NEW COLUMN UPDATED (10/28/021): For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up

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NEW COLUMN is “For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up.” It is now on WND.COM, The Unz Review,, The New American, and


The West is collapsing under the weight of authoritarian governments. These “representatives” are rapidly robbing the individual citizen of bodily autonomy, of freedom of movement, and of the ability to work, play and partake in society.

Under martial law, Australia and New Zealand have, in the course of the Covid pandemic, practically reverted to penal-colony status.

Working in tandem as a criminal syndicate, Canadian and American state and corporate entities have colluded to corner the individual, and compel him to offer up his life-blood to the Covid spike protein. That is if their Subject wants to … eat.

Covid vaccine mandates and passports. Lockdowns and quarantines. And racial subjugation to The Other, in the form of a Critical Race Theory that festoons state and civil society: Why have we rolled over? Is this white guilt? And does historical Christianity play a role?

Edward Gibbon would probably say yes.

Gibbon was the genius who wrote, in 1776, the 12 volumes that comprise “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” wherein he saddled nascent Christianity with the downfall of the Roman Empire, no less. (I read the 1943 version, which was “condensed for modern reading.”)

By so surmising, Gibbon brought upon himself the wrath of “bishops, deans and dons”—not to mention that of the great Dr. Samuel Johnson’s biographer, James Boswell. Boswell called Gibbon an “infidel wasp” for “the chapter in which he argued that the fall of Rome was hastened by the rise of Christianity.”

And indeed, Gibbon seems to point toward Christianity’s self-immolating, progressive, pathologically inclusive nature, remarking on the courting by early Christians of “criminals and women.” (Not my words.) …

… READ THE REST: NEW COLUMN, “For The West To Revive, Christians Must Toughen Up,” is now on WND.COM, The Unz Review,, The New American and

UPDATE (10/28/021): Anything else heroic and muscular from the de facto Christian establishment since the crusades, Sean? It seems that preaching that The Other is always better than white Christians—certainly more exotic—is now a Christian catechism.

NEW COLUMN: For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up

4 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN UPDATED (10/28/021): For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up

  1. Alex

    The question is will Christians toughen up? I would say no because toughening up would entail defending their history and Christianity tells you to turn the other cheek when struck. Forgive those who damage you or your loved ones. Don’t strike out in revenge or take preemptive action against invaders. At the base of this thinking is that if Christians try to toughen up they are tacitly admitting they have been wrong all along and have allowed the West to get to this point due to their sheepishness. It’s hard to admit you’ve been wrong all your life.

  2. Sean

    Gibbon fell prey to a taste for the malicious rejoinder, and his cynical dismissals of early Christianity was no exception. All that talent, too.

    Re: the Church defending it’s own – Cf. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Counter-Reformation. The Church is typically slow to act, but it has acted decisively to grave threats.

    “Be just to your enemies, yes! But love them? Welcome them into your home? Let them walk all over you, outnumber you—even kill you when moved by The Prophet or by Critical Race Theory’s white-hot hatred of whites? Never!”

    To forgive in the Christian sense is, at its base, to forgo acts of vengeance and retaliation. It does not mean to restore a fallen friend to the same degree of friendship after a betrayal. Turning the other cheek obliges one to prefer to be injured anew to being vindictive. A lack of will betokens a debased manner of living, and makes for a debased form of Christianity.

  3. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Yes, but fans of Christian de facto establishment keep pointing to distant history: crusades (commendable), inquisition (plain despicable). Anything else heroic and muscular from Christianity since the crusades? It seems that preaching that The Other is always better than whites, certainly more exotic, is now a Christian catechism.

  4. Theo

    Hi ILana, it is good to see your inquiry into Christianity.
    Few records kept on numbers of Christians killed in Wars throughout last 500 years or so, did they wear the same uniforms or turn the other cheek when fired upon. I should think absolutely not. Yelling praise be to God when killing doesn’t seem historical either. Though I am confident many have thanked God they survived. Especially those with family.
    Two main reasons europeans came to this land. The tyranny of England and right to worship freely. Will the Christian population of America turn the other cheek or are all bets off and any semblance of Christianity becomes placement of 2 bullets in the chest, depending of course on ammo availability. We live in a time when the comfort of knowing he is with us about all the reverence demonstrated. Some say God, why am I beginning to like killing these barbarians, some God let me find a good target today you know I’ve been in the bush for a week. Please God a righteous target to send home. Yes Ilana some feel like the finger of God reaching out 1000yards to splatter some barbarian they never got a chance to meet and that rifle stock stayed on the cheek. So we can say for optics it may not be helpful to have a division of all Christians. Though in most brigades a few are which is why the dysforic are going about with crt and gender issues. So as to handicap what is by far a most capable force being lead by weak non believers.
    This may be a bit longer reply then you would like to read. Yet its the truth. Check places like Arlington National Cemetery you will find out that many crosses as grave markers.

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