Is Trump Getting Ominously Cozy With BHO?

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CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: Barack Obama “has only 42 days left in office and President Obama knows his legacy is at stake. Sources close to Obama’s transition say his plan right now is to try to persuade Donald Trump to keep some of his policies in place. And they say Obama is hopeful he can make his case because he feels Trump doesn’t have a passionate view about some issues. And, yes, the two men are talking. In fact, Mr. Trump says he likes Mr. Obama and has even sought his advice on cabinet picks.

Mr. Trump should remember his voters detest Mr. Obama. Mr. Trump can be certain Mr. Obama doesn’t like the president elect.

Ominous too:

President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama have been in regular communication, a top Trump aide said Sunday.

If Cuba is the only thing about which Obama is advising Trump; I’m not terribly concerned. Cuba was the one policy Obama got right. Cuba was one of the few times I awarded “Brownie Points For Barack.”