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UPDATED (9/7): Lara Logan, Tucker Carlson’s Kissinger, Discovers Occam’s Razor And Misapplies The Theory of Simple

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Were it possible to “lose face,” in this day-and-age, I’d say Fox New persona Tucker Carlson is embarrassing himself having crowned Lara Logan as his go-to Henry Kissinger on Afghanistan. That’s an indictment right there.

Carlson is also in thrall to Logan’s ersatz “philosophical” observations, treating this shamelessly confident woman as a Delphic oracle of sort.

You might have heard Logan claim recently and repetitively that everything in the world is very simple.  “Everything is simple,” she keeps intoning in her appearances on the nepotistic Fox News. Logan’s “simple” premise being that America is omnipotent. Whatever occurs under its watch is all planned.

Ridiculous and wrong, yet Tucker giggles in delight.

They want you to believe Afghanistan is complicated. Because if you complicate it, it is a tactic in information warfare called ‘ambiguity increasing.’ So now we’re talking about all the corruption and this and that… But at its heart, every single thing in the world… always comes down to one or two things …”

Ridiculous and wrong why? Primarily because Logan’s explanation for America’s defeat in Afghanistan is not even the simplest explanation, despite her claim that it is. The simplest explanation, based on as much information as possible, would be that the US was outsmarted and outmaneuvered, and that the mission was impossible in the first place. Here:

Unlike Lara Kissinger Logan of Fox News, who “thinks” America could have won a war that other superpowers have lost—the Chinese and the Iranians are hip to what just happened. This was “probably one of the best conceived and planned guerrilla campaigns ever,” says Mike Martin, a former British army officer in Helmand province, now at King’s College London. “The Taliban went into every district and flipped all the local militias by doing deals along tribal lines.”

It would appear that our new Roger Scruton of philosophy likely read up recently on Occam’s Razor, which is a broad principle—hardly a philosophy—and she is currently applying it to everything under the sun, with little evidence or geopolitical and historic understanding in support of her Theory of Simple.

Occam’s Razor via the Browser’s first-page search:

What is an example of Occam’s razor?
For example, if a doctor is examining a patient with a high fever and cough, they may settle on the simplest explanation: the patient has a cold. … Occam’s razor is a good rule of thumb if you remember that it depends on making fewer assumptions based on as much evidence as possible.

A nifty principle, and certainly not a philosophy—Occam’s razor was not meant to apply to everything in the world.

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Platitudes are what media, liberal and con, offer about their own drab homogeneity. A fellow South African expat, the well-to-do Lara Logan has not used her influenceto expose the horrors unfolding in our homeland of South Africa. Had Logan done so in 2011, she’d have been authentically heroic.
It’s certainly too late for Logan, who’s been mum about the systematic murder of whites in the country of our birth, to be a hero to South Africans.

UPDATE (9/7): What do you know? The Economist did not ask foxette Lara Logan for her “analysis” of “why America failed in Afghanistan.” The august magazine asked Henry Kissinger, a statesman, for his analysis. Kissinger says what this writer said over a decade back in columns like these. Read:

To Pee Or Not To Pee is Not the Question”


Grunts, Get In Touch With Your Inner-Muslim

Afghanistan: A War Obama Can Call His Own

Excerpts from “Henry Kissinger on why America failed in Afghanistan” to follow.

NEW: A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist

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A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist” is on WND.COM and The Unz Review.

Or, as my editor puts it (he’s wry funny): “Ilana Mercer explains why some claim she ‘eats nails for breakfast.’” I explain why I don’t, of course.

Today’s offering, at WND, includes “On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist, And Life After Politics,” and other in-depth conversations with my colleague and partner from across the pond, David Vance. The first is a brief introduction to my YouTube channel. Here:

UPDATED (7/9/021): Watch: On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist And Life After Politics

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YouTube: Finally, a short introduction to the YouTube channel I occasionally frequent:

Paleolibertarian ilana Mercer: On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist, And Life After Politics:

UPDATED (7/9/021):

“On First Principles, The Person Vs. The Polemicist, Life After Politics, And More,” featuring the last and other videos, is currently on WND and The Unz Review.

“Conservatives MUST Recognize Aggregate Group Differences While Cherishing The Individual”:

The Controlled Opposition: Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About The Riot & Rut Crowd (Or, “The Democrats Ate Their Homework Argument”)

Richard Spencer Forces The Truth About Demographics Out Of Me

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Richard Spencer forced the Meta out of me on demographics. He was probably right to do it. In a blog post,Candace Owens In Immigration Wonderland, ‘Discovers’ Demography,” I had marveled at how Candace has discovered a plot to change the country’s demographics and thanked Tucker for helping her get the word out.

Hmm. I wonder what Peter Brimelow, Michelle Malkin, Steve Sailer, Ann Coulter or myself have been writing about for decades? Next, Candace will discover that, “legal immigration is the real catastrophe.” (from “IMMOLATION BY IMMIGRATION,” 2003.)

Tweeted Richard:

Ilana, how long are you guys going to complain about “demographics”? If your goal is to sustain a 1950s White America, that is clearly impossible at this point. Secondly, Hispanic waves are clearly not decisive in creating cultural change; they might even be retardant. …


You guys have this issue, to which you have no real solution, but which you can complain about *endlessly*.


“You guys”? U lump my thinking b/c you haven’t read it w/care. Had u, you’d know I no longer write about immigration for a reason, to quote 11/020: “U might have to accept the Tipping Point has arrived.” I focus on anti-politics & ethnocide awareness, notice? Think before u lump, sir.


Fair enough. Just reacting to the people you mentioned. Ann Coulter discovered demographics precisely at the point that nothing could be done. She’ll have a lot to whine about in upcoming columns.


Republicans keep the dance going; like liars that they are, the players move into opposition place to pretend ‘Democrats did it; they ended America.’ Maybe it’s good you made me state where I am. But it’s obvious from my focus. The Candace blog post was a historic comment.

 I try not to broadcast the Mercer meta, because of dumb clones, but careful readers will have noticed a focus on dismantling [conservative] Orwellian speak, in service of combating enthnocide a la South Africa. I’m in anti-politics, GOP/RIP mode, highlighting duopoly politics as Big LIE.

As for Candace Owens, let me repeat: “A media conservative has no intellectual history or coherent philosophy; he or she is but a grab-bag of talking points. For the media conservative, the history of ideas begins when he or she gets their TV gig. All is tabula rasa before that. The GOP circus goes on—on TV.”