Manufacturing A Storm In The D Camp

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Howard Dean has jumped in; Gore was volunteered as mediator, Pelosi piped up, Obama backers stomped their feet in fury, and demanded Hillary quit the competition—who is manufacturing this melodrama; this storm in the D Camp?

Don’t switch off when I say the media. Since when has a good political tussle become a cause for such breast-beating? What kind of a people can be led to denounce a vigorous race for the highest office in the land because it is, well, vigorous?

I’m describing a reality shaped by pussies. I won’t postulate about media motivation—why has the malpracticing media reflexively, rather than intentionally, framed a dynamic debate as a crisis?

It is possible that this mindless monolith’s hunger for Hussein has driven them to manufacture a reality out of thin air? I’m not sure these people are even smart enough to jump a level of abstraction and Meta-analyze their motivation, and, by extension, control their derangement. I think it’s all gut with this gormless lot.

But for heaven sake, settle down; calm down to a blind panic. As it is, elections are dishonest enough a process. Don’t buy into the phony supposition that a crisis is unfolding because two Democrats are battling bitterly over the party’s nomination. (If only Republicans had more than one mummified candidate.)

Admittedly, the Florida and Michigan delegate situation is disturbing. It’s obvious to me that party procedure cannot trump the truth as represented by the voters and their votes. This does not seem as plain to pundits and party officials.

Another thing that has been cobbled up is Hillary’s lying—her depiction as a pathological liar is humbug! Hillary embellishes on a few episodes in her life—she has a bit of an Arabic imagination; like Scheherazade of “A Thousand Arabian Nights”—and suddenly she’s a pathological liar?

This from pundits and politicians—”idio-experts” who’ve demonstrated their allergy to the truth over and over again. Iraq anyone? When it comes to grave issues of policy that affect lives and the future of this republic, Iraq is the cardinal lie. All those hammering home the message that Hillary is a liar for embellishing on a trip she made during another unjust war make me sick.

Come clean about the lies that led to the war in Iraq and that keep it going before fraudulently fashioning a fib into a lie.

4 thoughts on “Manufacturing A Storm In The D Camp

  1. Paul F. Smith

    Love what you write! I always thought the charge of “dirty” political campaigning was stupid… if you can’t take it why are you in the race? Are you really that wimpy or afraid?! A well (and hotly) contested race is a GOOD THING!

    However, I disagree about Hillary generally being a liar…

    Rose Law Firm billing records
    Vince foster “suicide”
    Travel office firings

  2. nobody

    The democrats certainly are a bunch of cry babies. I’m enjoying watching the identity politics they’ve used so effectively in the past finally coming back to bite them. Not that McCain is any prize, but at least he’s not a sniveling little whiner like Clinton and Obama. Frankly, I’m having a hard time telling who is the bigger woman between the two of them.

  3. Patrick

    The only good thing about Hillary is that she’s running against BO. And the only good thing about BO is that he’s running against Hillary. And the only good thing about Nader is that he siphons votes from Hilary and BO.

  4. Myron Pauli

    It looks like Hillary Milhous will win most of the rest of the primaries and put her close to Messiah Barack Hussein. Then she can claim “momentum” and go after Florida-Michigan and the Superdelegates. If she prevails, the Obamanians will claim she STOLE the nomination. Amazing that in a year that the combination of (a) Iraq mess, (b) economic uncertainty, (c) defecits should allow the Democrats to win big, the D party may indeed implode. The scenario for Democratic Demolition seems on schedule.

    Obama is a more natural politician/schmoozer than Hillary and he is even better than Bill. However, he has his baggage like Wright. As for Hillary, she has HER baggage and her husband’s lifelong track record of sleaze. McCain can be either LYING or DELUSIONAL about the War or whatever but he is viewed as being (a) honest and (b) a war hero. So, amazingly, even in this year where the Republicans are unpopular, he might win.

    As rotten as Bush has been, none of the three provide much hope for the better.

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