UPDATE II (11/16/021): America’s Low-T Military Vs. The Fighting Men Of Russia And China

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Words here would be superfluous. Images paint a thousand words, none of them including the words male hormone. The ladies want in. Compared to the armies of our possible adversaries, the US military is high on the Disney quotient and low on testosterone:

Via The Saker:

US Military Ad: If you just dream it, girl …

China Military Ad:

Russia Military Ad:

UPDATED I (5/18): ‘Kim Philby of Wokeness’: It’s Tucker Carlson’s moniker for narcissist, me-me CIA, cisgender, intersectional, millennial agent, with anxiety disorder: “I am a woman of color.”
“I am a cisgender millennial.” “I am intersectional.” I am “brilliant” too.

UPDATE II (11/16/021):

I wonder if “big, bad” Putin tells the young grunts in Russia’s army how bad they are because so lily white? Rhetorical! Must be nice to be a soldier in an army in which white is not a blight.


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