NEW COLUMN, UPDATED (2/5/023): GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations

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The US military’s triumph over a Chinese weather balloon belongs in this latest column. Alas, it was written before The Great Event.

The reader should just substitute Classified-Documents distraction with Chinese-Spy-Balloon?distraction.

Boobus Americanus cannot be helped, he will be puffed up with the rah-rah of phony patriotism, or hot air.

Patriotism is rounding-up and repatriating all 4-5 million of Biden’s criminal aliens.

AND, patriotism is all the things specified in “GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations,” now available on

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NEW COLUMN is “GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations.” It’s on WND.COM, The New American, and The Unz Review.

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…”The overtone window alludes to a range of ideas once considered unthinkable, but now normalized.

With their flaccid, crushingly stupid responses to most situations, for example the self-induced ‘crisis’ on the south-western border—Republicans have normalized an open border, through which millions of impoverished people may flow, are flowing.

The range of responses issuing from GOP representatives consists in nauseating treacle about a ‘humanitarian disaster,’ a ‘crisis,’ and mumbo-jumbo about cartels-in-control: Blame the cartels for the choice made by American leaderships to shirk their constitutional duty to uphold the country’s territorial integrity. …

… the Mexican crime cartels are merely filling a power vacuum willfully created by American elected traitors. The last are guilty as sin for centrally orchestrating the invasion of their country and outlawing any effective defensive counter-action. The first are not to blame.

Criminals do what law-makers allow them to do.  …

… THE REST: “GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations” is on WND.COM, The New American, and The Unz Review.

Column will be on shortly.

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