Wolf’s Watergate


When Wolf Blitzer framed one of his upcoming news teases as “Watergate,” this morning, I thought he was being a Smart Alec about Carnival Triumph, the cruise liner whose “propulsion system” was “paralyzed” by a fire in the engine room.

The ocean liner was left “temporarily marooned in the Gulf of Mexico, subject to the whims of wind and sea currents.

As to the delicate bouquet that is wafting from the Waste Liner:

“…the sanitary situation had already begun to deteriorate on board the Triumph. …the conditions have gotten so bad that they’re asking them to use the restroom in bags, and they were eating onion sandwiches …
Much of the ship’s electrical power went down in the fire, causing widespread malfunctions, including taking out sanitary systems.
Passengers have reported sewage sloshing around in hallways, flooded rooms and trouble getting enough to eat.
“It’s disgusting. It’s the worst thing ever,” passenger Ann Barlow told CNN.

But no. By “Watergate,” Wolf was “absurdly” and perfectly seriously wondering “if Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) pausing his State of the Union response for a drink of water would ‘break’ his career. The CNN chyron flashed “Career-ender?”

“So can a drink of water make or break a political career?” Blitzer asked.”

Just as you think that the remaking of “news” had reached an all-time postmodern low …