Pretty Sure Senate Judiciary Committee Is Meant To Be Talking About Things Other Than “Shitholes”

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If I’ve learned anything from the “Shithole” shitstorm, over the last week, it is that Norway is the Real Shithole and that America should wise-up and welcome more immigrants from Africa and other, more exotic, locales. For Africans practically built America. (No corrections were forthcoming, when guests of Don Lemon and The Lemon himself said this on CNN.)

Did I accurately divine the corporate media’s incessant messaging? Trying my best.

Despite being from Shithole ancestry, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen acquitted herself superbly before the odious Lindsey Graham and his Democrat soulmates of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who, I am pretty sure, are meant to be talking about something other than Shithole Gate.

Nielsen was “testifying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee.” While accusing her of lying, the excellent journalists of America didn’t provide the original reason for her testimony.

Is an inquisition about presidential language par for the course in post-Constitutional America?

Kirstjen Nielsen has a Danish surname, although she could be of Norwegian lineage, as the name Nielsen is common in Norway and Sweden. Again, she did an excellent job, despite her ancestry.