Familiar Words, Familiar ‘Ethics’

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On January 29, 2022, I wrote:

US State craft is driven, first, by the arrogance of power and delusions of ideological superiority, as well as by self-serving elite concerns. The US ruling interests to prevail are those of “The Blob” (the permanent foreign policy establishment), military-industrial-complex, a media also engaged in expedient myth-making, not news reporting, crooked corporate elites, and a sanctions-giddy US Congress, in which there are currently no pro-détente thinkers (nor thinkers, for that matter).—ILANA MERCER,”Neocons, Neolibs And NATO Inch Us Closer To Nuclear War With Russia,” January 29, 2022

On Feb 16, 2022, Richard Hanania, some young chap, wrote:

“American foreign policy is driven by a need for conflict for reasons of both ideology and the self-interest of the foreign policy establishment.”—Richard Hanania, Feb 16, 2022


The Moral Writer’s First Commandment: Cite Your Sources!

More about American ethics and what followed my first submission to an American libertarian magazine.

One thought on “Familiar Words, Familiar ‘Ethics’

  1. Dan Howard

    I heard a phrase one time on radio “perpetual wars for perpetual peace.” That describes what results from “balance of power” that has caused continuous wars in Europe; the US has assumed the responsibility. If the US would strive to overlook as much of the world as possible, we would not be in endless wars.

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