Talent, Beauty, Intelligence: Noa & Mira Awad

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As a fan of chamber music and hard-core progressive rock, I don’t pay much attention to pop music, all the more so considering the genre has been overrun with the toxic sludge of American, booty shaking bimbos with bedroom voices and no talent.

(Pop rock is even worse. )

Me on “cut-and-paste” hip-hop electronica: “The P. Diddy or Missy Elliot-type electronica entails taking ready-made sample CDs on which drums, keyboards and guitar have been recorded. Aided by a computer program operable even by a simian, the mouse is used to drag and drop these samples anywhere along the track. Riffs and beats can also be dropped in the software way into the “song.” An entire band of backing tracks is thus “produced” with a computer and more often than not without a single instrumentalist.”

The overwhelming nature of the bad makes one forget that there is such a thing as a well-executed, pleasant warble, accompanied by competent musicians.

The gifted Noa is a striking Israeli Yemeni singer. Now Noa, in collaboration with Mira Awad, an Arab-Israeli talent, have united to represent Israel at the Eurovision. These are musical, intelligent, gracious, modest women, who speak soberly about the issues, and do not vaporize in the vernacular of Oprah—another American pop-pollutant.

I’ve heard some boosters tout American cultural products as export-worthy. I’ve argued that: “American mass entertainment continues to spread around the world like the cultural kudzu it is, not because of its quality or the vigor of its values, but because, in form and in content, it’s as easy as a prostitute on a street corner. It demands nothing but for the performer and his audience to relinquish artistic standards and shed inhibitions.”

I’m done. Over to the ladies, and may they win the “Eurovision” with this delightful song:

Why I say the ladies are delightful:

Beautiful Noa in an old performance—interesting Yemeni beat, and a stage presence that is powerful without being sexual and slutty:

3 thoughts on “Talent, Beauty, Intelligence: Noa & Mira Awad

  1. Barbara Grant

    Thanks for the links. Theirs is a beautiful song. I’m sure you remember another Yemenite Israeli singer who stunned the world–the late Ofra Haza. Her music was fantastic!

  2. Robert Glisson

    I too miss Orfa,I expect to add Noa to my music collection,(not as a copy of Orfa, but as a equally remarkable musician in the same field) thank you for the reference. Yemeni music is an experience. Too bad they did not do better in the Eurovision but, Like most events, the home field always gets priority.

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