UPDATED (6/24): He’d Never Hire ’50-Year-Old White Guys,’ Said Stockton Rush, RIP, Titan’s Submersible’s CEO. Oops.

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“[D]idn’t hire ’50-year-old white guys’ with military experience to captain his vessels because they weren’t ‘inspirational.’ Stockton Rush, 61, added that … ‘anybody can drive the sub’ with a $30 video game controller.

OOPS. A bum’s rush.

“Speaking to CBS News in November,” Reports RT, “Rush explained that the vessel was entirely controlled with a generic bluetooth video game controller, which online sleuths discovered had a dismal reputation for reliability.”

From Matt Walsh—who else?—comes turgid psychoanalysis in the service of mindless WORSHIP. WORSHIP without distinction.

In a burst of Randian emotionalism, Mr. Walsh, an unsupple mind, rushed to praise adventure tourism in general, and the OceanGate submersible’s Titanic-bound endeavor, in particular.

Walsh scolded any who dared to be cynical—as I am of the masses who flock to, say, Mount Everest, turning Base Camp into a vast latrine, and making waste removal a major source of employment for local Nepalese and neighboring Chinese. Yes, how ennobling an industry is that for The Other.

Noble spirit? “Bold and daring” on the Everest? No. Crass, despoiling tourism.

First to summit were a white guy (not yet 50) named Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay. They embodied “different, bold, and daring.”

Nevertheless, scold Matt Walsh pules on tediously about critics:

These are people whose envy and dissatisfaction with their own mediocre, unimpressive lives have driven them to despise anyone who does anything different, bold, or daring. They take pleasure in failure because they will never have any successes of their own to celebrate.

The lives of Lilliputians like you and me dwarf compared to the grand life of CEO and pilot Stockton Rush, RIP, says Walsh.

The latest, via AP News

A submersible carrying five people to the Titanic imploded near the site of the shipwreck and killed everyone on board, authorities said Thursday, bringing a tragic end to a saga that included an urgent around-the-clock search and a worldwide vigil for the missing vessel.

Coast Guard officials said during a news conference that they’ve notified the families of the crew of the Titan, which had been missing since Sunday.

The sliver of hope that remained for finding the five men alive was wiped away early Thursday, when the submersible’s 96-hour supply of oxygen was expected to run out and the Coast Guard announced that debris had been found roughly 1,600 feet (488 meters) from the Titanic in North Atlantic waters.

“This was a catastrophic implosion of the vessel,” said Rear Adm. John Mauger, of the First Coast Guard District.

* Image as screen pic courtesy Fox News

UPDATE II: For their abysmal endeavor, the anti-white ageist brainiacs of the OceanGate submersible used Carbon Fiber, rather than a metal that withstands compression. NASA engineers helped them. Systemic, institutional rot. Ridding the system of the best engineers is a bummer.


“Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In Cali,” Ilana Mercer, February 25, 2021

When Merit-Based Hiring Is Deemed Racist, Bridges Fall Down,” Ilana Mercer, March 29, 2018

Manliness (Not A Miracle) On The Hudson,” Ilana Mercer, February 13, 2009

As our reader points out in Comments, you would not see a brother, rich or poor, board such a “Hold My Beer” piece of engineered crap, assembled with parts as good as you get from Home Depot, in a basement—OceanGate workshop pics indeed do depict steps descending into what looks like a garage.

However, absent those old, musty, white men, the atmosphere was of giddy exuberance. So, there’s that.

7 thoughts on “UPDATED (6/24): He’d Never Hire ’50-Year-Old White Guys,’ Said Stockton Rush, RIP, Titan’s Submersible’s CEO. Oops.

  1. Ann Wendy

    Thank you Ilana for a revealing an honest appraisal of the rash adventure seeking Rush RIP where he displays an outright disdain for any human being who is not prepared to risk the lives of others , his was ultimate hubris with disasstrous consequences.

  2. chuck lowe

    As is my hero, Ilana, I am in no way an apologist for “The Protected Class”. That said, what you will NEVER see on Mt Everest, is a dead brutha. Nor will Puffy (Who can afford the 250K trip to the bottom) EVER board a homemade sardine can/submarine to go look at the Titanic. My guess, is he didn’t even like the movie.

    50 year old white guys would NOT use a $30.00 controller, or, go to Home Depot to buy parts and assemble this thing in someone’s backyard.

    They should have named it, the “Hold My Beer” and provided a case of Natty Lite to all of the passengers, who, should have been required to grow a really narley mullet prior to launch.

  3. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Totally. You would not see a Brother, rich or poor, board such a “Hold My Beer” piece of crap. Brilliant.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    I have no doubt that proper and correct engineering could produce a carbon-fiber composite pressure hull that would be adequate for diving to any desired depth. But that would call for a 50(+)-year-old White guy approach: correctly understand the theory; use the theory to establish the minimum cross-section required for that hydrostatic pressure; keep in mind that the craft is being designed to carry humans, and apply a 10X safety factor; go through a proper testing program; then, “Titanic, here we come.”

    I also have no doubt that the above program could be carried out at far lower cost by using steel, instead of composites.

    But what the hell do I know? I’m a 69-year-old White guy. Hopelessly uninspiring.

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