UPDATED (2/14): Heavenly Al Jarreau, Rest In Peace And Rock The Heavens

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Al Jarreau retired from performing last week. And then he died. Poetic.
Al Jarreau was perfection. A giant of music, in general, and of the soul-jazz genre, in particular. And no, Gaga (she’s the best in a bad bunch), Beyonce and the twat Madonna are circus animals, entertainers, no more. Except that for their assaults on the ear, these artistes should be made to suffer the abuse innocent circus animals endure (yes, why don’t the pinhead preachers quit lecturing and do something for performer animals who perform under such duress).

You realize how rotten popular music is when you listen to this man.

Young in Spain:

Older in Spain. Al Jarreau is still perfection, as is Steve Gadd, both are sublime, better than anything that ululates and twerks on stage these days, and is nothing without the almighty Auto-Tune.

What a sweet sweet soul.

UPDATE (2/14):Facebook thread.