PODCAST: ‘Iran Tries To Restore Regional Balance; Israel Continues To Murder And Get Away With Murder’

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In “Iran Tries To Restore Regional Balance; Israel Continues To Murder And Get Away With Murder,” a HARD TRUTH podcast, David Vance and I have a heated discussion about Iran’s response, on April 13 and 14, to Israel’s murder of senior commanders in Damascus, on April 1. Six other Iranian nationals and six Syrian citizens were assassinated. In all, Israel murdered 13 people in its April 1 strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

I detail Israel’s lengthy, illegal, immoral and extra-judicial assassination program against Iranian civilians and military ongoing for decades, coupled as it is with Israeli cyberterrorism directed at Iran’s infrastructure and state apparatus.

All things considered, I think Iran’s restraint was quite commendable in launching what was a theatrical, victimless, precision attack on Israeli military targets alone. This was the first time Teheran had directly struck Israel proper. Israel, conversely, regularly strikes on Iranian soil.

All the more so is Teheran’s restraint commendable considering that its attempt to make a point, as it deescalated a conflict begun by Israel in Damascus, occurs against the backdrop of a US-led crippling program of sanctions and embargoes directed at the Iranian people, and Israel’s American-backed and sponsored mass killing and land confiscation programs underway in Gaza and the West Bank.

Both myself and David Vance agree that the Israel First neoconservatives have always aimed at regime change in Iran. David, however, pushes back: He sees even greater forces at work in creating global chaos.


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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: ‘Iran Tries To Restore Regional Balance; Israel Continues To Murder And Get Away With Murder’

  1. Juvenal Early

    And just in time, we’ve now got a new bipartisan aid package, for Israel and for Ukraine. Endorsed by Donald Trump even, who refers to Speaker Mike Johnson as MAGA Mike. Evangelicals won’t lend one sympathetic ear to the plight of Palestinian Christians, the oldest surviving Christian community on Earth.

    The GOP has gone from being worthless to actively colluding with evil (well, hell, they’ve done that before). Evangelicals have gone from supporting Israel to enthusiastically endorsing genocide of other Christians (well, they’re probably the wrong kind of Christians, right?). The Democrats have stayed consistent. Consistently evil. The American People have remained consistent. Consistently supine.

    About all we can hope for now is Divine Intervention.

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