurfaced, “posing poolside in a bikini.” Says she, I “forgot how important it is to wear a bikini.

To be or not to bikini. I never thought of it this way. But if you say so, Lena. So, I posed in my bathroom, with my 30-year-old swimsuit, bought in Cape Town. But that’s as far as I’ll go with this outfit and this particular existential search for meaning.

And, thank you, role model Lena. I feel like a woman, now. At least I’ll say it: It is utter peacockery that moves women to pose, not authenticity, said here in “hedonism, not heroism:

To get naked for the world to see is immodest, not heroic. Displaying “saggy tummies” and “stretch marks” does not a hero make. Narcissism, self-adoration, bad taste, or just being comfortable in your own skin: these are not heroic, although they’ve been cast as such.

And here, in “Skanks in the Sky“:

Women are generally far more narcissistic and exhibitionistic than males are and habitually ho-up for travel and work. There is sexy and there is skanky.

We are nature’s worst peacocks, moved by vanity, not by the need to attract a mate, which is what moves the Real Peacock.

The celeb world responded to Lena Dunham with, “Just stunning.”  The old man said (about Lena, not ilana), “More like breathtaking.”

The lead image on this post comes via Max Denken of Gab. No need for words, but in case you mince yours or use euphemisms; I offer the correct crawler—as in the apt chyron beneath an image: Polina Gagarina, Russia’s most famous singer, chaste, gorgeous, natural; vs America’s  slumdog culture’s offering: Lizzo. This mountain of flesh is seen mounting a jet. Let’s hope Lizzo will not be piloting the thing.

FRED REED: She’s Gonna blow: It’s Weimar, But Where Is Our Adolf?

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“Consider America today. By comparison with Japan, China, Korea, it is a barbarity, a dumpster, an asylum, an abattoir, an astonishment”


As the sentient have presumably noticed, the United States is in crisis, the country’s problems are profound, intrinsic, without solution, and worsening. When a population reaches the point of despair, even desperation, when it sees a darkening future for itself and its children, people yearn for a strong man who will forcibly put things right. Yet it is unlikely that helicopters of Marines from Quantico will descend on the White House and announce the dictatorship of some general. Military officers are too well paid and comfortable to worry about the country. It is hard to imagine an American Mussolini. Trump is a caricature and no one else comes to mind. Yet “unrest” –less euphemistically, “chaos” on the order of Mr. Floyd’s massive riots, is possible. We have seen it. We can see it again.

Consider America today. By comparison with Japan, China, Korea, it is a barbarity, a dumpster, an asylum, an abattoir, an astonishment. San Francisco loses conventions because of needles and excrement on the sidewalks. Almost weekly we see multiple shootings in stores, high schools and, now, grade schools. Murders of whites by blacks run at thirty a month, the news being suppressed. In cities across the country crime is out of control, the tax bases moving out, bail abolished so criminals are freed in hours. Stores leave to escape undiscouraged shoplifting and robbery. Seven hundred homicides a year in Chicago, 300 in Baltimore, and at least twice as many shot but survive, similar numbers in a dozen cities. For practical purposes, law does not exists in these ungovernable enclaves. Sexual curiosities, once called perversions, flourish with American embassies hoisting flags in support of transsexualism. Mobs topple historical statues. Many tens of thousands live on sidewalks and a hundred thousand a year die of opioid overdoses. The country drops math requirements and English grammar in schools, AP courses, and SATs as racist. The economy declines, jobs have left for other climes, medical care is beyond most people’s means, government is corrupt and incompetent, and wars are unending. There is actual hatred between racial, political, and regional groups. Ominously, gun sales are up.

How is this going to end well? How did we get here?

America has never been a nation in the correct sense of the word, a people sharing values, language, a culture. Rather it has been, and is, a collection of peoples having little and common and, often disliking each other. West Virginia has nothing in common with Massachusetts which has nothing in common with the Deep South which has nothing in common with coastal California which has nothing in common with Cavalier Virginia which has nothing in common with Latinos who have nothing in common with blacks.

Until perhaps the early Sixties, the regions got along with each other reasonably well because there was little communication between them. Roads were poor, the internet was not even on the horizon. Radio stations and newspapers were local, reflecting the surrounding culture and taste. The central government was remote and had little influence locally. Each region lived as it wished.

Providing a degree of commonalty was that the country was overwhelmingly white, European, Anglophone and, at least nominally, Christian. It was socially conservative, largely consisting of small towns.

The resulting culture was unsophisticated but civilized. In the suburbs of Washington (I was there) you really could leave your bike anywhere and it would be there when you came back. In summer children really could play great sprawling multiblock games of hide-and-seek after dark and no one worried. In high school in rural Virginia (I was there too) the boys had guns for hunting deer and shooting varmints in the bean fields and you could leave your .410 in the back seat of your jalopy in the school’s parking lot. Nobody thought of shooting anyone. It wasn’t in the culture. If a thing isn’t in the culture, it doesn’t happen. You don’t need policemen. The boys didn’t use bad language around the girls or vice versal and nobody even thought of disrespect to teachers. There were class clowns (I may know somewhat of this), but no real misbehavior. It wasn’t in white, technically Christian, semi-rural culture.

Then many things happened. In no particular order:

The reach of the federal government grew and grew. Washington, which had been a distant city concerning itself with foreign policy and the economy, could now impose its values on remote society. It did.

Washington discovered the “separation of church and state,” which had lain unnoticed in the Constitution since 1789. In regions of deep religiousness, it became illegal to recite the Lord’s prayer, to have creches on the town square at Christmas, or two sing carols on the public streets. It had nothing to do with meticulous adherence to the Constitution, but everything to do with the discovery by angry minorities that they could impose on majorities. In short, like many movements to come, it was a revenge operation. It has become a de facto program of de-Cristinization, weakening a source of social cohesion and leading to anger.

The federal government began to dictate what could be taught in local schools. Teachers were forbidden to mention Creationism because a judge in Philadelphia, who appeared to have the scientific grasp of a potato chip, said this transgressed the doctrine of separation. The decision had little practical relevance as there was no likelihood that hearing of Genesis would turn students away from the study of biochemistry. It was, however, an early manifestation of class snobbery against what was seen as primitive Christianity that would later coalesce into hostility toward the Deplorables.

Remote anonymous committees in New York wrote highly ideological textbooks imposed on distant states which did not share those ideologies. The effectiveness of this relied on the principle that outraged parents in Arkansas would have no idea how to oppose distant bureaucracies of whose existence they were unaware and whose phone numbers they could not find. American government is democratic while not allowing the people to exercise power. It is a brilliant system, until it explodes.

Compulsory racial integration, as distinct from desegregation, was an untarnished disaster. Few wanted it, and few want it. The people who imposed it did not, and do not, send their children to black schools. The races transparently do not want to live together. If blacks move into white neighborhoods, “white flight” occurs and if whites move into black neighborhoods, blacks furiously complain of gentrification.

When two cultures have utterly different views of acceptable language, dress, behavior, study, and curricula, mixing them does not work. In the schools, academic standards fell. Discipline became a problem. Across America, cities burned because of conflict between black populations and white police. Eurowhite culture, it turned out, was incompatible with Negro culture. The potential for yet greater disaster seems great, and no one has a solution. There probably isn’t a solution.

The Constitution, which once brought political stability, withered, being ignored or interpreted into unrecognizability by judges or made irrelevant by changes in technology and society. Freedom of speech, which meant that I could say that the President was a fool and should be removed from office, became freedom of expression, meaning that porn sites, accessible to children of nine years, could upload videos of a German Shepherd copulating with a beautiful blonde tied down to a bed. Some doubted that the writers of the Constitution had this in mind when providing the Bill of Rights, but none could gainsay the Supreme Court or the federal power.

The behemoths of the electronic media imposed political censorship. Being private enterprises, they could not be disciplined. They became more and more an arm of the central government, which became more and more the property of the Northeastern coastal elites. Entities with names like Google, Twitter, and Facebook cleansed themselves of content thought inappropriate, websites delisted, credit card accounts closed. People disappeared by the electronic media were almost as disappeared as those disappeared in Latin America, though less bloodily. The intention and effect are the same.

An unexpected effect of censorship was that those doing the censoring also censored themselves. The media, talking to each other, reading each other, having no contact with or interest in the silenced and deplorable, had no idea of the anger out there. This brought us Floyd and Trump as deep wells of undetected anger exploded. The media are doing it again.

The current regime in Washington appears deliberately and intensely divisive. Biden has attacked the South, supporting renaming of military bases in deliberate affront. A thorough racist, he frequently denounces whites. He denounces Trump and his supporters, nearly half of America. He has ostentatiously chosen black women as justice of the Supreme Court, member of Federal Reserve, Vice President, and White House spokeswoman. While these may or may not be competent, he announced them as diversity hires. He is poised to assault owners of guns, sure to provoke fury, has involved America in another war, and wants a federal Ministry of Truth to prohibit ideas he doesn’t like. Profoundly partisan, he makes no attempt to calm things or promote tranquility.

The universality of the internet made difficult or impossible the maintenance of distinct values or mores. It became impossible for the cultivated to inculcate in their children manners, good English, and appreciation of learning when the electronics bathed them in not only the traditionally low culture of America but also the anticivilization of the ghetto. America undergoes both enforced peasantrification and homogenization. Anger grows.

Congress and the Constitution largely ceased to function, leaving Presidents to rule by executive order, this not being entirely distinguishable from dictatorship. This included the making of war, which became both common and beyond public influence. The legislature no longer governed but was the storefront for special interests of immense power. There remained no body interested in the wellbeing of the country. This led to offshoring of jobs, poverty in Appalachia, the Rust Belt and rural Deep South, the impoverishing influx of cheap Mexican labor, Donald Trump, and intense regional hatred. Here we are.

This can’t last. The hatreds are intense, the guns everywhere, anger growing at crime, something akin to economic desperation appearing. Washington will leave nowhere alone, will not address national problems, will always give priority to its military, its wars and its empire over domestic needs. The hostility that fueled the Floyd riots, the burning cities, the looting and vengeful vandalism, are still there. She’s going to blow. Watch.

Read Fred’s Books! Or else. We know where you sleep.


FRED REED describes himself as [previously] a “Washington police reporter, former Washington editor for Harper’s and staff writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Marine combat vet from Viet Nam, and former long-haul hitchhiker, part-time sociopath, who once lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from the Yankee Capital.”
His essays “on the collapse of America” Mr. Reed calls “wildly funny, sometimes wacky, always provocative.”
“Fred is the Hunter Thompson of the right,” seconds Thomas E. Ricks in Foreign Policy magazine. His  commentary is “well-written, pungent political incorrectness mixed with smart military commentary and libertarian impulses, topped off with a splash of Third World sunshine and tequila.”



Killer Kink

Hardboiled is back! (The exclamation point is to arouse wild enthusiasm int the reader, a boiling literary lust.) Gritty crime fiction by longtime police reporter for the Washington Times, who knows the police from nine years of riding with them. Guaranteed free of white wine and cheese, sensitivity, or social justice.

WATCH: Tucker Cancels GOP, So Should You: ‘Republicans Have Done Nothing To Defend YOU’

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WATCH HARD TRUTH: “Tucker Cancels GOP, So Should You: ‘Republicans Have Done Nothing To Defend YOU’”

In his June 20, 2020 J’accuse, Tucker Carlson, for all practical purposes, cancelled the Republican Party:

“Property was looted, people were beaten and killed and Republicans joined the side doing the looting, beating and killing. President of the Heritage Foundation and think tanks on the right climbed into … law enforcement and ordinary Americans, calling them racists, ignoring the damage done to their property and person.”

Jack Kerwick has been anatomizing ConOink establishment failures for over a decade:

“in  the country bequeathed to us by the generation that, in the midst of a smallpox epidemic, fought and defeated the most powerful empire in the world in order to be a self-governing union of sovereign states—subjected itself to a nationwide internment. The United State of America became the Interned States of America as the Constitution of the Old Republic was indefinitely revoked, the economy crushed, and ‘the little platoons’—as Burke referred to those buffers between the individual and the State, those forms of community constitutive of civil society and in the absence of which human flourishing would be impossible—were radically undermined. … And all of this occurred in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.”

HARD TRUTH’S David Vance and myself speak to Jack about the irreparably hopeless Republican Racket. RIP, GOP.

WATCH: “Tucker Cancels GOP, So Should You: ‘Republicans Have Done Nothing To Defend YOU.’


 Also on Odysee and BitChute if those platforms float your boat