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In 2006, I warned that yet another “prosecutorial team [was gathering] steam, this time in Utah, where the state, feds in tow, has been pursuing Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” (Blog discussion is here.)

Since I wrote “Remember Reno,” the “Benthamites” put Jeffs away for a hitherto-unheard of crime: rape by proxy.

Recently, as My Way News has reported, Texas “child welfare officials seized 416 children from the [polygamist] compound.”

This, based on a vague allegation of abuse by a girl the authorities have yet to locate:

“[t]he investigation began with a call from a young girl who has yet to be located by CPS. The women in the sect said they suspect she may be a bitter ex-member of the church.”

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, as one sect member—Brenda—described America cynically, children are removed from their families absent verified evidence of abuse.

Here’s what I uncovered, and wrote-up, in “Remember Reno”:

“The law is confusing. Although polygamy is banned by the state constitutions of Utah and Arizona, it isn’t a crime and is not prosecuted. Furthermore, provided parental consent is obtained and the marriage voluntary and in the best interests of the minor, the law does not prohibit minors from marrying. More material, and as Court TV has reported, ‘Under state law, it is a crime to have sexual relations with anyone under the age of 18 unless the parties are legally married to each other. Because a polygamous marriage can never be legal, the men marrying teenagers as second, third or fourth wives [are] guilty of statutory rape, or sexual conduct with a minor.’ Thus a determination of rape here rests not so much on whether evidence exists that a woman was forced to have sex against her will, but on her position in the harem!”

Update (April 18): HERE COMES FOSTER CARE FUN. Those of you who’re convinced that the State is justified in removing 416 children from this compound, based on false reporting, and other “evidence” that would not hold up in a court that respects the rules of evidence, please consider this:

If these kids have not been forced into sex to date, they most certainly will once they hit the foster-care circuit. Oh yeah, foster parents, bless them, are usually upstanding professional people, who collect strays out of the kindness of those big hearts of theirs, rather than for the cheque account the welfare State affords them.

Whatever are your voyeuristic ideas about the sex life on a polygamist compound, you can take this to the bank: The children seized in this raid lead a protected, relatively innocent and insulated life. The gravest abuse still awaits the kids of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as they become intimately acquainted with the loose, licentious, foster-care system.

Their mothers, scorned by moron media, may be quaint, deficient, and demure (not to mention thin!) ladies, but thankfully, these children will soon encounter the libertine, promiscuous life-style fostered under the state.

(I’m dripping cynicism, of course.)

14 thoughts on “Updated: ‘It’s Reno Time’

  1. Gumdrops

    This isn’t about polygamy. It’s about sexual and physical abuse. There is the allegation from the girl and from numerous people who have escaped or were kicked out of the community.

    It is important that officials investigate instances of possible abuse. They do so for ordinary nuclear families all the time when there is alleged abuse.

    The polygamist communities in Utah and elsewhere have been left alone for decades because there was no reason to bother them, until now.

  2. Conan the Cimmerian

    It is a true crime what the govt. in doing in Texas. The govt. isn’t even trying to cover itself in this matter

  3. Mark Call

    It turns out that the teen pregnancy rate reported for the girls now “liberated” by the WacoWannabees is slightly better than the majority of Texas counties, at 45 per 1,000, and MUCH better than the average for other ethnic and religious minorities not yet terrorized.

    This leads one inevitably to the following conclusions:

    Since we already have been informed that “oral” isn’t really “sex”, it’s clearly OK for older men to take advantage of immature girls, at least if they’re President.

    And the Publik Skools already teach — at taxpayer expense eve — much younger girls that it’s OK to “do it” with one or many, separately or in groups. So it can’t be the ‘multiple partners‘ issue, either. Of course, anything State Sanctioned cannot, by definition, be “child abuse”.

    The concern cannot be pregnancy, as the statistics make clear. (It’s just more grist for the Abortion Sacrament for many folks, anyway.)

    Lastly, if it were merely about minority religions that fail to teach children how to kowtow to the Public-Private State, why have the mosques who indoctrinate little jihadi-wannabees been so far unscathed?

    So we are left with this:

    The Almighty State defines “marriage”, not God.

    So if a ‘church’ claims another God, and lets children “marry” – why, the Hounds of Hell will invade, kidnap the children, the neighbors’ children, search everyone’s property, and “eat out their substance” – based on mere hearsay.

    The fact that the Generally Dumb Public is ignorant of their own Supreme Law says everything else we need to know about what happened to the former Republic.

  4. Andrew T.

    That particular compound (sounds rather cultish, doesn’t it?) was in effect a rape house. The place was comprised of many rooms filled with beds. The population was basically a number of men and hundreds of underage, helpless girls.

    I don’t know about the LRC bunch, but the onus of proof is utterly on the accused.

    [Actually, in our system, the prosecutor has to show he has evidence before proceeding against an alleged offender.—IM]

  5. Jamie

    I will state that I do not like the FLDS church. That said, where is the due process? All of these children seized based on a phone call, the caller as yet unknown? If there has been abuse prove it, otherwise butt out of these people’s lives. A national disgrace.

  6. John Danforth

    Warren Jeffs isn’t there. The accused man isn’t there, and wasn’t there, and isn’t under arrest, either. An anonymous phone call was made and hundreds of people are rounded up at gunpoint and herded off to camps? And now there are proceedings to take the children away from their mothers.

    Also, it appears that even with a thorough ransacking of the place, they haven’t been able to come up with any evidence of rape, or statutory rape.

    I’m not religious. And I don’t have sympathy for weird beliefs and lifestyles, neither do I ask for acceptance of my own. But this stinks.

    And I endured the videos linked to by Jay. I saw no evidence of rape. No admission of underage arranged marriage. Given the right circumstances, you could probably go to any church and find teen-aged girls who want out of a restrictive lifestyle, and you could coach them to do a video just like that one. Maybe that stuff does go on there. But rounding up the community at gunpoint on such scant evidence just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    The Youtube videos look like some kind of counter-cult at work.

  7. Gumdrops

    “Also, it appears that even with a thorough ransacking of the place, they haven’t been able to come up with any evidence of rape, or statutory rape.”

    Wrong. There are 5 pregnant 16 year old girls.

    Due process is under way. My guess is that most of the children will be re-united with their mothers.

    What’s the alternative? How else can one feasibly and logistically investigate this matter? If your family member calls the police and accuses you of assaulting them, the police will come to your house and “force” you to talk to them. The only difference here is the quantity of people involved.

  8. John Danforth

    There are at least that many pregnant 15 and 16 year old girls at the high school at the end of my street.

  9. Christopher Link


    I admire your courage. Not many are willing to admit that the Texans now being accused of child abuse have the same inherent rights the rest of us enjoy.

    In Waco, the Branch Davidians were also accused of child abuse (by a disgruntled ex-member). The trouble started, so we were told, when Reno’s Raiders tried to serve papers and the odious Davidians responded with what was described as “overwhelming firepower”.

    However, the opening scene on the videotape tells a different story. Many government agents hiding behind cars, throwing lots of lead at the Davidian ‘compound’, and not one window on any of the many cars they were hiding behind had been broken. Not one.

    If Janet’s G-men were telling the truth about who had resorted to “overwhelming firepower”, some of those car windows would have been shattered. In the end, lots of women and children were burned to death.

    The operative concept is that we are supposed to be presumed innocent, until we are proven guilty. Unless you belong to a religious cult? Did I miss an amendment?

  10. Barbara Grant

    Christopher Link, I must respectfully disagree. I don’t think that many of the women and children of Waco were “burned to death.” Rather, based on my extensive technical analysis of the situation (for example, here: http://www.cesnur.org/2001/waco_dec01.htm) I suspect that they and others of their sect were shot and killed by government agents.

    [Please post a link to your own WND piece on the topic.–IM]

  11. Christopher Link

    Thank you, Barbara Grant. I stand corrected. One can also gauge the sincerity of the government’s follow up investigation by noting that although great care is usually taken not to contaminate the scene of a crime, after the Davidian’s compound burned down the feds bulldozed the entire area.

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