UPDATED (8/23/2017): ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’

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TAWE (The Ass With Ears, Obama) likes to repeat—in fact he said it yesterday again—a quote he attributes to “Republican Abraham Lincoln”: “The government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves and no more.”

Left-liberals like TAWE should be reaffirmed in their love of Lincoln.

A new book, Lincoln’s Marxists, reviewed in Chronicles Magazine, provides insight into the radical (Marxist) revolutionaries, or Radical Republicans, with whom Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself. Writes Clyde Wilson:

“The early German settlers of America were peaceful and pious farmers, escaping militarism and religious strife. Not so the immigrants of the 1850s, who were militarized advocates of violent social revolution, prototypes of later European communists and fascists. Revolutionaries and socialists on both side of the Atlantic enthusiastically embraced Lincoln’s war as a continuation of the French Revolution and of their own failed revolution of 1848.

This is documented by [Al] Benson and [Walter Donald] Kennedy in full chapter and verse. The Forty-Eighters furnished at least four Union generals, several of whom were intimates of Karl Marx [emphasis added] and Friedrich Engels, and a host of colonels and Republican party activists.

The later-coming Germans may have made possible Lincoln’s election in 1860 by tipping the demographic balance in previously Democratic states.
Marx, who knew even less about America than he did about everything else, described the conflict with the kind of grand abstractions that appeal to people of that ilk, even celebrating the rich corporation lawyer Lincoln as a hero of the working class.

The Forty-Eighters did not dominate Lincoln’s party, but they were a very strong element within it. Nor did they necessarily have a complete picture, but recognized that the Union cause was a step in their Marxist direction—an unappealable centralization of power combined with the violent destruction of reactionary elements.

Since that time, their ideas have triumphed completely. Marx’s description of the war of 1861-65 as a defensive effort against violent reactionaries engaged in a wicked rebellion to spread slavery is now the mainstream p.c. interpretation, in the schools and media, of America’s central event.” (Chronicles, April 2012, p. 27)

UPDATE (8/23): Lovely Lincoln.

6 thoughts on “UPDATED (8/23/2017): ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’

  1. Peter

    Lincoln, Republicans, and Marx…who would have thought they were connected!
    Thank you for this insightful article! It’s an aspect of History that just isn’t –but should be–taught in schools.

  2. David Smith

    It’s heartening to hear non-Southerners say these things. In spite of the comic book version of history that’s been out there for years, folks are starting to wake up to the real legacy of Centralizing Abe and his cohorts among the Radical Republicans (Thanks Miss Ilana, Dr. DiLorenzo, Dr. Woods, et al!). Would that Republicans were RINOs like Ron Paul, and not the heirs of Lincoln and his radical backers! Yes, I know the vast majority of the “conservative” electorate considers a RINO a liberal in conservative clothing. There’s a misnomer if there ever was one! I’m with Dr. Wilson in that I believe the end of the Republican party would be a blessing!

  3. sunny black

    What an interesting passage from the book. Thank you, Mrs. Mercer.

  4. Rebel Without a Clause

    I knew something about the role of the northeastern Protestant-Yankee cosmic-lib abolitionists in Lincoln’s centralist coalition; this information about the Red ’48rs infestation is news to me. Most enlightening.

  5. My RON-PAUL i

    I agree with David Smith – one socialistic party might be OK but not a socialistic duopoly offering the choice between the Bushcare/Romneycare vs. Obamacare. And THANKS for realizing (unlike Alan Keyes) that Ron Paul is the RINO and the Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney win IS the Republican Establishment. Those delusional types who think that small government is the “real” Republicanism is equivalent to those academic dreamers who talk about some utopian “true communism” that bears no resemblance to the Lenin/Stalin/Mao/Brezhnev dictatorships of the proletariat.

  6. Mike

    Q: Do you know what happened to Jan Lamprecht of Africancrisis? [No; what? He doesn’t make contact here.]

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