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UPDATED (5/30): WATCH HARD TRUTH LIVE, May 30: King Tuck. Ron Desantis. Roger Waters

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UPDATE (5/30):  Here we are: King Tuck’s Transformational. DeSantis Cows to Israel. Roger Waters Refuses.

THE HARD TRUTH PODCAST with David Vance and myself will be live on Tuesday, May 30, at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 3:00 Eastern.

Please join us on Rumble.

Send in your comments and/or questions during the podcast. We really do enjoy your insights. The Boss, our producer, posts as many as he can.

That Tucker was/is transformational is what David Vance and myself argued on the April 25, live, “Hard Truth” podcast  (, recorded a day after Mr. Carlson’s dismissal. Our forecast proved predictive. Fox is, if not finished, greatly diminished. We discuss developments since.

HARD TRUTH had given Governor DeSantis top marks.  But has the governor been a bad boy? Flying to Israel to sign legislation for America? Legislation that may impact speech in America? What’s that all about? Thanks are extended to valued viewer Eric for the tip.

And other surprises, as arise when David Vance and I vibe.

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NEW COLUMN UPDATED (10/28/021): For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up

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NEW COLUMN is “For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up.” It is now on WND.COM, The Unz Review,, The New American, and


The West is collapsing under the weight of authoritarian governments. These “representatives” are rapidly robbing the individual citizen of bodily autonomy, of freedom of movement, and of the ability to work, play and partake in society.

Under martial law, Australia and New Zealand have, in the course of the Covid pandemic, practically reverted to penal-colony status.

Working in tandem as a criminal syndicate, Canadian and American state and corporate entities have colluded to corner the individual, and compel him to offer up his life-blood to the Covid spike protein. That is if their Subject wants to … eat.

Covid vaccine mandates and passports. Lockdowns and quarantines. And racial subjugation to The Other, in the form of a Critical Race Theory that festoons state and civil society: Why have we rolled over? Is this white guilt? And does historical Christianity play a role?

Edward Gibbon would probably say yes.

Gibbon was the genius who wrote, in 1776, the 12 volumes that comprise “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” wherein he saddled nascent Christianity with the downfall of the Roman Empire, no less. (I read the 1943 version, which was “condensed for modern reading.”)

By so surmising, Gibbon brought upon himself the wrath of “bishops, deans and dons”—not to mention that of the great Dr. Samuel Johnson’s biographer, James Boswell. Boswell called Gibbon an “infidel wasp” for “the chapter in which he argued that the fall of Rome was hastened by the rise of Christianity.”

And indeed, Gibbon seems to point toward Christianity’s self-immolating, progressive, pathologically inclusive nature, remarking on the courting by early Christians of “criminals and women.” (Not my words.) …

… READ THE REST: NEW COLUMN, “For The West To Revive, Christians Must Toughen Up,” is now on WND.COM, The Unz Review,, The New American and

UPDATE (10/28/021): Anything else heroic and muscular from the de facto Christian establishment since the crusades, Sean? It seems that preaching that The Other is always better than white Christians—certainly more exotic—is now a Christian catechism.

NEW COLUMN: For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up

A White-Out On Whites In Critical Race Theory Conversations

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This look-away idiocy is fascinating me. Other than Michelle Malkin (who seems to be barred from mainstream TV), I can’t think of one conservative commentator who has articulated the crux of Critical Race Theory, which necessitates uttering of the word “anti-white.”

Nobody in mainstream conservative media will puncture the Big Lie, which is that the Critical Race Grand Project is about the “reeducation, subjugation and intimidation of whites” qua whites.

Critical Race Theory in schools, for example, is always and everywhere euphemized as things other than anti-white. Without exceptions.

Dr. Swain’s discussion of the “anti-racism journey” mandated in school agitprop is one of countless examples:

The video Dr. Swain is asked to comment about is unambiguous: It displays an aggressive black narrators gesticulating in gangster-vocals against “white privilege.” Another “unhelpful” white individual, a stupidly-dressed Stepford wife, makes an appearance to belittle herself. The whole thing aims untoward hostility against innocent whites.

The reply from Ingraham’s guest is a white-out of whites: Critical race theory is rooted in Marxism, she says, as they all do, and it harms America. Well, yeah, if making students even stupider than they are harms all Americans, then yes.

Omitted is that whites are the sole repository of hate and aggression in the critical race campaign sweeping these particular DC schools.

UPDATED (5/14): Video: ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’ – Here And Across The Pond

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This week, British broadcaster and commentator David Vance and myself discussed ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’ in the US and across the pond.

Watch our wide-ranging conversation on YouTube:

Watch the abridged, rendition of the essay upon which the Vance-Mercer discussion was based (“Earth To Conservatives: The Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’ Not Marxism, Not ID Politics”) on YouTube, too:

UPDATE (5/14): On WND.COM and on The Unz Review

The “Videos of ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’ – Here and Across the Pond” are now on WND.COM and The Unz Review.