Ayaan Hirsi Ali: America’s Shame



I’ve been critical of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (although she’s changed a great deal since, and all for the best). But no one can fault her great courage. She’s a lionheart.

In this article, oddly, Breitbart.com, a Fox News creation, is, if not plain wrong, certainly confused. He displays the same mindset his creators are ever guilty of: the US government is never at fault:

“Hirsi Ali has been living under tight police protection since the murder of her associate, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, by an Islamic extremist in 2004.
She is threatened with death for her role in writing the script of Van Gogh’s film ‘Submission,’ about the treatment of women in Islam. A note targeting her by name was found on his body.
The former Dutch lawmaker left the Netherlands for the United States in May 2006 following a bitter row which broke out when she admitted lying about her age and name in her Dutch asylum request.”

Now the Dutch government can’t protect Hirsi from Islam’s emissaries, because she no longer lives in the Netherlands. It’s her adopted country, the US, that ought to pick up the slack. How can a Dutch detail shield her when away from their turf and legal jurisdiction? This commentary is so typical of the Fix New mindset: never criticize the US, even if it comes at the cost of rigorous reportage.

Hirsi ought to have been given the option to apply for a Green Card. She’s self-supporting and possessing of the attitude and aptitude so short in supply in the US—and everywhere in the West.

I guess all the Green Cards have already been allotted to the favored electoral constituents: Mexican illegal illiterates.

I should know. As I related in this essay, not so long ago, U.S. immigration law enforcers apprehended at the Canadian border—and stripped of her American permanent residency with an intimidating display of machismo—a known Bandido: my daughter.
At first I was mad, but not for long: I know they need all the Green Cards they can get to give to illegals.

Oh, with respect to my previous post “Exporting Women To Make Benefit Glorious Nation of USA,” perhaps we can import Ali, and export to Saudi Arabia a few million American tarts. They would cripple the Jihadis like no bomb would. In no time the Jihadis would sink into an orgy of depravity—sex, sloth, and stupidity.