9 thoughts on “Barack's So Busted

  1. Roy Bleckert

    Maybe BO is thinking ,”GEE I HOPE THE ECONOMY IS BOTTOMING OUT”………..bawhahahaaaaaa

  2. michael deloatch

    Here I sympathize with chairman O ever so slightly. Last fall I had pleasure of sitting on tarmac in philly when crew turned back to gate because a 3d world family wouldn’t stay buckled and were wandering the aisle, believe it or not. We were stormed by Homeland Security goons who yanked them off — very impressive.
    Long of story — I missed my connection when we finally got to dulles and had to spend the night. I opted to sleep at terminal instead of hotel. There was an international flight to Rio that had equip problem and was detained all night. The concourse was crawling with lovely young Brazilian ladies. I was so glad my wife was back home. Shame on me, eh?

    [Normal, healthy, male behavior.]

  3. Sal

    Looks like Sarkozy is grinning big time…Funny. As I told a friend, O is simply reacting to the true definition of climate change. Wait a minute, isn’t community organizer on O’s resume? If so, then merely kindred spirits….Cough, ahem.

  4. Michel Cloutier

    Knowing who Mr.Sarkozy’s got home, I’m sure he can afford to look magnanimous there. Too bad for Mr.Obama’s ‘Ferengue on steroids’, who clearly wouldn’t benefit from affirmative action in that case.

  5. Myron Pauli

    Obama was looking for some more “wise Latina women” to fill some vacancies.

  6. Alex

    If I was married to such a woman as Obama’s wife (I am probably the only person in the United States who doesn’t know or care what her damned name is), I would most likely be looking at other women as well.

    The 1st Lady seems overbearing and vile.

  7. Alex

    Actually, I disagree with my previous post… this ‘woman’ is actually a girl, and is not of age. She is only sixteen – and too young for someone older than 18 to looking at her in such a way.

    It’s strange that most news sites are not mentioning this… Hmmm.

  8. Robert Glisson

    Shucks this was fun to read at first but its really a misnomer. ABC had a spot “It’s not what you think” They showed the full video clip. President Obama stepped down and moved his hand back to the black lady behind him to help her navigate the steep steps. A freeze frame captured a flowing motion into a time capsule. Its doubtful he even noticed the girl.
    However, even if he had ‘ogled’ the girl there was nothing wrong in him doing so. Puritan age police would take even the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of youth away from us old timers.

  9. Roger Chaillet

    Alex: What’s the age of consent in sub-Saharan Africa?

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