The Measure Of McCain

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Steve Sailer has IQ on his mind, and so should we:
“Will McCain, who finished 894th out of 899 at the Naval Academy and who lost five jets, return competence to the White House? To paraphrase Oscar Wilde (and, no, Oscar was never a fighter pilot), to lose one plane over Vietnam may be regarded as a heroic tragedy; to lose five planes here and there looks like carelessness.
More seriously, what’s the largest organization that McCain has ever managed? And how did he do at it? And is he suddenly going to learn how to be an excellent manager at age 72?
I’m not looking forward to having to choose between one politician who can’t be criticized because he was a POW and to question him is to not support the troops and another candidate who can’t be criticized because he’s black and the perpetually fragile self-esteems of 40 million African-Americans are assumed to depend upon everybody saying nice things about him. The point is not that McCain and Obama aren’t fine fellows, it’s that in a country of 300,000,000, we ought to expect the Presidential candidates to be worthy individuals and that yet they still must undergo corrosive analysis.”
posted by Ilana Mercer on 02.03.08 @ 1:30 am

Update: Readers have pointed to other solid interviews conducted over the months with the candidates, such as MTV’s, of all places. I would add the Google or Yahoo’s executive’s interview with Paul—and the others. Fine stuff. This demonstrates, once again, that if in search for genius, always look outside what I call the Media-Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. Sycophants and parasites all.