Biden Out House (Oops, White House) To Border Invaders: Not Now, My Lovelies. Please.



Says the Biden Administration to the invaders of the southern border: “This is not the time to come” and invade the United States.

The premise of such soft whispers of love between the Democratic Party and its growing constituency: There will be a time to breach the US border. Or, in the breathy language of love, “Not now, my lovelies. Bide your time. Let me catch my breath first.”

The leaders of our country are, frankly, a farce, the laughing stock.

The farce determination is extended to the Republicans, who are MIA (Missing In Action). From the GOPers it’s basically, “We love you kids. But do it legally.”

And Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for Biden, was all over conservative torpor:

To the question from a Republican journalist about, “OMG, smugglers are throwing kids over a wall into the desert,” Psaki shot back:

MS. PSAKI:  “And are you concerned more about the kids safety or are you concerned about kids getting in? Or tell me more about your concern here.”

Q: “Kids’ safety is, as you just mentioned, the main concern.”

Not mine.

MORE HERE on what my answer would have been: “Open Sesame: The Piss-Poor ‘Conservative,’ Immigration Positions That Admit You Into Polite Company

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