UPDATED: Joy! Justin Trudeau’s A PM In The Tradition Of Jean Chrétien (Borderline Retarded & Funny)

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His Prime Minister-ship might prove quite fun. Justin Trudeau is a PM in the tradition of clodhopper Jean Chrétien: profoundly and entertainingly dumb.

Here is the information gleaned from Kathy Shaidle’s “Meet Prime Minister Zoolander” (I had to look up “Zoolander.” I think it alludes to some dumb American movie character):

* “… last night, Canada kicked Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper out of office after almost ten years of ‘tumbling debt, falling taxes, low crime, [and] secure borders,’ and elected Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, alias ‘The Dauphin,’ alias the ‘ridiculous ballerina,’ alias ‘Zoolander.'”

* The link to “Justin Trudeau’s greatest hits,” which include, “Proclaiming that we must ‘rethink elements as basic as space and time,” “that he admired China’s ‘basic dictatorship,” that “the economy must be grown from the heart outwards,” that “deficits are a measure of the success of government,” and that “Canada’s expertise are in how to face a winter in the mountains with the right equipment.”

Joy! I can laugh again about politics.

Trust conservatives, however, to gripe about things Trudeau does OK: legalizing drugs and making Canada’s foreign policy less US-compliant. At least so we think, because that’s a generous paraphrasing of his stilted words. Trudeau can’t speak clearly, but that’s what he likely meant.

The Taki Magazine column about Canada’s community organizer-cum-prime minister, Trudeau, certainly helped me understand Trudeau’s “Sunny ways” chant of yesterday.

However, Kathy, you lost me when, with this sentence, you appeared to suggest Teddy Roosevelt was a creature of substance:

Justin Trudeau makes Barack Obama look like Teddy Roosevelt.

If anything, Barack Obama does look a lot like Theodore Roosevelt, who was a most sickening progressive. After Teddy delivered his “New Nationalism Address,” so radical was the Roosevelt political program that its author was condemned as “communistic, “socialistic,” and “anarchistic’ in various quarters.”

Back in the day, “the Eastern United States denounced [Roosevelt] as a ‘communist agitator.’” This was “the most radical speech ever given by an ex-President,” writes Robert S. La Forte in The Kansas Historical Quarterly.” (More in “Who’s It To Be? Teddy No. 1 or Teddy No. 2?”)

UPDATED (10/22): This is too good to be true. Not only is Trudeau borderline retarded, speaks with a valley girl lisp; but he also has a tat on his arm. We’ll call it the Trudeau Stamp.