Updated: Judenräte Turns on Geert Wilders

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In “Nitwork Solutions Suspends Wilders Site,” you read about a heroic Dutchman by the name of Geert Wilders who is fighting Islam’s suffocating strictures. In a country of dhimmis, this Dutchman is a rare breed (so is Ayaan Hirsi Ali); he is trying to reclaim his country.

When the self-anointed Jewish leadership is not reaching out to libertines and left-liberals, it is siding with Jew haters. Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League is still mum about the dangers to the American Jewish community of Muslim immigration.

On the other hand, Foxman had a fit over Mel Gibson, a man who has never hurt a Jew (unless hurt feelings count—and they don’t; sticks and stones and all that). But when a Seattle Jihadist murdered a Jewish woman and critically injured five other women at the downtown Jewish Federation building, our defender issued only the tersest of statements, making no mention of the dead, the injured, and the Muslim.

By the ADL’s telling, this was a random killing.

Now the Dutch Judenräte has turned its back on a friend of the Jews, Geert Wilders:

In a statement following the film’s online release, the board said that Wilders – the leader of the Party for Freedom – was guilty of serious generalizations. ‘Wilders presented demographics on the increase of Muslims in Europe with pictures from scenes of terrorist attacks, suggesting all Muslims are potential terrorists,’ head of the Hague-based Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, Dr. Ronny Naftaniel, Saturday told Haaretz.”

Dr. Ronny Naftaniel’s incorrect deduction aside, Jews who side with him and his ilk ought not to complain when increased Muslim immigration coincides with more hate crimes against them. Nor should they be surprised when the many Dutch who secretly consider Wilders a patriot think of Jewish representatives as unpatriotic, and worse.

By the way, the response of the Muslim world and its representatives to “Fitna,” the Wilders film, proves irrefutably that Wilders is right about Islam. To deny that he is correct about the dangerous, dampening effects of Islam on a free society is to deny reality.

Wilders would have been shown to be wrong had the Muslim world and its proxies refused to bring pressure to bear on organizations that screened “Fitna,” and adopted a western live-and-let-live stance toward this form of speech.

Had Wilders not been subjected to death threats for his speech; and had the Dutch government not been pressured by Muslim leaders to denounce Wilders—I’d have been the first to concede that the Muslim Ummah is indeed benign, peaceful, and presents no threat to the West.

Speaking of the Ummah; where is my libertarian community on this? Have those few errant folks repented yet?

Update (April 1): “LiveLeak restores Fitna. Score one for freedom,” reports the intrepid Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. LiveLeak had previously removed the piece.

10 thoughts on “Updated: Judenräte Turns on Geert Wilders

  1. EN

    I love this guy. Too bad the rest of the Dutch are at home looking the other way and talking about the weather. Funny country the Netherlands. They’ve been invaded by so many different tribes and countries that being someone’s “bitch” is acceptable. Their freedoms are apparently based only on those things no one’s willing to fight for. If you don’t want legalized prostitution or drugs the very act of fighting for there illegality would be enough to change the entire country.

  2. Theodor Lauppert

    Not all of them are looking the other way and talking about the weather. Some put on blond wigs and apologize.

  3. Barbara Grant

    Unfortunately, many Jews in the U. S. and particularly, in Europe, believe that “multiculturalism” will save Jews from hardship. The opposite is the case, particularly in Europe, whose Christian community borders on the irrelevant in that continent’s secular humanist, post-Christian era.

    Uninformed, naïve Jews in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe appear to believe that by being “tolerant” toward Islam, the countries in which they reside will become more “tolerant” toward them. Many see Islamic immigrants as “brothers,“ in that both groups are different from the traditional, native peoples among whom they reside. Nothing could be more wrong. Muslims typically seek to replace the laws of their “host countries” with Shari’a, Islamic Law. Under Shari’a, a Jew will not be free to practice his religion, and (like the Christian) will be pressured to convert to Islam.

    I’m reminded of the saying that “nature abhors a vacuum.” In secular humanist, post-Christian Europe, there is indeed a vacuum with respect to traditional, biblical values. It is no accident that Islam is growing rapidly among native Europeans. European Jews who refuse to recognize this, and who continue to support “multiculturalism” as a vehicle for “tolerance,” are placing themselves and their families at risk.

  4. Alex


    I don’t mean to post comments that are not relevant to this topic, but the previous article on economics was closed before I could post anything. Going to school and working full time sometimes means I miss chances like this. [We miss you when you miss us.–IM]

    Even if you don’t post this, I wanted to submit a link to you so you could read and judge if it is worthy of another post on the sheer idiocy of economics in the United States.

    Have you ever heard of Jim Jubak? He is the biggest economic dolt of all time. I could write money central better than him. He is also a mainstay on MSN Money.

    Here is his latest bit of amazing socialism.

  5. Patrick

    The proper definition of a Jew, in my opinion, is someone who follows the Torah. At the very least, they must follow the Ten Commandments to be called a “Jew.” If you do not follow the Ten Commandments, then YOU ARE NOT A JEW.

    How dare anyone blaspheme the REAL Jews of the word by referring to those who merely have Jewish grandparents as “Jews.” My definition of a Jew ought to be accepted.

  6. Max

    I don’t think you will find that the Nazis quizzed any Jews on their Torah proficiencies or adherence to the Commandments before sending them off to the ovens.

  7. En

    Nice job LiveLeak. When thugs gets away suppressing the rights of other they are never satisfied. In fact, it makes them bolder. LiveLeak was setting itself for more trouble. Anyone with a thin skin would forever after know exactly what it takes to suppress other views.

  8. AnnW.

    Thank goodness I have your blog to allow clear sightedness and justice to continue.
    Today, the 02.04.08, the dutch parliament denounced Geert Wilders in unspeakable terms. The Minister President, shaking in his boots for fear, named Balkenende, as well as the minister of Justice, Hirsch-Ballen, and the head of the socialist party, Marijnis, condemned Wilders for endangering Holland and its “good” reputation and threatened him with an Enquette. This is a parliamentary inquiry and is the epitomy of injustice wherein false charges can be trumped up and a mockery made of justice. They accuse him of misrepresenting the threat of Islam in Holland and of lying.
    Wilders replied in strong terms that he had been “belazered” a strong word for cheated, that those in the cabinet had produced the lies,that they failed to see the reality of having given their country away and with it the customs and heritage of the Dutch.
    The fact is that this Balkenende has used every means to deny Wilders “Freedom of Speech” and has “hetsed” the population up against all that Wilders is saying.
    Still, Wilders has gained another seat in parliament through this grim episode and he represents many Hollanders who see his viewpoint as the only sanity which will hold onto the age-old customs and traditions and history of this country.

  9. Myron Pauli

    We watched the Wilders movie at work. He did not imply that ALL Moslems are violent Jihadists. However, MANY are – which is different from Judiasm or Christianity where there are a tiny number of violent nuts completely cut off from everyone else. In Islam, the violence is part of the “mainstream”. { You can see “Palestinians celebrating the fall of the twin towers” on Youtube }.

    There is a bully mentality in much of Islam which is unmerciful and brutal when strong while being in denial, lying, and whining when being caught – like a small child. The leftist West, being maternalistic, gives in to this sick mentality.

  10. gunjam

    Excellent piece, Ma’am!

    Question in re: your very apt quip about “In a country of dhimmis,” whatever happened to the spirit of the “Little Dutch Boy,” who was willing to give his life to safe his countrymen, if need be?

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