GOP, RIP: 67 Republicans Join In Purging American Forefathers

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“The House passed a bill Tuesday that would remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol. … Sixty seven Republicans voted to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol.”

The legislation would require states to remove and replace any statues honoring members of the Confederacy in the National Statuary Hall Collection in the Capitol by prohibiting “persons who served as an officer or voluntarily with the Confederate States of America or of the military forces or government of a State while the State was in rebellion against the United States” from the collection.

You know the deal with the Democrats. But remember this: 67 Republicans joined in purging American forefathers.


*Jefferson Davis, courtesy Forbes

One thought on “GOP, RIP: 67 Republicans Join In Purging American Forefathers

  1. Juvenal Early

    We sons of the South appreciate this post. About time someone wrote a eulogy for the GOP, although, let’s face it, they were the spawn of an unholy marriage between the Whigs & the abolitionists, died in childbirth, and no one buried the corpse. It was Lincoln and downhill from there, aside from a few brief moments when good men like William Borah, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and, okay, Donald Trump donned their livery in pursuit of elective office.

    As he joined in on the bashing of Dixie, the nauseating GOP House leader, Kevin McCarthy (about the only sort of Republican who can get elected in California), made a snarky remark to the effect that all of the figures being taken down were Democrats. This statement is a corollary to Con-Inc’s ever-so-successful DR3 meme. In effect, McCarthy is saying that John Calhoun and Jefferson Davis were inferior to Bush and Cheney. And from watching modern Southern Republicans like Mitch McConnell and David Perdue, I’d say the whole party believes that, so the hell with them.

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