UPDATED (2/21): Immigration And Freedom: South Asian Canadian Truckers DO NOT Support Truckers’ Cause of Freedom

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Other than attaching the worst pejoratives to their cause, Justine “Trudeau has called the protesting truckers a ‘small fringe minority’ who “do not represent the views of Canadians.”

As is their wont, the folks at Fox News steer clear of the topic of trucker demographics, loudly proclaiming that the Canadian trucker freedom movement is multicultural, a class-based movement encompassing all truckers.

Conservatives just do not wish to touch the third rail of politics: Immigration (and not only the illegal kind) and its effects on the understanding of liberty in society.

Although South Asians make-up about 20 percent of Canadian truckers; they do not generally support the Truckers For Freedom movement, their representatives often expressing resentment and moral disdain at the idea of even countenancing vaccine freedom of choice. It’s as though individual rights and constitutional liberties are anathema.

“I don’t follow that convoy. I think what they are doing is morally wrong, and that they should get their vaccine shots.”

“I don’t believe in the issues they are raising,” Mr. Kang said. “I know there are some South Asian people who support this convoy, but I couldn’t see any of my people in the videos of the convoy.”

Freedom is framed here by representatives of the South-Asian trucker community as morally wrong.

UPDATED (2/21): Sikh truckers for freedom.

Then there are these outstanding people. Listen to members of the Sikh community speak with unparalleled clarity and beauty about restoring the “True North [once] strong and free” (More evidence that Canadians are better educated and polished.)

This is “articulate extemporaneous speech”. Just the words I was without provided by Musil Protege!

“They are the outliers.”

One thought on “UPDATED (2/21): Immigration And Freedom: South Asian Canadian Truckers DO NOT Support Truckers’ Cause of Freedom

  1. Nicholas

    Many props to those Sikhs!

    As to the original post: to be fair, how can we assume that those interviewed are representative of South Asian immigrants generally? Isn’t it a familiar tactic of the corporate media to single out and promote token minority views that just happen to align with the corporate establishment, even if they are exceptional within their own communities? The institutional favour conferred upon culturally progressive Muslims, despite being an unorthodox position, is the US is a familiar case in point…

    By the way, in the case of both Muslims as well as Hindus, their religions very expressly forbid partaking of fetal cell development along the same lines as orthodox Christians. That alone should be sufficient grounds to stand in solidarity with the other truckers.

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