UPDATE (6/21): Don’t Let Politicians Win; Withdraw From Public Square Following A Terrorist Attack


Fox News’ Shepard Smith was exalting the Belgian human anthill for the speed with which the ants returned to darting back and forth, following a Muhammadan’s attack on Brussels’ Central Station. The terrorist win if we don’t return to our aimless consumption, laughing and making merry as we’re being picked off by the enemy within, goes Shep’s “thinking.”

The terrorists win if we don’t do as the politicians say” is reverse psychology and cliché rolled into one. Obama kept saying, “Dare do x, y or z on matters Muslim, and you guarantee that ISIS wins.” Or, “ISIS wants you to do x, y, and z.”

First, how do these asses know what ISIS wants? Or, are politicians and pundits like Shep simply ass-uming they know? It is more likely politicians are using reverse psychology to get Westerners to comply with their own wishes.

In any event, if ISIS wants you, America, to do what in your estimation is best for you–perhaps ISIS is right and the politicians and pundits are wrong. What a concept!

Perhaps ISIS is right and Shepard Smith is wrong. Mr. Smith, we’ll take that long moratorium on Muslim immigration, which Trump promised and reneged on. It’s a winner for Americans and Europeans. If ISIS approves, too, so be it. ISIS is happy; we are happy; everybody is happy; we all win.

To peacefully bring about the desired immigration policy changes, people need to withdraw from the public square to the extent possible. Secede. Shop online. Instead of dining out, gather at the homes of friends. Only when their Keynesian edifice of non-stop consumption suffers and their re-election is threatened will the politicians carry out their duty to implement immigration policies that safeguard lives.

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UPDATE (6/21/017): Excellent. Americans, at least, are acting rationally. They’re not rah-rahing it for the politicians.

Gallop has found that, “Terrorism Fears Drive More in US to Avoid Crowds”:

38% of Americans less willing to attend large events due to terrorism
Previous high was 32% in 2002
46% less willing to travel overseas due to terrorism concerns