Update II: How Shall I Praise Thee, Oh Bloody Congress?!

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COINAGE FOR CONGRESS. In the post titled “Energy Independence Isolationism”, reader Steve protests my uncharacteristic choice of language for Congress members.

I responded by asking him what else would he have me call them? I have run out of adjectival niceties. Maybe readers have some, but I’m all out.

I’ve been in the trenches for over a decade, and have been pretty polite throughout. (Okay, in “Bush’s 16 Words Miss the Big Picture,” I likened Bush’s “Bring ‘Em On” grin to “the grimace on the face of a demented patient with end-stage syphilis.”)

Have the Leaders returned the courtesy? Have they refrained, at the very least, from bloodletting and thieving and all other manner of immorality and dishonor? No.

To everything there is a season, it is written in Ecclesiastes. The time is ripe to call a F-ck Face a FF.

I’ll tell you what: I’ll change “Congressional Cockroaches” to “Congressional Creeps.” I was being grossly unfair to cockroaches.

Updated (June 24): Steve has forgiven me (although he posted his reply to the wrong post). He writes:

Ilana, touché. No need to pull punches. They are f-ck faces. Libertarian small-g goddess-hood intact. Now, I just have more than your intellect by which to be intimidated. My use of the f bomb tends to be more mundane and unimaginative, and almost universally traffic-related. Props!

Thanks for feeling my pain, Steve. I’m glad my fall from grace has been halted. As a first-time offender (scroll down), let me say in my defense that mitigating circumstances were–are–in abundance. Actually, believe it or not, christening Congress as I did was no “crime” of passion. I had thought of removing the risqué moniker, and then decided that the time was ripe to “Out [these] damned spots.”

Update II: Has anyone noticed that this is blog number 666? The Number of the Beast. Speaking of the Devil. (The Number of the Beast Iron-Maiden style is cool).

By the way, in case of a misunderstanding, the honorifics in this post apply, naturally, to members of both Houses (sans Ron Paul). A pox on both Houses.

6 thoughts on “Update II: How Shall I Praise Thee, Oh Bloody Congress?!

  1. Steve Hogan

    So true. Cockroaches should be protesting in the streets about the insult to their reputation.

    Words cannot possibly convey the utter contempt I have for the cretins scampering around Capitol Hill. They make for a contemptible lot. Feckless, hopelessly and cowardly. The same goes for the White House goons.

    We’re being led by morons.

  2. John Mattingly

    I don’t bear the pain nearly as well as Ilana. There’s far more froth and gnashing teeth whenever I hear the impotent Dick Durbin promising a crackdown on the big mean oil men. Almost as much I loathe to hear the limp lobes of a college coed constructing his opinion on justice and then bursting into a song of gushing praise for the Prophet Obama.

    [Great turns of phrase; get it all out.–IM]

  3. Steve Stip


    I noticed the 666. I am surprised you noticed it, though. Is this number in the Hebrew Bible too? I know 6 is the number of man. 7 is the number of God.

    “What is the meaning of life, the Universe and everything?” (answer: 7 times 6)

    [Well, it’s a fun way to denote the Devil. I don’t take it seriously, but how apt.–IM]

  4. Alex

    Wow, you like Iron Maiden as well? That is awesome. I love Maiden. I thought that ‘Brave New World’ was the best metal comeback of all time. So too did a lot of other people.

    Didn’t mean to get off topic though. I’m surprised that you used the F word.

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