UPDATED: No Amanda-Knox Accolades For Jodi Arias (The Arias Appeal)

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Fortunately for justice, the jurors sitting in judgement of Jodi Arias, a morally solipsistic and self-adoring sociopath (who sang, did tantric yoga, giggled and chanted to herself sotto voce, alone in the interrogation room), were not required to grapple with circumstantial evidence, which demands a level of abstraction in thinking that jurors in the Age of the Idiot are incapable of.

Because there was never any question about Arias’ culpability, she was found guilty of first degree murder. Hers is, moreover, a foolproof case for the death penalty.

Arias’ jurors stood out for the hundreds of wordy and worthless questions they had posed to this defendant. For a while I even worried that the woman who butchered boyfriend Travis Alexander in his home would get off lightly with second-degree murder.

Anything seemed possible after Casey Anthony.

It took 12 idiots 11 hours to decide to exonerate the (ALLEGEDLY) filicidal Casey Anthony, who was found “not guilty of first-degree murder and the other most serious charges against her in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter,” Caylee Marie Anthony. (CNN)

The evidence was overwhelming, if circumstantial (as in most murder cases). The prosecution presented the more intelligent, rational sequence of events, where motive, opportunity, and evidence all stacked-up against the sociopathic Casey Anthony.

In the Age of the Idiot, the average individual seldom reads; he knows only what he sees. If he can’t picture something, he certainly cannot think about it in the abstract. We all “know, “from watching, CSI, that if a crime doesn’t happen as depicted in such series—where ample samples of DNA and incriminating footage always materialize —you must acquit.

Even though there was no YouTube of Travis Alexander torture, it was impossible not to picture what the poor man endured before expiring in agony. RIP.

UPDATE (8/5): THE ARIAS APPEAL. You know me. Unlike the misleading Mouths you watch on TV, or listen to on radio, year-in; year-out—I am brutally honest. With myself too. Amanda Knox is of low moral character. She’s a histrionic phony, and it comes across clearly in her victory interviews. I know it in every fiber of my being.

Jodi Arias, on the other hand, has the absolute ability to fool me. She is a softly spoken, highly intelligent woman, who speaks grammatically—and most certainly not in the staccato, truncated tart tones of the average American woman. (Good use of adjectives too …) Arias thinks on her feet and comes across as a refined lady.

This is scary. When I listen to the interview she gave a Fox New affiliate, I can’t help … feeling for Jodi Arias.