Bye-Bye Biology, Hello Androgyny (Unisex)

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Like any arm of government, the military is the playground of feel-good politicians and their playmates. As such, “It is manacled by doctrinaire mediocrity, multiculturalism, feminism, affirmative action (fem and other), and every postmodern pox imaginable.”

In their quest to rid the world of the reality of biology, progressives have now petitioned to welcome women into combat duty. In the tradition of political expedience, Uncle Sam is likely going to be bidding bye-bye to biological “inequality” in the military.

The women in combat issue has reared its head again with the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of four female military personnel by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN).
The suit claims that because of the direct ground combat exclusion policy (which includes infantry, armor [tanks], and close-in artillery), which has been in effect since 1994, women are denied access to “a number of critical assignments, schools, and positions” which in effect are a ‘brass ceiling’ that limits promotion opportunities.

The Israelis, every bit as liberal and libertine as we are, tried making “GUYS DO DOUBLE DUTY FOR FEMINIST DELUSIONS.” Thing is, they don’t have as many warm bodies to spare as we do, so they had to rethink. Men died. Why? Because it is in the nature of most men to protect females (although to a large extent this instinct has been bred out of the metrosexual male). They got taken out doing what was once second nature to men. They lingered/overcompensated for women and got picked off.

I’ve made my own Modest Swiftian Proposal on a related matter.

Go ape on affirmative action in [the military.] Not only should women and minorities be well-represented … they should be overrepresented. Adjust admission tests, physical and cognitive. Make the Police Officer Selection Test (POST) easier. Or admit the desired gender and race with still lower scores. Drop the IQ requirements by two standard deviations, if necessary! And a bull’s eye on the target be damned. Sharpshooters of the new, “improved” intake needn’t drop an attacker; they can settle for grazing him. Aiming the firearm in the general direction of the assailant will suffice. ALSO, support the super obese for the …

Go for it. Perhaps when men get fed-up about dying in combat to compensate for female megalomania, they’ll quit the military. A feminized, enfeebled military may net fewer wars.