Samuel Williams: American Hero

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Her legions of soft, flaccid fans insist Karen Klein is an American hero. Wrong. Samuel Williams is the genuine article.

The spry senior sprung into action faster than any of the helpless young-ones around him. Williams chased and took aim at the armed robbers who had attacked patrons of the Palms Internet Cafe, in Marion County, Fl, where he and his wife were hanging out.

He took aim and HIT them. Take a look:

“…the Florida senior pulled a .380 semi-automatic gun, and started firing away at the crooks,” writes Jim Kane of News.

Wrong. As you can see, Williams took aim and hit both crooks, who suffered “minor gun-shot wounds,” and wound up in hospital.

The zip codes with the strictest gun laws, also have the highest numbers of rapes and murders. More firearms equals less crime.

This gentleman’s courage is astounding, given that the assailants were armed.