UPDATE II: Paving the Way for a Rand Paul Presidency

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Gas bag Newt Gingrich reiterated today, following victory in Georgia, his promise of Monday “to eliminate the government of Iran if it blocks passage through a key oil route in the Middle East.” Obama has already subjected Iran to an economic siege through ruthless, counterproductive, boycotts and sanction—all tantamount to a declaration of war. Yet the smug Mr. Gingrich still “described the Obama foreign policy in the region as ‘children’s hour.”

For those who still have faith in the Republikeynesians, no amount of good the big-government Republican troika might do can offset the war wrecking ball each one of is sure to unleash.

If Ron Paul cannot win the nomination, let BHO return to the throne and lay waste to the country, thus paving the way for a Rand Paul presidency.

UPDATE I: “Ron Paul’s strength in both the Vermont and Virginia Republican primaries came largely from Independent voters and, to a lesser extent in Vermont, Democratic voters who chose to participate in their state’s Republican primary. Although Mitt Romney won both states handily, Paul won a significant portion of the vote.” (CBSNews)


Gingrich 74

Paul 24

Romney 299

Santorum 99

UPDATE II (March 7): Dennis Kucinich Offed by Democrats,” writes Lew Rockwell:

Even though he always ended up supporting the Democratic warmonger presidential candidate, the party decided to get rid of this voice for peace and civil liberties through gerrymandering. He’s no Ron Paul–Dennis is a socialist, for example–but he was often an ally for Ron on war and the police state. Dennis, now that you are freed from politics, I hope you start an organization to promote peace and civil liberties. Let the crazed protectionist Marcy Kaptur have the congress.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Paving the Way for a Rand Paul Presidency

  1. Steve Hogan

    I can only conclude from yesterday’s results that the American people want more of the same. They like the wars, the spending, the currency debasement, drones, gate-rape, and the entire security state apparatus.

    To paraphrase Mencken, they’re going to get it good and hard.

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    Mitt took the Social Security crowd by 5:1 (over 65) who probably are too old to remember how stupid war has become since the fall of communism. Frankly, without his $300 million personal and Mormon Millionaire buddy war chest, Mitt would not be amassing his delegates. The only hopeful sign is that Ron Paul took the under 35 voters.

    Anti-war & anti_Patriot Act Dennis Kucinich got wiped out in his redistricted Democratic primary – so he will have to be consoled by his pretty wife who is almost as good looking as his former student government President (my late wife!).

    Not sure whether Rand can meld the Melt-Iran Agribusiness Warmongers and freedom loving people into a functioning coalition (Reagan sort of did but he spent his energy on the Evil Commies and not the homegrown Socialist-Facists)… we shall see in 2016. Romney has the popular appeal of a robot and will probably lose to the Messiah this year.

  3. John

    What of the murmured ticket of Mitt Romney and Rand Paul, to negotiate through a brokered convention? I’m skeptical of the concept, but on the off chance it happens, I’d be willing to root for Romney/Paul to get Rand into the White House. (Note that I said “root”. I will not vote for Romney, regardless of running mate.)

  4. My RON-PAUL i

    Speaking on American DEMOCRACY … in 1968, many Americans were tired of the Vietnam War but we were offered a 3 way race between pro-War Humphrey, Nixon, and Wallace.

    In 2012, probably 70% or more Americans want out of Afghanistan and yet the delegates to select the next President are 98% for pro-War candidates. What the hell does that say? Kucinich, who respected peace and civil liberties, gets thrown on his ass by a pro-War labor union Democratic hack.

    Here is an interesting essay on the ILLUSION of DEMOCRACY:


    Well, I voted and I can be proud that 40% of the vote of the state of Jefferson and Henry went to a pro-freedom candidate.

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