A White-Out On Whites In Critical Race Theory Conversations

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This look-away idiocy is fascinating me. Other than Michelle Malkin (who seems to be barred from mainstream TV), I can’t think of one conservative commentator who has articulated the crux of Critical Race Theory, which necessitates uttering of the word “anti-white.”

Nobody in mainstream conservative media will puncture the Big Lie, which is that the Critical Race Grand Project is about the “reeducation, subjugation and intimidation of whites” qua whites.

Critical Race Theory in schools, for example, is always and everywhere euphemized as things other than anti-white. Without exceptions.

Dr. Swain’s discussion of the “anti-racism journey” mandated in school agitprop is one of countless examples:

The video Dr. Swain is asked to comment about is unambiguous: It displays an aggressive black narrators gesticulating in gangster-vocals against “white privilege.” Another “unhelpful” white individual, a stupidly-dressed Stepford wife, makes an appearance to belittle herself. The whole thing aims untoward hostility against innocent whites.

The reply from Ingraham’s guest is a white-out of whites: Critical race theory is rooted in Marxism, she says, as they all do, and it harms America. Well, yeah, if making students even stupider than they are harms all Americans, then yes.

Omitted is that whites are the sole repository of hate and aggression in the critical race campaign sweeping these particular DC schools.

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