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UPDATED (4/10): NEW COLUMN & VIEWING: U.S. Cancels Countries, Kills Ancient Concept Of Neutrality

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NEW COLUMN  IS “U.S. Cancels Countries, Kills Ancient Concept Of Neutrality.” It is now featured on WND.COM , The Unz Review, The New American, CNSNews. and American Renaissance, where “Ukrainian Refugees and Race” as a “Look-Away Issue” was the focus.


… what do you know! Some countries have opted for political neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, choosing the classically liberal position—it opposes sanctions, as these are as useless in achieving political ends as they are ruthless in their effects on the most vulnerable. As far as their ultimate outcome—embargoed are counterproductive. What works is high-level diplomacy.

Chief among the countries that wish to remain politically neutral toward Russia and commercially engaged with it—while urging a diplomatic resolution to the conflict—are Hungary, Serbia (which sagely “bans its citizens from fighting in conflicts abroad”), China and India.

Spurred on by puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky and his American puppeteers, these countries, especially China and India, have been menaced by the Biden administration for maintaining military and commercial ties with Russia.

The concept of neutrality is an important part of Western Civilization. As expounded in one scholarly tract, “the concept of respect for neutrals appears early in Greek history and remains a nearly constant feature of Classical wars.”

By threatening to punish nations for practicing detached political neutrality in the matter of Ukraine and Russia, even as these neutrals call for comity between countries, and urge a diplomatic, peaceful resolution to the conflagration, things China and India have done—The Empire is working to sunder, as in obliterate, the time-honored, civilizing concept of political neutrality. Judging from its silence, the Stupid Party seconds the Evil Party on the matter. …

… THE REST. U.S. Cancels Countries, Kills Ancient Concept Of Neutrality” is on WND.COM and The Unz Review, The New American, CNSNews and American Renaissance.

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UPDATED (4/10): Recommended is the geopolitical analysis of Brazilian Pepe Escobar, once an analyst for quite a few leftist publications, now confined to the few outposts of critical thinking remaining.

UPDATED (2/21): Immigration And Freedom: South Asian Canadian Truckers DO NOT Support Truckers’ Cause of Freedom

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Other than attaching the worst pejoratives to their cause, Justine “Trudeau has called the protesting truckers a ‘small fringe minority’ who “do not represent the views of Canadians.”

As is their wont, the folks at Fox News steer clear of the topic of trucker demographics, loudly proclaiming that the Canadian trucker freedom movement is multicultural, a class-based movement encompassing all truckers.

Conservatives just do not wish to touch the third rail of politics: Immigration (and not only the illegal kind) and its effects on the understanding of liberty in society.

Although South Asians make-up about 20 percent of Canadian truckers; they do not generally support the Truckers For Freedom movement, their representatives often expressing resentment and moral disdain at the idea of even countenancing vaccine freedom of choice. It’s as though individual rights and constitutional liberties are anathema.

“I don’t follow that convoy. I think what they are doing is morally wrong, and that they should get their vaccine shots.”

“I don’t believe in the issues they are raising,” Mr. Kang said. “I know there are some South Asian people who support this convoy, but I couldn’t see any of my people in the videos of the convoy.”

Freedom is framed here by representatives of the South-Asian trucker community as morally wrong.

UPDATED (2/21): Sikh truckers for freedom.

Then there are these outstanding people. Listen to members of the Sikh community speak with unparalleled clarity and beauty about restoring the “True North [once] strong and free” (More evidence that Canadians are better educated and polished.)

This is “articulate extemporaneous speech”. Just the words I was without provided by Musil Protege!

“They are the outliers.”

UPDATED (1/31/022): Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU’

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An intrepid, freedom-loving friend traveled from Quebec to Ottawa, Saturday, for the Truckers rally on Parliament Hill. It was, “A wonderful afternoon on Parliament Hill. There were tens of thousands of people, all peaceful and ranging in age from 1 to 91. And trucks galore with blasting horns. It felt more like a Canada Day celebration, but with lots of ‘fuck Trudeau’ chants”

He writes:

Ottawa, January 29, 2022

In Trudeau’s words, the protesters were just a fringe minority. A couple of extremists.

Borrowing a line from the great Johnny Cash, I came, I saw, and behold, I did see extremists on that frigid day of January in Ottawa… tens of thousands of them! And trucks as far as you could see with horns blaring, sounding like the last stand at Helm Hammerhand. What I saw was a multitude of amazingly good people who are:

Extreme in their love of Canada and their fellow citizens.
Extreme in their appreciation and respect of the Canadian constitution and Charter of Rights.
– Extreme in the defence of freedom of speech.
Extreme in the belief that mafia-style threats and coercion by government is an unacceptable way to rule.
Extreme in their conviction that forcing people to get injected with an experimental mRNA drug might not be a good idea, especially for kids and young adults who are not significantly affected by covid SARs-2, and anyone else, for that matter.

So yep, these were extremists, but that kind of extremism gives me hope that we, the people of Canada, are indeed a resilient, united, and spiritually healthy society that will outlast the ruling elite and keep in check their penchant for subversive, corrosive ideologies.

UPDATE: Justine Trudeau is on the run, fleeing like a girl…

UPDATE (1/31/022): Tucker Carlson, who has exposed Justine Trudeau in all his phony, moral and mental flaccidity, nevertheless will still persist in pretending the Trucker rally ending in Ottawa, Canada, was purely class based. Race is another variable—a blind-spot papered-over by conservatives who just want to be nice.

So, this Hard Truther, yours truly, put the question to our friend and correspondent, who had sent us the above touching impressions and images from Ottawa:

Question: The rally looked pretty white. Was there a noticeable multicultural participation?
Reply: I also noticed the majority white presence at the protest. There were North American Indians beating drums and chanting, which was pretty cool. They hate Trudeau even as he bends backwards trying to absolve the white man’s past crimes.

Indeed. “Conservatism’s perennial piñata,” our Amerindians, whose influence over our politics is pitifully negligible, still drum for freedom, somehow maintaining their hatred of the oppressive federal authorities, stateside, too—despite the nonsense neoconservative deity Dinesh D’Souza (and other like him) spouts about them.

READ: Conservatism’s Perennial Piñata


NEW COLUMN: CNN’s Sinophobic Expert Is Clueless: China Is Reactionary, Returning To Confucianism; Not Communism

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NEW COLUMN is “CNN’s Sinophobic Expert Is Clueless: China Is Reactionary, Returning To Confucianism; Not Communism.” It’s currently on WND.COM, The Unz Review and


… Fareed Zakaria’s assertion that China is returning to communism is shallow, even stupid, given the concerted quest among Chinese to reverse the communist Cultural Revolution and reclaim Confucianism, which is antithetical to communism.


While America crumbles into a deadening, brutal wokeness; China, interestingly, seeks spiritual sustenance in its ancient, grand tradition of Confucianism.

Native to China, Confucianism was decimated by socialism, which—Mr. Zakaria may have forgotten—came out of the West. Unlike our own Traitor Class, China’s leaders know what succors the soul, and they want to infuse the nation with that home-grown cultural sustenance.

The Chinese are not a multicultural pottage; they are a real nation that shares a rich and ancient culture. The beauty of a shared, admired heritage is that the country can reclaim it as it works to reverse the foreign cultural revolution, which forbade Confucianism. And indeed, “Chinese parents are keen on a more Confucian education,” confirms The Economist.

Core curriculum and Western classical texts have been all but purged from American schools. In China, the number of “classical texts to be taught in schools has increased from 14 to 72.” From here on, China’s kids will be “learning classical Chinese thought, texts and morals, especially those associated with Confucius.”

So, which is the more exulted and elevated quest, Confucianism or charter schools?

As you see, Zakaria’s rah-rah America uber ales hysteria, mirrored in conservative narrative about China, is worse than incomplete; it’s half-assed. …

… READ THE REST. NEW COLUMN, “CNN’s Sinophobic Expert Is Clueless: China Is Reactionary, Returning To Confucianism; Not Communism,” is currently on WND.COM, The Unz Review and

* Image courtesy Unz Review